Baby Rattle – A Perfect Item To Keep A Baby Calm

Baby rattle

Can anything be as relaxing and useful as a baby rattle for a mother with an infant? Thanks to Archytas, a native of Tarentum, Italy of yore, this person  has sure brought comfort to every baby and mother of the world by inventing the baby rattle. This awesome item is indeed a blessing for working mothers with babies as by handing her baby with a baby rattle, she can go off to her workplace peacefully.

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A baby’s best buddy, baby rattles dates back to 2500 years or perhaps even before than that. In colonial America, preferably during  15th to 18th centuries, rich people used to make fancy and sophisticated baby rattles that are of gold and silver and incorporated with bells, whistles and even precious stones for their precious bundles of joy. Baby rattles evoke so much emotions about a baby that sometimes parents buried these dear little items in the graves of their child when they die so that their woes doesn’t increase. Archaeologists have unearthed several unique ancient baby rattles at various burial excavation sites over the years. Recently, a  4200 year old antique baby rattle embedded with precious stones was unearthed in Turkey. Similarly, a 2500 year old pillow shaped  baby rattle was unearthed in Poland. In ancient times baby rattles were of unusual shapes and all babies, whether they be rich or poor, possessed a baby rattle. Babies of poor people had baby rattles made of clay and wood. The Bibliotheca Wittockiana, a museum in Brussels, Belgium has an astonishing collection of around 500 antique baby rattles.

Today baby rattles are a must have item in a toy kit for babies worldwide. The best thing  about these toys are that in this modern age, they are available in varied shapes and sizes and are perfect affordable gift items for babies. Just give a baby rattle to a baby by shaking it so that they can understand its purpose. That million dollar smile which the baby gives will melt your heart and brighten up your day. It will also create an everlasting bond between you and the baby . It is also one of the best ways to lure a baby to come to you and give a little cutie those awesome cuddles which are the best feelings in the world that are just difficult to describe in words.

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Baby rattles can be made of wood, plastic, clothes etc. Not only it makes a heavenly sound that can captivate a crying baby, but it has many purposes too. It can develop a baby’s attention span and fine motor skills. The sound of the baby rattle will always keep on captivating babies and they will also try to keep on tracking the item with their eyes as it keeps shaking,  thereby increasing their attention span and since babies uses their hands, mouth and legs to examine an item and will use the same technique to test a baby rattle, it will also help in improving their motor skills.

Baby rattle , though small, are such amazing items that can do so much for a small baby. A perfect stress reliever of a baby’s parents and the best friend and teacher of an infant. Wonderful, isn’t it?