9 reasons why a guy from defence is every girl’s ultimate dream man

Dating a defence guy

The notion of a Prince Charming arriving majestically like in a fairy tale is a dream that has been nurtured by girls for ages. There is something very romantic about being swept off your feet while gazing love struckedly at the man of your dreams. And while it is certain that not all categories of females will fall for that one kinda guy, we also cannot deny that more often than not we find ourselves falling prey to the suave charm of the men that comes draped in the uniform!

And trust me girls, when I say that defence guys have this subtle aura that can totally drive you crazy and make you go swooning on your head. Meticulous and tough to the core, this particular breed of man will care and nurture you just as he does for his nation.

And while this might be enough reason to already falling head over heels with the army guy you know, check out a few more ‘characteristic traits’ that make your probable boyfriend your best man ever!


Needles to say, defence guys are chivalrous. Years of dedicated training and disciplined lifestyle have endowed them with a courtesy with which they treat people that makes it tough to not fall for this kind of men.

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From pulling chairs for you to opening doors and a whole lot of other stuff, military men will win your heart with ease!


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With all that drilling and meticulousness inducted into their regime, you don’t have to worry about not being protected enough when you are with a defence guy around!


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Perhaps the thing that makes girls most vulnerable to developing intense emotions for guys in the military is how damn hot they look in uniform. No doubt their refinement outranks all, but visualise them in uniform once and you won’t be able to keep your eyes away from that handsome character. The true winner, hands down!


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But it’s not just the allure of the uniform adorning the man (with all those badges and medals) that makes them particularly hard to resist. It’s also the underlying sense of elated pride that overpowers you as you think about all the service to their country in the toughest of situations.


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Which brings us to the undeniable fact- military guys will never be out of style. Well, it does sound all hypocrisy and stuff but when it comes to their style and charisma, there’s no one who can awe you like a guy from the defence.


Well, this might not be in sync with everyone’s idea of romance but the fact that you won’t get to meet your guy often when he’s in service only seeks to enhance the bond of affection you share. After all, distance only makes the heart grow fonder.


Also, since you would be dating someone from the services that has taken him to lengths and breadths of the country and even beyond, you won’t ever have to worry about making your relationship thrive through small talk. There will be enough adventures in your man’s kitty to amaze you at any time!


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And if you happen to be someone who takes thrill in the uncertainties of life, then a guy from the military will make for your perfect partner. Be it personal or professional, anyone who is in the army has a lot of tumults and upheavals in life. And to think that this might provide the perfect setting to your otherwise mundane life just about makes it count every time!


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Since you would be dating a man who is more methodical than you can even imagine, it’s certain that your relationship will have no unnecessary drama. So it’s either hold all or bare all. As simple as that!


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