Ridiculously high earning animal celebrities of Instagram

animal celebrities of Instagram

Move over celebrities and influencers, animals are the faces that light up our Insta account any time, any mood of the day. Cuddly fellows of fur and cuteness, these innocent beings steal the likes and the hearts but not without a cost. In ‘selling’ their adorable antics, these pets also earn such hefty sums that can put our yearly paychecks to shame. And why not, with animals increasingly being brought into the brand business, it’s only natural that they would end up making some money. Be it their appeal in the workless leisure of the COVID 19 times or their effectiveness in being cute enough to sell stuff, animal pets have emerged to be part of the ‘working force’. Here’s just how much Instagram’s most famous animal pets make per post by just being as adorable as they are-


Imagine just how cute a dog has to be to be not just earning the awws but also thousands of dollars with his every post. And that’s exactly how adorable the Instagram’s highest earning dog- or animal for that matter, happens to be every time he strikes up a pose. Jiffpom, the Pomeranian whose shot to fame goes beyond being the starry face in the Katy Perry music video Dark Horse, is the highest ‘paid’ animal celebrity on Instagram. With a staggering earning of some 57,100 US dollars per post, the three time Guinness world record holder can easily leave behind a ton of Instagram influencers behind.

A tiny pomeranian who will instantly have your heart set on him with his dolled up face, Jiffpom is also the world’s fastest dog on two paws. And with 10.3 million Instagram followers the bear faced cutie is the most popular canine out there. Also with his own line of merchandise and Jiffmojis, the super talented Jiffpom is more than just beauty. Trust a dog to give his best friend, humans such excruciating levels of complex!

Nala Cat

It isn’t just canines, even our feline fawnies aren’t any stranger to the social media business! And proving her worth as a cat of the Insta times is Nala whose 4.3 million followers on the photo sharing platform stand testament to her utter queenliness as a cat!

Her bright blue eyes and fluffy furriness sure has elevated Nala from a mere cat to being the Guinness World Records title holder for the most followers on Instagram for a cat. No wonder with a fam following so huge, Nala’s per post earning on Instagram also stands at more than some few thousand dollars. An estimated $24,600 is what this Siamese-Persian mix’s per social media post commands. This however seems like no big deal for a cat who also has her own book as well as her own food line to boast of. And while Nala might not be the first cat to have a book to her name, she sure is the numero uno in the coveted list of the most Instagram worthy cats!

Doug the Pug

Closing on behind Nala with the idiomic cats and dogs fight is Doug the Pug whose 4 million digital followers also give him the push enough to rake in some real cash. With his every Instagram post worth some 22,400 dollars, this celebrity doggo is a regular at brushing shoulders with the likes of Billie Eilish, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Katy Perry et al. With a line of merchandise and greeting cards stemming from him as also a shoe collab with Skechers, the People’s Choice Awards winner for The Animal Star of 2019 is quite a sensation.

Juniper the Fox

The first and only foxy presence in the illustrious list of Insta hit animals is Juniper. While she makes for an exotic pet to her owner who rears her alongside a bunch of other four leggeds, Juniper’s social media exoticity is no less spectacular. Her 2.9 million Instagram followers are in awe of the red fox’s many photogenic poses in front of the camera. And with per post earnings of some 16,800 dollars, Juniper proves that you don’t need to always mix in to make it large as many others of the norm have been doing.

Like the others on the list, Juniper too has a book to her name so you know there’s not much that the happiest fox has not going around for her to not be well, Insta-happy! A rescued soul herself, Juniper is even a strong advocate for the cause of adoption of captivated animals like her which perhaps make her all the more a star.


One of the most striking looking dogs you will ever stumble upon, most in the photo savvy glamorous realm of Instagram, Tuna is a total darling. An internet celebrity as well as an internet meme, Tuna’s claim to fame has been helped by his 2.1 million followers on his Instagram account, aptly named tunameltsmyheart. Some 12,200 dollars is made by this wacky faced dog with his every Instagram post, who had seen abandonment in his sad life before being rescued to become the fawned upon doggo that he is today.

