15 awesome lines that can be found written on the back of trucks only in India!

horn ok please

The land of flukes and farces, the world of mirth and comical anecdotes, India is a country that abounds in humour and the like. And if you are witness to the hilarious one liners put up on virtually every nook of the unexplored space, then hey my friend, Welcome to India!

Specifically, the trucks dotting the very busy landscape of the country are an endless source of humor, what with their epic quotings. How? Check out to discover the fun of truck surfing in India!

Beginning with the quintessential Horn Ok Please which urges you to honk your way to warn of your arrival. This is inevitably the writing behind all of those giant beasts.

Source: awaaznation.com

And yes, the Hindi equivalent is even worthier. Awaz Dedo may sound naive and dull, but the graphics and the portrayal lends this phrase every inch of the humour it is known for!

Source: indiamike.com

Over and out to the worthier gems of truckish literature!

1. Obsession with wisdom is a concept so very prevalent in India that you can find adages written on the back of almost every colorful truck traversing the country with all its hues and flair. And this one is particularly poignant, “Samay se pehle, Bhagya se jyaada kabhi nahi milta”, so you may as well keep your calm and glare at the highly relatable situation you are stuck in, which is behind this cheerful truck, of course!

Source: blog.chaukhat.com

2. If you want a fine mix of humor and shaayrana andaz rolled into an evocative jargon of words, look no further than a truck! The saviors!

3. The one with the evil eye has a black face, it is generally believed that black is the evil. For a country obsessed with fairness, it’s only natural that stereotypes will not escape any single ‘mode’ of expression.

Source: Reckon Talk

Also, Fatta Box provides you with enough humor to while your time away behind these humongous beasts on a crowded highway.

4. This one takes satire to the next level. If only was watching, it would have steamrolled into another epic drama!

Source: gustaakhimaaf.com

5. Sabji ke sanam is devoid of logic, but somewhat funny. Alright. But the attention grabber in this one is: Buri nazar wale tera bhi ho bhala. What a blessed soul, dear writer!

Source: a date with delhi

6. With wordings as intense as these which urges you to die for the country and not for your disloyal lover, this is a hands down winner. Truer words have never been spoken!

Source: Reckon Talk

7. Though this one’s illegible, but it is something that cannot be missed. The blue line says “Shauk nahi madam majburi hai, 1081 chalana zaruri hai.” All mundanity of the number plate (the number being 1081) lost in this very quirky innovation!

Source: Reckon Talk

8. This one seems to be all steeped up in love. Otherwise how would you explain Pyaar ka Haseena?

Also, A smile can lead the way to the heart. Very much. But the context behind putting it on a truck? Am just as clueless as you.

Source: mysteriouskaddu.com

But hey wait, there’s even a bonus. Yadav go London. I mean, seriously?

9. Belief is a myth, while truth is the false. Eh? Perplexing,and at the same time dwelling on the borders of the hysterically funny.

Source: imagecloud.us

10. Another one of the old adages finding its way to the backside of a truck. Preachers everywhere!

Source: behance.net

11. Though it’s obviously a spello, this one is downright hilarious! A kid seems to have lost its way to a giant!

12. Another one of the rebukes the evil eyed one has to face!

Source: jansatta.com

13. Kuwara stuff which means bachelor stuff. I wonder what is this doing on a truck. Men issues, maybe!

Source: tribuneindia.com

14. Life goals: to become a truck. Whether literal or metaphorical, the message is clear- stay out of my way!

15. The universal truth does not provide respite for even the sturdiest of veterans. The image below, point in case!

Source: pak101.com