15 of the worst mistakes every young couple is making

relationship mistakes

Young and fresh into love sounds so romantic. Yet when you come to encounter the harsh reality of it, relationships are not so much of the sweet stuff. We list 15 common mistakes every young couple out there is probably making, so that you don’t fall into the same trap and ruin your lives yet again!

#1 Glued to the phone

In any new age relationship, it’s obvious that the smartphone would be casing the majority of problems. Phubbing is a very apparent turn off in relationships. Being snubbed that too with something digital speaks of a lack of respect and manners as well. And trust me, no one would want a person who lacks even the basic etiquette of interaction.

#2 Erring more than once

Of course, you are human enough to make mistakes. But making the same mistake over and over again, that too after promising not to do so ever again is such a blunder. Guaranteed enough to not let a relation sustain.

#3 Stereotyping

Stereotyping your partner is another mistake you should not commit. Just because a vast majority of the world population are of a somewhat similar kind does not necessarily mean that every one of them would be the same.

#4 Introducing the haddi into the kabab

We all are guilty of sometimes letting a third person decide the best course of our relationship. Even when you have friends who have only your best interest in mind while advising you does not necessarily mean that they should take charge of your emotions. It’s your relationship after all,and you know better the bond you share with bae.

#5 Oops I forgot! Again!

Cheesy and all, anniversaries are a beautiful reminder of the token of love your life gifted you. And when you tend to forget or devalue something that is at least some kinda important, you tend to disregard the significance your partner brings to your life.

#6 Not always funny

Most young couples share a relationship that thrives as much on banter as on love. And that’s actually quite healthy. And fun as well. However, you need to know where to draw the line. Being too much of a prankster can be a serious embarrassment for your partner at times. Be sure to know when it’s cute and when it’s not.

#7 Money matters

Young people, fresh in love have a very dreamy idea of romance. They go out of their way for their love to be known. But shy away when it comes to talking about money. Life isn’t easy and not talking about money makes it even difficult. Discarding money matters as something that wouldn’t affect a relationship is one of the gravest mistakes you could be making.

#8 Wrong timing

Just because your partner loves you to the moon and back doesn’t mean he can’t be offended by you. Sometimes it’s either the wrong thing or the wrong time that can can set your partner off in a bad mood. And when it’s a combination of the wrong thing being said at the wrong time, that is a sure shot recipe for disaster.

#9 Holding on to the grudges

relation mistakes
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Conflicts are normal in every relationship, romantic or not. But putting off an argument that’s been long due while still holding on to the grudges drains your relation of all substance. More often than not, these long standing grudges return as bigger abuses, ruining your bond more than ever.

#10 Too much lovey dovey

No one likes a soul who is too dependent on others. Sure, you are a being that craves love and affection, and love to be cuddled. Yet if you act too vulnerable every time, you might put off people as being a liability. Because you can be viewed as being too nagging and it’s shitty having to deal with an attention freak.

#11 Commitment freaks

Sure, you want a relationship that’s stable and with someone who’s clear about you. But you need to give your bae some time. Commitment is a big responsibility and it often takes time to grow into that person. Prodding your partner too much for taking the next step forward can be a setback for the long term relationship you were aiming for. Conversely, if you are too reluctant to make your relationship status official even if you have dated for quite some time, it speaks of a serious lack of interest.

#12 Way too invested

Making yourself too available to your person also can make the relationship go awry. Because you wouldn’t know when you are being taken for granted in that case. And your worth is something that should never be compromised on even when it can cost you a relationship.

#13 Not apologizing

Thinking that bae would come back to you even when you have been constantly at fault is a serious mistake. People have their limits and when you don’t even apologize for those times when you are blatantly in the wrong, obviously your partner would be fed up.

#14 I, me and myself

Being too much about yourself while disregarding what your partner is going through is not only wrong, it is also selfish. Though empathy might not be a natural virtue for some of us, at least there needs to exist some relationship courtesy for you that would let you be supportive of your partner at the least.

#15 Not persisting with the efforts

Finally, the mistake that most relationships have to bear, new age or not is that people tend to slip into the comfort zone once they are some time into it. While that’s only natural for interest to fizzle out and love to go stale, the romance is only what can keep the bond going. Being the charmer in the beginning while revealing to be a demon as the relation progresses is the ultimate mistake you can commit.