Apostrophe Protection Society lets go the punctuation as it falls prey to ignorance

Apostrophe Protection Society
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For all grammar nazis trying to make their concerns heard without being branded as pretentious snobs it’s not particularly a satisfying turn of events that has gripped the world at the moment. Folks for whom grammar and language have been more important a matter than something that just gives you the voice have forever been dubbed as authoritarian minds trying to impose or rather show off proper parlance in everyday speaking and conversation. Needless to say then that in the face of widespread ridicule and criticism, such conscious people tend to get disbanded as one that harbours some collective consciousness at their behest.

And no it isn’t just some make- believe story we are putting up here because we perhaps are pedantic enough to be too apprehensive about the present state of affairs governing the literary ambit here. The issue is one that is more serious and therefore quite perceptive too as it is the inevitable that has befallen us, even before it’s already too late.

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As The Apostrophe Protection Society dies off after nearly two decades of existence what we are left to rue is not even the memories of what was at least deemed a consequential attempt at ‘preservation’. Because it is not many of us who had been particularly aware of the somewhat thriving status of a society as such, let alone the nuances it sought to deal with. But The Apostrophe Protection Society is- or rather was- very much a legit thing, coming to the fore of the mainstream in 2001 at the behest of veteran copy editor John Richards. Eighteen years hence though, Richards has no choice but to see the society dying away as our collective’ laziness and ignorance’ managed to get the better out of it.

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The Apostrophe Protection Society strived to do exactly what you would deem it to- “preserving the correct use of this currently much abused punctuation mark in all forms of text written in the English Language.”  Ironically though APS might have died off much earlier or much late- had it not been the efforts of the now 96 years old Richards who however had to succumb to the defeat because his age would not permit him to be party to such commitments anymore. Perhaps he could have continued- at least he would have wanted to had the modern society would have been less apathetic with regard to correct uses of punctuation and grammar in the English language.

That’s not to be however, thereby ushering the looming of the foreboding future into APS’ destiny which happened to be its death and defeat to ignorance. It’s sure some good news though that the site itself will be up and about for those who would still care to find significance in what should have been the prerogative of all but sadly ended up not even being worthy of the effort of some. In its death, the Apostrophe Protection Society sure deserves more than just some homage- either by serving its purpose or at least by not punctuating as such that defy its very basis.

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