10 most inspiring global female icons

Malala Yousafzai, Angelina Jolie

Spirited and sensitive, empathetic and compassionate humans who yearn to make the world a better place might sound like a rarity. But with a host of celebrity females who are aware of their privilege and power and utilise it to extract maximum social benefits dotting the horizon, humanity as a virtue and success as a choice is being manifested time and again.

Here are 10 popular female icons around the globe who have been the heroes without capes throughout their life-

Oprah Winfrey

A rape victim at childhood who grew up to become America’s only African- American billionaire, spearheading a talk show that had taken the whole world by unprecedented interest speaks volumes about Oprah Winfrey’s status as a global icon. However, more than the power she commands, it’s Winfrey’s incredibly real self that makes her appealing as a strong woman.

Not shying away from talking about her traumatic, unprivileged past, Oprah is one lady who has ushered in a revolution of sorts- of opening up to all sorts of discrimination, specially in a time when this wan’t becoming the norm, unlike now.

Undoubtedly then, as a person who translates empathy into language and actions, Oprah Winfrey is a self made phenomenon who is surprisingly uplifting of the world.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

America’s timeless female superstar who embodied beauty and appeal and had a definitely philanthropic leaning, Marilyn Monroe is more than just a celebrity, she’s an enigma. Her status of a global icon stems from her undying legacy of being a lady unafraid to speak her words as she did while challenging the 20th Century-Fox studio on grounds of curtailing artistic freedom. Emerging thereafter to establish a movie production company (Marilyn Monroe Productions) of her own rising above all barriers at that time when women empowerment was a thing unheard of, Monroe cemented her place as being among the premier icons of the world.

Beyonce Knowles

One of the best selling music artists of all times and the highest paid black musician, Beyonce is a storm that has been ruling the world ever since she set her foot in the professional music industry. A young girl from Houston who envisaged a dream and worked hard her way through it to bag ultimate success is what makes her an inspiration for so many of us out there waiting to make it matter in the world. As a true global icon, Beyonce sparks admiration not only because of her prowess as a songstress, but also as a strong level headed woman, a feminist with a definite mind of her own and her vision to empower more people out there.

Angelina Jolie

An actor beyond perfection,a beauty with a heart of pure gold, a humanitarian who also acts as UN Goodwill Ambassador and a special envoy to the High Commissioner of the UNHCR, the UN’s special agency for refugees as well as a stern advocate of women and children’s rights, Angelina Jolie is just the perfect woman. And also a more than perfect global icon. True, her story does not have the rags to riches kind of heroics; yet in spite of her privileged standing she feels tremendous empathy and is deeply compassionate towards all those who are not in such a good space as hers. As a celebrity who has used her star power to good measure through her charitable and humanitarian works, Angelina Jolie is second to none. A definitive presence among the global icons of the times.

Lady Gaga

Another global music phenomenon who has been in the spotlight for quite a time, Lady Gaga is much more than her outlandish fashion choices and her surreal stage performances. As someone who queered the mainstream, Lady Gaga is even a gay icon, but alongside that she is also one of those true persons who believes in being comfortable even with the insecurities that every human being necessarily encompasses. Because of what she does the way only she can, unapologetic and with honest dedication, Lady Gaga has emerged to be one of those women who inspire and empower, like a true icon.

Ellen DeGeneres

If there’s something other than humour and charm that comes naturally to Ellen DeGeneres, it’s compassion. An emphatic philanthropist, a core humanitarian and an individual who realises the importance of how essential and enlightening it is to nurture the ultimate virtue of kindness, Ellen is one of those truly charitable celebrities.

From encouraging compassion to supporting worthy causes, apart from being the perfect host of her hit talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen has struck a chord with millions of souls in the world who identify with her spirit of sustaining humanity. And that’s exactly what makes her a celebrated global icon.

J.K Rowling

The most popular magic spinner of our times, J. K. Rowling is a woman who is as magical as her tales. Apart from gifting the world the wonderful wizardry world through Harry Potter, Rowling also is a wonderfully strong and uplifting individual. Even as she chartered her own victorious way out of the drudges of rejection and dejection to become the first ever billionaire author, Rowling is also another wonderful philanthropist who believes in weaving magic in real by making the world a better place to live in.

Emma Watson

The female star of the Harry Potter film franchisee, Emma Watson has been an ethereal beauty ever since she made her debut with the magical world of Hogwarts. Over the years Watson has evolved into being a pivotal influencer of women’s right movements and is an outspoken feminist. A UN Women Goodwill Ambassador with her own United Nations Women campaign titled HeForShe that believes men to be equally responsible for furthering the cause of equality for women, Emma Watson inspires and awes with her virtues and is one of the most adored global celebrity icons.

Malala Yousafzi

A young girl shot in the head by dreaded Taliban militants who rose above all barriers to emerge as the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai is an icon, an inspiration and a human rights activist all in one. Surviving the assassination attempt could not however dampen Malala’s soaring spirits as she took up vehemently the very cause for which she was attacked. As international outcry over the incident grew even as a gradually healing Malala took center stage, the young lass took it upon herself to champion the cause of girls’ education in her home country of Pakistan. Also the youngest ever United Nations Messenger of Peace, Malala Yousafzai’s reputation as a global icon stems more from her indomitable spirit and her unwavering fight in furthering women’s education.

Katy Perry

As power magazine Cosmopolitan enlists Katy Perry as a global icon, the singing star is one who is celebrated for crossing the limits of boundaries through her concentration on a pursuit that is a cultural endeavor. With music that is soulful and empowering and an attitude that is universally appealing, Katy Perry’s philanthropic works have also got her tremendous credibility as a humanitarian icon. An LGBT rights champion, a youth activist, an animal rights supporter and a fighter for hunger causes, Katy Perry’s dedicated humanitarian efforts have stood her to gain ground as a global celebrity icon.