Tuna’s celebrity status that has led him to be the face behind the incredible earning figures has also helped his owner to raise money for animal rescue groups and to promote animal welfare generally. And why just heart melting pictures, Tuna also looks like an avid traveler. With such trip savvy pics gracing his other Instagram handle, there’s no surprise how the cutie has grown to be such a massive social media phenomenon!


maya polar bear
Source: Trendsmap

At first glance, Maya looks a bit too unlikely to be a polar bear. That’s because she clearly isn’t one despite her Instagram handle proclaiming it aloud. But in her fluffy whiteness and ‘cloud and marshmallow’ induced cuteness, the adorable, fun loving Samoyed dog is indeed a delight to her 1.9 million Instagram followers. With a host of ASMR videos on her official account, Maya’s per post earnings stand at a little over 11000 dollars. A mostly affable canine, whose social media presence is a fun riot of cheer and exuberance, how could Maya not be a sure presence among the most popular celeb animals on the internet?

Mr Pokee The Hedgehog

Mr Pokee The Hedgehog
Source: The Guardian

Yet another breakaway from the many cats and dogs doing the social media rounds is a hedgehog, Mr Pokee. An incredibly cute tiny fellow whose Instagram is guaranteed to make the day of every single of his 1.8 million followers, Mr Pokee’s every post on the social media site earns him more than 10000 dollars. Though it’s been more than a year now since Pokee passed away but his Instagram account is still up and running, continuing from his antics then to now of Herbee and his cat sister, proving just how influential this cutie had been all his life. More famously known as the traveling hedgehog, Mr Pokee’s prickly physical presence might not be there anymore but his ‘legacy’ of raking in the dollars stand undisputed to this day!

Henry and Baloo

Henry and Baloo
Source: FORFUN

Since cats and dogs rank the most famous on this list, a dog- cat pair sure would bring in some even furthered attention. Henry and Baloo it is therefore, whose $9,800 earnings per post on their 1.7 million strong Instagram account make them another of the hot shot four legged presence on social media. A rescue cat and dog duo, who share a passion for travelling, makes for an Instagram that is not just adorable and fun but also quite adventurous! On spot camaraderie, stunningly natural on camera antics and some few hundred posts is what it took to catapult Henry and Baloo from mere wandering friends to overnight Internet sensations!

Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong

Two Insta famous modelling monkeys petted by model Gabriella Katia perhaps derive on their star driven owner’s charms to work their way up the social media ladder. And as if their 943K strong Insta family isn’t enough insight of the fame they dwell in, the Kongs also have an agent who handles their promotions and events. Needless to say with such crazy marketing skills at their back, the marmosets earn a handsome 5,300 dollars for every post they make on Instagram.


Source: Pinterest

Another rescued pet that claims name in the list of high earning Insta celeb animals is Jill the squirrel. And undoubtedly the most famous pet squirrel at that. Some 741 k followers and some dollars worth of 4200 for her every Instagram post make Jill a highly successful ‘social media influencer’ as well. A pretty little girl with a pretty little name, Jill is very much a squeaky sweet presence on Instagram!

While these very famous Instagram animals earning the bucks is in itself a matter quite rattling for contending humans, what however would be an even induced eye brow raising matter is how in their cuteness and antics these charming creatures have even superseded the charisma of popular celebrities, human celebrities to be precise. Indeed it would still be quite a while before these high flying cats and dogs and foxes and squirrels manage to do a Kylie Jenner or a Justin Bieber or even a Priyanka Chopra for that matter.

Given how the highest paid celebrities on Instagram easily rake in a million dollars or at least anywhere close for their every post, our four legged friends aren’t even close. But there still are some really influential personalities they have managed to frogleap as far as earnings are concerned. Be it singer Mariah Carey or footballer Raheem Sterling or even actress Eva Longoria, Jiffpom has managed to outdo them all. And given the intensity with which pet influencers are becoming more and more of social media phenomena, we sure can brace ourselves for more such animal presences overruling starry human ones in times to come.