10 things that are India’s gift to the world

10 things that are India's gift to the world

India has intrigued the world with its mythical and mystical allure. But the country is also one huge reservoir of stunning inventions and discoveries that has benefited the world consumer. Below we list the top 10 inventions that are India’s gift to the world.


That bouncy tress on your head might not have been so desirable if you didn’t have shampoo to wipe away all the dirt and grim that sits stubbornly on your hair. Thank God for shampoo, and more for India for it is the country which gifted this indispensable blessing of fragranced cleanser to the world.


Storing your data would not have been so convenient if it wasn’t for an Indian-American computer architect, Ajay V. Bhatt. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a revolution in the technological world,in that it introduced hassle free data storage and transfer . Today think of computing ‘transactions’ and you can’t  imagine life furthermore without a pen drive!

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Believe it or not, but you will be left wide eyed when you learn that cataract surgery was first practiced in India! Physician Sushruta developed this mode of operation back in the 3rd century BC. So if you ever go for eye correction operation, thank Heavens for India!

India's gift to the world
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This might come as another shocker but India has forever been a land obsessed with appearances. Hail Sushruta, one more time for he is also the man behind this aesthetics enhancing medical procedure. You now know who the celebrities have to thank the world for those jaw dropping features of theirs!

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Fastening your shirt or simply adding to the look of that blazer, buttons have come a long way ever since their first formation in the Indus Valley Civilisation. Their use was ornamental at first, but gradually buttons evolved as items of service, even while continuing to be adornments as well in some cases.

India's gift to the world
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A Vedic practice, yoga has been forever instrumental in boosting health and mental well being. An Indian art, yoga however rose to prominence with the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi going to great lengths to elevate the importance of yoga. International Day of Yoga is now an annual event on the 21st of June every year.


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Going under the knife was made a bit bearable by well, Indians, again. One of the most important elements that goes towards reducing the sensation of pain in an operation is the Indian invention, anaesthesia.

India's gift to the world
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Forever a country of intellectuals and specifically mathematical geniuses, India has also been instrumental in various exploits in the field of numbers. Trigonometry is one of those widely used mathematical applications that have serious usage in various fields. That, along with quadratic equations were also invented by ancient Indian masters.

India's gift to the world
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India’s contribution to the world of numbers is zero! Well, literally. Or is it figuratively? The number that comes to nothing, yet is instrumental in all mathematical operations, Zero is very much an Indian ‘offering’ to the world of mathematics.


Racking your brains in a game of Chess? Blame it on India. A serious brain twister, Chess, earlier known as Ashtapada, is an Indian invention. Whiling away your time while strengthening your grey matter is some serious fun stuff. Courtesy, India.


The country of amazeballs is also the land of contributions. Folks, India for you!