An interview with Ishita Banik: the best-selling author of ‘If We Last’ (After Crossing a Light-year)

ishita banik

Ishita Banik, one of the young Indian authors, who took a leap of faith to follow her dreams, has become one of the most-discussed Indian writers in romance and thriller genre. After her debut novel ‘If We Last’ became a best-seller, the author got the deserving spotlight to share her thoughts, ideas and inspirations to create the stories which are not only so-called romance novels but the perfect blends of thriller and dark mystery. 

As the author talks about her journey, she shares her inspiring thoughts to become a successful writer.

How hard do you think it is, to become a successful author in India?

I believe, success itself is a costly thing to achieve. And there is no other way than working hard to reach there. There are only a few authors in India with remarkable works. And it’s not that easy to make a place there. I am still on my journey and ‘success’ is a relative word to me. It entirely depends on exactly what your goals are.

Which things can make a book best-seller?

I think, the most important things are- content and marketing. Your book should have good content and you need to work round-the-clock to make your marketing strategies work.

How much social media has helped you in promoting your books?

After publishing my first book, I started sharing the quotes, book-trailer etc. on social media. Definitely, I utilize it fully while promoting my book. But at the same time, there are challenges, as so many things are being promoted there. You need to create your own strategies to reach out to the audience.

Can you share a bit about the stories of your novels?

My debut novel ‘If We Last’ is a romance thriller. The characters and what happen with them are realistic yet something rare to guess. The plot starts as a romantic story but soon it takes turn towards some dark, unpredictable paths. There are a lot of twists and turns along with the inspiring messages.

What about the rest of your novels? Are those of same genre?

‘Till We Last’ is sequel to ‘If We Last’. And the third novel ‘The City of Tunes’ is a new story and not part of any series. It is a mixture of romance, thriller and mystery.

Any words for the young generation who want to be author?

Believe in yourself, in your dreams and work hard!

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