11 most underrated YouTubers you must watch in 2019

underrated youtubers

As a platform that nurtures talent and fuels passion in the present age, YouTube commands huge attention. Obviously, with huge competition, YouTubers also need to be consistently evolving in their trade and skills. While there are some who catapult to fame quite quickly, for others the road is a bit more tough even when they donot compromise on the quality.

Being one of the most subscribed YouTube channels is a dream for all those wanting to make it big in the digital world. But not every individual or channel can make it big in a short span of time.Here are the 11 most underrated YouTubers you must watch in 2019-

#1 Black Box TV

black box tv

YouTube Channel: BlackBoxTV

Subscribers: 935,682

For a YouTube channel that puts up quality videos, that too in the horror and sci fi genre, a subscriber count of less than 1 million is a very sorry state of affairs. And specially when you have been party to the superb short films that are the grace of the channel, you can only gape at surprise at the level of unfairness YouTube can be abundant in.

Tony E. Valenzuela

The man behind Black Box, Tony E.Valenzuela is a hell of a creative person and an efficient film maker. But even with his remarkable ventures that stars quite some known faces, Tony has not been able to be a YouTube phenomenon. This, despite the fact that a chunk of his videos can boast of views in millions.

#2 Diana Chamomile

Diana Chamomile

YouTube channel: diana chamomile

Subscribers: 96,208

As an offbeat make do fashion blogger who employs her talent of finding low cost, good quality fashionable clothing to good measure in her videos on thrift hauls, Diana Chamomile’s YouTube channel is seriously underrated. Diana’s videos are all things cute and pretty, specifically her look books are particularly dreamy and can inspire any viewer to do her own style hauls.

Diana Chamomile youtube channel

Additionally, Diana also puts up videos of her random rants and they are as much engaging as her thrift fashion haul ones. As such, Diana’s subscriber count sure does no justice to her efforts and talents.

#3 Satya Show

Satya Show

YouTube Channel: The Satya Show

Subscribers: 237,856

Satyakam, the man behind The Satya Show takes to his YouTube channel to rant hilarious about various societal issues. With humor as his weapon, Satya attempts to turn everyday issues of existence into such hard hitting satires that leaves viewers thinking for long.

Satya Show satyakam

In the genre of political satire, The Satya Show is one of the best in class among YouTube videos. However, his subscriber count does not speak the same story. Satya has a long way to go before he can shed off his underrated YouTuber tag but with the kind of content he offers, that provide comic relief but are insightful all the same, this guy definitely is one among the emerging crop of best YouTubers.

#4 Shipwrecked Comedy

Shipwrecked Comedy

YouTube Channel: Shipwrecked.

Subscribers: 34,786

A brother- sister duo comes together to present videos that feature “Vaguely Historical, Loosely Literary, Stupidly Smart Comedy”. Mysteries also find its way into Shipwrecked’s videos and mini movies. Nerdy clever and out right hysterical, the channel also wows with its extraordinary soundtracks.

Shipwrecked Comedy

Poker faced humour has always been a hot favorite and the videos on this channel does not disappoint as well for sure. Though with just 34k likes, we are a bit surprised and they are a hell lot underrated.

#5 Gavin Webber’s Cheeseman.tv Channel

Gavin Webber’s Cheeseman.tv Channel

YouTube Channel: Gavin Webber 

Subscribers: 139,482

The reason why this YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to making myriad varieties of cheese has the underrated tag is that a channel that foucusses on a ‘phenomenon’ as versatile and beloved as cheese should command more than a mere lakh subscribers.

Cheese making at home

The delightfully sinful taste of home made cheese ticklingthe taste buds is a blessing we would all like to experience and Gavin Webber explains the nuances that can lead to such enrichment. So what if you would be one of them labelled as Curd Nerd? Cheese is worth much more, like at least a few million subscribers.

#6 Bright Insight

Bright Insight

YouTube channel: Bright Insight

Subscribers: 905,283

Bright Insight is the YouTube channel of a former fraud investigator, Jimmy. And that being said, you know very well what to expect from the brilliant videos put up on this underrated site.

jimmy bright in sight youtube

Jimmy believes that “the truth is literally stranger than fiction” and after watching his many videos we couldn’t agree more. Thought provoking and unraveling mysteries come to fore in Jimmy’s highly researched videos, leaving you gaping in wonder at what the hell you just witnessed.

#7 Watercooler Films

Chuck Dowling

YouTube Channel: Chuck Dowling

Subscribers: 16,160

You might very well downplay Chuck Dowling as yet another YouTuber out there to review movies, like so many others do. But if you have ever checked out Dowling’s hilarious reviews of B grade horror movies in his most notable series 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days, you would nod your head in unison that the meagre number of subscribers his channel has at present is no justification of his ability.

31 Horror Movies in 31 Days. Chuck Dowling

But even with the apparent apathy of subscribers, Chuck has never let his viewers down in all the movie he so deftly reviews, replete with some of his characteristic mannerisms and his no hold words when it comes to speaking his mind out.

#8 Nischal TripaT

Honest Indian News Channels | Nischal TripaT

YouTube channel: Nischal TripaT

Subscribers: 18,583

Another of those mushrooming YouTube channels that seek to explore the genre of comedy is Indian lad Nischal Tripathi. His YouTube channel Nischal TripaT features videos that attempt to entertain viewers and make them laugh.

#9 Simon Clark

Simon Clark youtube

YouTube channel: Simon Clark 

Subscribers: 209,927

Imagine a PhD in climate physics vlogging about his life and research on YouTube. Irrespective of whether it sounds exciting or not, such a fusion of sorts would definitely be all things intelligent.

Simon Clark

And Simon’s videos are just that. And more. Like all things fun and mind boggling. But Simon also takes a detour very often to the more mundane, relatable instances of life. For a video channel that doles out information in the most interesting of ways, Simon Clark’s YouTube channel deserves at least a million views.

#10 Only Desi

Only Desi

YouTube Channel: Only Desi

Subscribers: 224,894

As a channel that honestly reviews Bollywood movie trailers, Only Desi definitely deserves much better than its current subscriber base. As Screen Junkies as its inspiration, Only Desi will crack you up with its hilariously apt take on the latest trailer releases. Witty comments and the most accurate reviews will have you in splits even as you cannot help but be amused at how realistically true they are!

#11 PMRants


YouTube channel: PMRants

Subscribers: 76,056

The realm of the delightfully insane, filmmaker Phil Mason’s YouTube channel PMRants is also one among the underrated of the lot. Mason reviews movies and trailers, breaking them down with hilarious interpretations. PM also engages in random rants on a range of ordinarily prevalent topics.

Though the videos turn out to be somewhat controversial, Mason still manages to incite a laugh with his many valid opinions. Like any other person on the social platform, Mason receives a lot of backlash for his content but that does not stop us from claiming that his videos deserve more views nonetheless.