Top 10 ways to motivate yourself and lead a positive life

top 10 ways to motivate yourself

Life is a blessing we all are gifted with but one that few manages to sustain as such. Living life in all its good cheer and positivity is all the tribute we can pay to it for having enabled us to be a part of this big, beautiful world. And while a positive life can mean different things for all, it indeed is the pursuit of success and happiness that drives us all. Success however is a happiness earned and needs considerable toil. The drive for success is one tough way in life. But in order to live a positive life, this motivation needs to build up. Here are the top 10 ways to motivate yourself for success and thereby lead a positive life-

Get started anyway

Like most things in life, motivation also is innate to none. You have to build it as you grow through life so that it helps you grow further with it. Therefore the best way you can kick start the dormant motivated soul in you is to get started with life. Set about doing things anyway even when you don’t really feel like it because the motivation needs a foreground to crawl in at first.

Also once you get on track, you don’t really need much motivation to keep you going. But you will find the motivation growing up to you simply because you did not wait for it take wings! Ironical as it might sound but motivation, like all other things that stem from within are but makings of the mind. It is the positive vibes that you get from yourself that can encompass a wide range of what you think you need. Whether that be a boost of self esteem or a shot of motivation, getting yourself to start with things is the first step forward you can take for a fulfilling life ahead.

Keep the positive vibes flowing

Positivity might not always find a way from within you, especially on gloomy days when even life seemingly ceases to hold any meaning. But that does not mean you won’t go about your work with the same dedication that you always give to it. One of the top 10 ways to motivate yourself in such cases would be to discover such settings that ensures that positivity continues to find its way unto you. That ‘setting’ can be some person, some lifestyle element or some environment change that will keep your motivation on track.

If your workplace is not a space you are comfortable in, that tends to be unproductive for you because you do not have anything in its premises that can keep you motivated. Similarly, such friends and folks who inspire you with their words and actions, or simply with their presence can work wonders in renewing your motivation. It is therefore important that you surround yourself with such vibes that does not further your disillusionment. Specifically when it flows from a place you least expect it to, it can be even more beneficial a motivating factor for you with also its feel good assertion.

Take a break

Sometimes all you need to do to rediscover your lost motivation is to take a break from all such pursuits that exhaust it. The will to work at times cease to exist simply because you are too exhausted or overworked to pursue it any further. In such times, you should very well do the obvious- cut out the work for some time. And taking a break does not mean you should go about creating a playstation out of your work desk. It can be something as romantically relaxing as staring out the window every once in a while. Or you can once again rewind your playlist to have a dual shot at the top 10 of ways by which you can motivate your weary self. Either way, all you have to do is to feel the disconnection for once because too much of everything indeed never serves your best interests.

Scrounge for inspiration

Yep, we know we said it just now when we asked you to find motivation in others. But motivating yourself can also be possible even when you don’t want to consciously depend on others. You know that conflicting feeling of being so down that cutting yourself off from the world is all the respite you need? But because it is also in such cases that you are in most need of deriving motivation, it can be very helpful when you seek your refuge in such inanimate things, that however convey more emotions than most humans do.

Turn therefore to the words and the melodies to find succour in. The world abounds in motivational books penned by motivational speakers and very enlightened authors that can deliver all the motivation in the world through their pages. And why just limit yourself to such pieces that list out the top 10 ways to motivate yourself? Wander further and read up interesting tales of real people making it big against the odds. Let yourself find inspiration in such stories that relate experiences of success, courtesy of motivation. Or you can as well find your solace in some music, and also some motivation as you perceive the depth of the lyrics. Motivation is a very abundant thing in the world, you just need to discover how to channelise its might towards you.

Seek motivation in your failures

This one indeed is easier said than done. Because of how heartbreaking failures can be, it’s easy to lose sight of their significance as stepping stones to success and instead douse oneself in the sorrow of all what they seem to be- failures, that is. But figuring the way that can help you cope up better with failures is integral to many a experiences in life. Even in building up the motivation, this demotivated submission to destiny can play an important role.

