26 craziest things to do before you die because you only live once

craziest things to do in life

Bored with life? That’s because you are not letting the crazy side of you live life as it pleases. Let loose the insane being for once and life will never cease to be a new adventure every moment. Do whatever it takes to satiate the wacky spirit in you so that you can say that had a life well lived. To life, to you and to your crazy essence, here’s taking a look at the 26 craziest things you must absolutely do before you die because guys, YOLO!

Skinny Dipping

If you need to do crazy things, be sure to start with just the right ones! And skinny dipping, my dear, might be the ultimate adventure that will be spewing crazy all over you. So start off with your clothes and ditch them all as you make that headlong plunge into the refreshing waters for an epic adventure that will have you exposed. Literally!

Get spooked

You wonder how scaring the wits outta someone could be? Learn it the heard way by choosing to get spooked yourself. Visit many of the ghost towns that abundantly dot the planet or plan a detour to the most haunted places in your country. Or if you seek to be only held bewitched by the sinister and the lingering feel of apocalypse, Count Dracula’s waiting for you in his castle in Romania. Go figure how would you like to get spooked!

Streak through an event

Naked again, because nothing screams crazy like being in full public view while having the audacity to go all bare and out. Sure, you can streak through sports event like it is the most popular thing to do but there could be repurcussions to that that goes beyond crazy. Stick to streaking through a private even therefore but even then it’s up to you to pick your choice of crazy serving!

Befriend a complete stranger

This should be one of the normal things you do but because we are all suspecting, gullible humans befriending an out and out stranger sounds like the craziest of things to do in life. Of course you get to decide who you want to go up and talk to but remember, playing by the rules is absolutely unnecessary when you don’t have sanity on your mind.

Attempt a world record

No you don’t need to clock some few seconds or milliseconds at the Olympics to make your way to the record books. The world is full of people making and breaking records that are downright weird, if not meaningless. Attempting to be one of them is sure some intense crazy fun but there are other perks as well. Like why would you not like to see your name go down in history as one of the best ever? So even if it’s flaunting the longest beard in the world or making the most giant pastry you can imagine, extend your craziest limits with this one at hand.

Adventure sports, obviously!

Like duh! Adventure sports has so long been touted to be among the craziest of things to do in life that you wonder if they are really worth it or not. But turns out they indeed are because the insane rush of adrenaline is not something you experience every once in a while. And specifically if you haven’t ever done adventure sports before, you should absolutely add it to your list of things to do at least once before you die.

Run with bulls

Yep we know we already listed down adventure sports as one sure fire way to go mad with thrill. But running with bulls is a different level of crazy and you would be missing out on something really different if you did not dare to try this one out. Running from crazily charged bulls that are ever ready to strike you through sure is a dead- end pursuit but man, at least you wouldn’t die dry and bored! Plus there are professionals you can hang on in case you suddenly realise that life is beautiful so cut your guts some slack and fly to Spain for this now or never experience.

Get a complete makeover

It’s more fun than crazy and that’s perhaps why you don’t even need any other reason to do that. And there’s a different fancy of looking at yourself in a different light than what you usually glow in. It can be something as dramatic as a hippie look or something subtle, like trying out a pair of the most comfy sneakers by ditching your glam high heels that you otherwise strut about so elegantly in. Do it anyway, it might be crazy or it might be plain delight, but it will definitely be worth all the effort.

Eat something weird

Of course weird food combinations are so regularly eaten that they don’t intend to be crazy anymore. But among the craziest of things you can do is definitely eating just about anything that creeps and crawls. That sounds like you are one wacky soul and your soul be blessed, because you want to be exactly that! Try a Bear Grylls then, at least in the food and savour the taste or puke at the very thought of that all your life!

Get lost!

Travel to some place new where you don’t understand their language and they don’t understand yours. And then get lost in exploring the alleys and the abbeys, in deciphering your way out only to find a new way in. Try and speak to random strangers even when you can’t make head or tail of what they say. Ask them, bless them or even cuss them- all at your own crazy will because hell, they are blissfully ignorant of you. There’s a different charm of dwelling in the unknown and here’s your chance to unearth both the craze and haze of it.

Prank up someone

And no, do not do it just on April Fool’s. Put your craziest side on full view mode and prank someone so bad that they might even cry! That’s not rude, not at all, given that you are being officially branded as crazy but be sure to prank someone who doesn’t easily take any offence. Being on the safest side is as essential as being on the craziest!

