20 things you can relate to if you are (un)lucky enough to be the unemotional person of your gang

things unemotional people will relate to

As rational, emotional beings, humans are supposed to be inherently superior to others. Emotions are a very pertinent nature of human existence. But call it the farce of evolution or the appeal of the unconventional, not everyone is touchy- feely as others. There are souls who feel intensely and there are hearts that do not feel a thing. So if you are someone who has been struggling to cope up with the lack of emotions all your life, here are 20 very relatable life instances that will strike your emotions in the way only another equally unemotionally stirring soul can!

You’ve been called heartless- to your face

You’ve been called heartless- sometimes subtly, sometimes passively and sometimes unintentionally- so often that it indeed makes you feel bad about your lack of emotions even when deep down you have already accepted that this is the way you are. Even when you perceive yourself as emotionless, you don’t like the idea of being called that by others blatantly to your face. At other times though when you have your badass mode turned on, you really don’t care what others think of and speak about you.

You are not expected to cry

As an unemotional person who clearly does not ‘get the feels’, you are expected to not let crying define you. But you do. With such intensity and in such frequency that you confuse the heck even out of yourself.

But it’s as weird for you as it is to others. You might not feel even the slightest remorse for someone you have snapped at yet end up wallowing at that very petty and beyond reason piece of shitty fiction.

You are bad at handling criers

And it’s not just that it’s just your own tears- or the lack of it- that make your life difficult. You are equally at a loss to console a crying person- hell, even a crying kid because you just don’t know what to say. A very basic “don’t cry” is all the comfort you can lend to those weeping eyes, even when others around you would go all philosophical to attempt some relaxation for that starved soul.

But you know how to gather yourself together

It might be that your inadeptness at easing tears stems from your own perception of how sadness needs to be dealt with. You are the kind of person who would rather be left alone in a puddle of tears than being bombarded with that very easy sounding wisdom of asking you not to cry. Maybe it’s because you realise that not every person processes their feelings just the same which makes it difficult for you to come up with the perfect attempt at pacifying others.

You shun love

You resent it when someone gets very attached and emotional about you because one, you can’t handle it and two, because you think your own emotionless nature does not make you deserving of all such love and affection.

Because, you are unemotional!

You also know you can’t give back the attention even when you are showered with a lot of it. Sometimes it makes you push away the ones who even love you unconditionally while at other times you get annoyed of being the person of someone’s desire to such a tiring extent.

You don’t do dates

Naturally your inability at reciprocation has kept you long removed from the otherwise very infectious scheme of romantic dating pervading the society. Dating for you is just an invitation of unwanted drama in your life- of which you are not prepared and of which you know you never can partake.

Romance, neither

‘I love you’ is perhaps the worst compliment anyone can be giving you. You don’t know how to react and respond to that, because you haven’t ever anticipated some thing of that sort. Also because it doesn’t hit you right in the feels- because heck, you don’t have any- you don’t even know what hearing those three magical words is supposed to make you feel like. There aren’t any flutters, there isn’t a violin playing romantically in the background for you. It’s just a phrase that cannot concern you but sure does offset you.

You aren’t the usual social animal that humans are

You also suck at communication. Because you don’t even feel the emotions, you would not want to maintain any contact with anyone. It just doesn’t stem from within which means communicating is too much of an effort for you. You simply don’t care about what anyone is upto and even in rare cases that you might be interested you don’t think of it as something you would rather do. No wonder your so called high school bestie might be the CEO of some place very famous and you would still know them as only the dumb kid in school!

You are disinterested in practically everything and everyone

Your disinterest in people does not only mean that you don’t initiate communication. You are equally apathetic at replying to texts or reverting back calls. More often than not, you are so disconcerted that you masterfully ignore calls even when you just watch it ring away in leisure. You can’t even be bothered to try and you don’t because it’s not worth it.

You simply don’t care

You cancel even the most exciting plans at your whims because you can’t be bothered by things like #friendsarelife or #theyarelove. You don’t care if someone is offended or disappointed because your boundaries of emotions do not let you understand and take offense.

Enthusiastic emotional folks aren’t your flock of friends

What also puts you off is how adamant your folks can be when trying to extract feelings out of you. Like bro, I am really an emotionless person, can’t you just let me be that? But no, this lot of very enthusiastic emotionists don’t take the cue even when you snap and go out of their way to manifest the presence of at least some hint of a heart in you.

You think of the heart as vestigial

Being unemotional also makes you consider other people who go by the every beat of their heart as folks who would be unreasonable. You don’t understand how people think with their hearts when there is a specific brain designated for that very purpose. The heart for you is just an organ that pumps blood and that which should not let decide your life.

Relationships baffle you

Which explains why you don’t do and understand relationships. You tend to view these romances as something very trivial, something that holds no essence and in no way even remotely necessary for your survival. You are perfectly fine with and by yourself and you are more than proud of that.

Love stories don’t make you go all dreamy

As someone who does not have the slightest bit of interest in forging relationships, it’s only natural that you can’t make head and tail of love sagas even when they aren’t your own. Rather, it pisses you off when people go on ranting or speaking eloquently about their love lives. You don’t see even any significance in it and having to listen to such narrative pisses you off even more. But all you can do is take the punches of boredom and seem interested for the sake of it.

You don’t understand emotional dependence

Without the feels of the sentient being, you are so used to living by yourself that it puzzles you when you see people tagging along with others as if their lives depended on them. You witness extremes in all forms- people who cling on to their partner and then there’s you who would even gladly wear wires to keep people away.

You are a virtual dilemma in yourself!

Because you are not defined by emotions, you tend to give the most logical, unbiased and sometimes blunt. Which makes people turn to you for advice because they know you will be anything but sugar-coated fake with them. So as much as you aren’t really interested in others you are the one who has to know all about them because you are so unemotionally real!

You tend to get tired of all the emotions not characterising you

Often-a-times you get so disillusioned with your existence that it becomes hard for you to trudge along with life itself. You feel that you are emotionally very deprived as a human and even when you would not like to see that as a disability, the perfectly emotional crowd around you seems to make you think otherwise. You are completely fine with yourself but the world isn’t and that sometimes takes a toll on you.

Practical is supposed to be your personality type

You are viewed as someone very practical because you don’t have emotions to throw your thinking off gear. But it’s only you who know just how much anxious and lost you tend to feel at times even without any heart to direct you. You are lucky, only minus the luck!

You crave emotions at times

But sometimes your lack of emotions gets so overwhelming even for you that you feel overpowered by the lack of them! For once you would want to be able to emote but that’s as easy as trying to hold onto slipping sand for you. Thus there you are- craving some emotions but shunning them all the same.

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