18 quotes that relate to your star sign: Aquarius [20th January-18th February]

Aquarius [20th January-18th February]

If you love to stay independent and don’t give a damn about others, chances are…you are an Aquarius. We have listed down some notable characteristics and quotes which define an Aquarius:-

  • It’s not hard to befriend an Aquarius. With their jovial nature, an Aquarius can lighten the mood in any situation. 
  • An Aquarius is born intelligent. They are a quick learner and can pick up skills in one go unless something boring is given to them.
  • If there is one thing you shouldn’t do, it is to never question the loyalty of an Aquarius. They are well known amongst friends, family and colleagues for being loyal.
  • Being independent both financially and emotionally is a priority for an Aquarius. They have an innate desire to meet this goal whichever way possible.
  • An Aquarius stays detached from most things in life. Being attached to something brings a possibility of getting heart which they fear.
  • An Aquarius can be f-ing unpredictable. What happens next remains a question unanswered.

#1 Brilliant, sharp, quick…you name it

#2 Cook for me

#3 Hidden tears

#4 Why so shocked?

#5 Rejection leads to dejection

#6 Kaafi dark humour

#7 You have to be special to…

#8 True friendship

#9 Stop reminding!

#10 Lies can prove to be fatal

#11 Me time

#12 No 2nd chance

#13 Blah blah blah

#14 Shut up if you are about to say something stupid

#15 Don’t give a damn

#16 Life changer

#17 Forever love

#18 Don’t stereotype

#19 Thoughts travelling like a bullet train

#20 No [email protected]#ks given

#21 No regrets