Dress up weird or wild for once

Put on your most tattered clothes and step out to make heads turn, for whatever measure. Go slinky- shiny on a boring weekday and craze up other people’s fantasies like you are doing your own. Do not care and go mismatch for one day or do tacky as well. Do up the most insane thing you can conceive of and craziness will be yours.

Pursue your private passions

The private part is just an alliteration but in this world of today where pursuing simpler passions isn’t very encouraged, do it anyway and proudly claim to have ticked the craziest thing off your list. Break free from the boredom of life and seek respite instead in loving what you do and doing what you love.

Scare the freak out of your bestie

Dress up as a ghost on a dark and chilly winter night or pose as an imposter and wait for the most opportune moment to pounce upon your bestie. And don’t worry about the repercussions, you will be forgiven because you are loved even when you are just being a piece of shit.

Do a trip just on impulse

There’s nothing to charge your batteries like a well- deserved trip and there’s nothing crazier than embarking on it in impulse. So take your bike and do that road trip to Ladakh this very instant. Or go backpacking across Hampi even over the week because the few days have been particularly hectic. Of course international trips can also be on the itinerary but the impulse needs to be backed by substantial preparation. Even otherwise though, do the trip you have been so wanting to even when you are only half prepared for it.

Get high on some drama!

Shout in the middle of the road or make a scene in public or dance on public transport or even make an issue out of nothing. You should totally not care about anything if you indeed want to pull off the craziest of things in life. Just don’t be doing it so regularly that your folks send you packing to some asylum!

Make a pen friend

You think I’m the craziest for suggesting this one out? Yes I am and that’s the whole point of it. In this world of technology where all you do is send friend requests, dwell on the charm that penning a letter can bring. Dare to be the weird one out and build up a raw, true friendship with someone you connect only through paper.

Be a homeless wanderer for one day

Don’t strive to be crazy in just your own way. Live the crazy life of others to know what true wackiness feels like. Take the opportunity to forget your anniversary and get kicked out of the house at least for a day. And translate this as an opportune day to live the life of a tramp, wandering about town, feeding on generosity, and sleeping on the pavement. Till the cops find you and drive you away, enjoy your craziest venture to the fullest.

Get chased (by a dog or some girl, doesn’t really matter!)

Try catching the attention of some growling dog and make the dash for your life with that bitch in tow. Or entice someone so hard that get crazy about you and end up chasing and stalking you all throughout. Be sure to end it on a friendly note because you absolutely don’t want someone running behind you your entire life.

Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari

Sure you will drive but where’s the millions man, you say? Worry not, luxury car enthusiasts are in abundance in the world which is why you can have these swanky cars on hire and have the drive of your life meandering and sashaying your way in it. It’s for sure not the craziest of mentions in the list but whoever has been crazy enough to turn down a Lamborghini anyday??

Get into a high tension fight with someone you have specially despised all your life

Since you intend to be crazy why not exploit this opportunity for all the right reasons? Argue, fight- even duel with someone who has been putting you off since forever and who has been specifically annoying of late. Give them a piece of your mind or a taste of your karate kicks and go absolutely crazy in venting every ire you have long harboured for them. Believe me, it’s therapeutic!

Hook up just for fun

Who has’t had casual hookups in life? We all do. But for once don’t hookup with someone you have always liked, instead find someone who isn’t exactly ‘your type’ or even better, just go to someone random who would be elated to share the same ideals of crazy as you. It’s gonna be one of your craziest wins!

Get high for once

Yeah we all know weed and joints are bad stuff but can you stop being so virtuous all the time? Specifically when you are up for crazy things, you should totally not hinge on predetermined notions of the good and the bad. Try what it’s like being high for once just for the experience and your life won’t be any worse than what it has always been.

Go awkwardly silent for a day

This would be insanely difficult for someone who chirps and sings through their every chore which makes it all the more treasured of the craziest things to do. Ditch your vocals altogether for a day and stay solemn and sober and have folks and people guessing about what’s wrong with you. Or alternatively, let the people around you finally attain some peace by not having to be party to your continuous rantings. But do it anyway and in dedicated bearings just for, you know, that exhilarated sense of attention seeking you like crazy!

Perform on the streets for once

You can sing or dance, act or cry, scream or smile or do just about anything. If it’s entertaining or even intriguing enough to catch attention, we christen it a performance! So go acknowledge your fans and even cash in on some pennies for the performance of your lifetime.

Get married!

Seems like we reserved the craziest best for the last! Choosing to be with another person you know will annoy and irritate you just like you torture them is pure evil and therefore pure bliss. For the ultimate crazy experience do tie the knot and embark on a journey that is diametrically distinct from any of the craziest things you have ever done in life!