The reason why failure can become one of the top 10 ways to motivate yourself is because you can always learn something from it. In knowing all the areas where you went wrong and learning from them, failures can in fact be the most stirring source of motivation to goad you on to future success. Also, when you tend to view your downfalls as yet another guiding light towards motivation, it becomes easier to accept them. This therefore manifests as a dual way of therapy where acknowledging your failure and finding motivation in them leads you on to finally realise why and how failures have always been the stepping stones to success. As they say, try and try until you succeed which is why a never give up attitude can serve as a secondary effort at self motivation as well.

Derive the fun in the work

The easiest of the top 10 ways to motivate yourself for something is to see the excitement in it. A chore becomes less of a chore and more of a delight when you begin to enjoy it. That means that you should absolutely embark in doing only such things that gratify you. Setting out to do something you detest is pointless because you won’t ever be able to find the force that motivates you. But if you still need to find the motivation to help you trudge through such tasks, then you need to discover the fun element of it. Everything has its pros and cons and once you can concentrate on the pros enough to not let the cons bother you, you are sorted. Even in working something you don’t really like, it becomes easier to continue with the motivation if you discover some heartening aspect of it.

Lure yourself with some promise of reward

This might not be the most ‘mature’ of ways to motivate yourself but as long as your purpose has been met, you are all set. Motivation is a funny thing that sometimes yield in to even the most childish of pleasures. Luring yourself therefore with some bait is sometimes all the effort you need to make.

Promising yourself to a treat that you have been craving for all this while is a really surprising means of how well you can motivate yourself. Or gift yourself that new dress once your motivation has helped you conquer mountains and you won’t ever need any of the other top 10 ways to motivate yourself ever! Sometimes simply promising oneself a good uninterrupted night of sleep works just as fine also particularly because a good sleep is so, so vital to every end in life. All you need to do is figure out what works for you to make yourself work towards what you want!


For some, meditation counts as a break from life. For some others, it is very much a way of life. Whatever your pick be, there is no denying the impacts a good session of meditation can have on your motivated self. A relaxed you is the key to discover a motivated you and meditation being the unfailing shot at relaxation is a very good driving force.

Meditation also allows you a dive into your innate energies thereby not letting you lose sight of all that you are capable of. Motivation after all is second nature of your abilities and what better way to motivate yourself than letting your inner energies discover their true worth? Also, a relaxed you is always more adept at doing tasks and by being believing in the powers of a more adept you, you already are building yourself up for enough motivation. Additionally, the peace of mind that meditation prepares you for is another crucial factor in every job that you tend to do well. Whether it therefore be meditating for motivation or motivating yourself to meditate, this remains the key to unleash your potential.

Be aware of the nothingness in existence

Motivation becomes a lot difficult to attain when you are a habituated procrastinator. Constantly postponing off things for a later time is all you need to put yourself off the motivated mood. It becomes important therefore to realise that the tomorrow you are waiting for might never dawn because of just how uncertain life tends to be. Among the top 10 ways to motivate yourself, this is one more rooted in psychology than the others. And perhaps why this is so efficient a means to self motivation.

The desire to achieve something in a lifetime becomes an intense pursuit when you become perceptive of the nothingness that might come of it if you postpone things forever. It is healthy thus if you allow yourself to not lose sight of the fact that your life is but a passing state and if you don’t make enough of it while you can, there only would be regret to last you for lifetime. While that in itself is a scary proposition, it can also be a crucial way towards building all the motivation you would ever need.

Stay on track

It’s easy to stay motivated when you don’t lose sight of your goals. Focus is one of the prerequisites of success and having your vision exclusively on your goal is also enough motivation in itself. You don’t really need any external force goading you on to work when you are hell bent on achieving things. All you need to do is stay on track and let your unflinching faith on yourself to be the source of motivation to yourself and possibly also for others.