Artful ashes ideas to bind your loved ones forever

Having to deal with the loss of a loved one is never easy. The sudden absence of a person who had been there with you all throughout is a trauma too difficult to handle. And yet, life consists in acceptance of the utmost truth of death, and finding solace therein.

Of course, the dead needs to go back from where they came- the ground. But even then,you can devise means and methods to ‘keep them with you’ forever. And if that sounds a bit spooky, worry not, for we have compiled all those unique ways in which you can still stick to your love!

That where artful ashes come into the picture. Read on to discover intricately beautiful ways to preserve your loved ones.


You may have heard about life being an art, but getting into craft even after death is a beauty in itself. Check out various glass arts that takes care of your beloved’s ashes while also beautifying your space.

Artful ashes
Source: The Trooth


You can keep your loved ones forever rooted to the ground, wait, not exactly, at least to the ‘earth’ in this biodegradable urn which consists of the dead man’s decomposed ashes in a bottom pit that the trees’ roots will come into contact with after it has grown quite a bit in the natural medium.

Artful ashes
Source: Parcesa


Cremated ashes are mixed with the paint or the matter with which the portrait is set to be ‘brought to life’. And though what you want to paint the canvas with is definitely your choice, try going for a human portrait to achieve the feel of a physical presence.

Artful ashes
Source: Tuxboard


This is the closest you can keep a deceased lover to you. Go for tattoos that mix a portion of the cremation ashes with the tattoo ink to arrive at skin arts that will forever remind you of your favorite person.

Artful ashes
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Artful ashes
Source: Rolloid

Personal adornment goes one step ahead with cremation ash infused jewel pieces. Either allow the ashes to be embedded in some simple piece of jewelry or go the more ‘compressed’ way if a personalised diamond is your preferred choice.


And its not only that humans can feel only for other humans. Try incorporating some ash even into other glass decorations for a tinted door or window that will be somewhat of an exclusive tribute to the gone spirit.

Artful ashes
Source: feyfuneralhome


This one’s the most unique of the lot. The most spectacular as well. The ashes are mixed with concrete to form these reefs which support marine life. So you have a purpose even after death! Never mind if you could not find the purpose in your life.

Artful ashes
Source: Directory Listing


One cremated body’s carbon can ‘yield’ 20 dozens of pencils, that comes stamped or engraved with the deceased person’s name and come enclosed in an attractive box.

Source: Pinterest

You can remove only one pencil at a time, which is sharpened when you insert it back into the box. Eventually the box containing the shavings, becomes the urn.


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