As pretty as you sound


This is an age of looking good.Never before has so much impetus been given to beauty.With beauty pageants,fashion shows always on the anvil, a wide range of beauty products and the best brands available, its a time, to live, a time of love and a time to be beautiful.Luscious hair,flawless skin and a body beautiful is what every girl wishes for.There is yet another aspect of beauty which cannot be overlooked and must be nurtured and cultivated at a young age and that is to sound good.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

Have you pondered over the fact that how you sound can really add up to your personality.Well it would be worthwhile to give it a thought . Have you come across a person who you just can’t help listening to because he or she sounds so good.Sounding good comprises a wide range of  quality. One is a good voice. While some are lucky to be blessed with a pleasant sexy voice , others can cultivate all the other aspects of sounding good.


The sound of each individual voice is unique because of the actual shape and size of an individual’s vocal chords and also the shape and size of the rest of the body. Your voice can be vibrant and alive and it is an effective medium of communication. A pleasant voice will also give you confidence because it will help in making people respond to you.

Voice is  God –gifted but it can also be trained.It can be cultured and can evolve with practice,effort and systematic planning. Yoga can help to keep your voice and throat healthy.Chant ‘OM’  for three or four minutes every morning. Record yourself to see how you sound and what to focus on improving. Voice modulation means the moving of the pitch of your voice up and down.Listen to television anchors and news readers and see how you can learn.Start reading a book out loud at high pitch.Pick specific words in a sentence to pronounce  in low tones.Pause and stress wherever needed.

Voice Intonation also means the way your voice rises or falls.Emotions,accent,or just the way you are used to speaking, affects the intonation of your voice.Intonation is the main factor for expressiveness.It helps to express better and what you say can have a better impact on people and not fall flat.The intonation of voice shows how you feel.Relax your body.If you are tense and nervous it comes out in your voice.That is why all those elocution drills and competitions in school come handy.There are programs  on the net which teach better intonation and pronunciation.

Words are the key.The use of words can never be undermined. Today teenagers have a wide jargon of all kinds of vocabulary but using the right words in the right context goes a long way in making an impression and having people listen to you.Remember what your English teacher always said.Reading is the only fool-proof method to improve ones vocabulary.

We are always conversing in our day to day interactions with friends and acquaintances.

Being able to converse well goes a long way in adding to your personality.It is not difficult to pick up good conversation skills.Being witty is a good way to use your intelligence and knowledge to amuse people and enliven conversations.Everyone likes being around with a witty person.You can  make others feel witty as well.Listen to what others are saying and reflect it back to them in your own words.While conversing be sensitive to the  feelings of others and never cut a person short while he/she is speaking.Be tactful because tactlessness can hurt feelings and sour relationships.Express the positive shift away from the negative.Be creative while expressing the truth.For example you say ‘I like your black dress but blue suits you better’.

Source: Positive Words Research

In our interactions with people it is important to be honest. Your frankness and honesty should come out in your personality in the way you speak.

Be honest with yourself and others. Being honest means knowing and acknowledging your own weaknesses and shortcomings.Honesty makes us vulnerable but it also  develops  character, credibility and trust. However being honest doesn’t mean revealing all.Follow your gut about  what and how much you  want to reveal.

An important factor in sounding good is to be well-informed.

A knowledgeable person has an upper edge in any conversation. So if you want to be taken seriously and be the centre of attraction it is important to speak well and speak sense.Its mature to know what is happening around the world in every field  from sports to films,music,fashion current and international affairs. It is a double edged sword and you can put your viewpoint across.It prevents us from being the proverbial frog in the well.

The right accent is important.Never put on an accent.We Indians speak better than many others for whom English is a foreign tongue.Its wiser to be natural and speak in the accent we are used to. .Imitating others makes a person sound artificial and snobbish.

Politeness is the hallmark of a well-spoken person.Using good manners is not old-fashioned.In fact it is what  makes your speech refined and grooms you into a dignified and well-spoken personality

So look good and sound good too if you want to make your presence felt or stand out in a crowd.

Good Luck