50 year old Yamazaki shatters record at the Japanese whisky auction market

Yamazaki 50

How much would you be willing to shell out for a bottle of liquor for that ultimate dose of intoxication? Some figure in millions? Yeah, this might sound outrageous, if not outright crazy, but this isn’t just a figment of fiction. Nor is it any celestial potion that would be up for grabs for that gargantuan sum of money.

A rare 50 year old bottle of the first edition Yamazaki history recently achieved the distinction of being the most expensive product of Japan’s distillery, after it was reportedly sold for a whopping 2.65 million Hong Kong dollar. Certainly one among the most expensive of alcoholic drinks in the world!

Source: Bonhams

Brewed in Japan’s oldest distillery Yamazaki and matured in casks specifically designed from the Japanese Oak or mizunara, the 700 ml bottle smashed all previous records to emerge as the priciest single malt from Japan, outranking the Hong Kong dollar 2450000 worth wine The Dragon that was auctioned in May this year.

Source: Bonhams

Released in 2005, the whisky brewed by the 1923 founded Yamazaki based in the Osaka Prefecture.

The sale at Bonhams in Hong Kong for US $343000 to an anonymous buyer from Asia has delighted Bonhams Head of Fine Wine and Whisky in Hong Kong, Daniel Lam, who had been anyway expecting a lot of interest from collectors for the rare and special whisky.

Source: The Drinks Business

It augurs well for the auction market of single malt whisky (which is in good health, as pointed out by Lam)that The Dragon and the Yamazaki has managed to fetch such high biddings. The constant shattering of records by the Japan made liquor offerings only underscores the growing market for luxury whisky in general and Japanese whisky in particular.