12 charming bookstores all over the world for the bookworm in you

Libreria Acqua Alta

Books are a magic potion that which satiates the mind and the spirit like few other things in the world can. And while it is only natural that books lend us comfort and warmth and solace, an elevated reading experience only sets to heighten the euphoric delight that words bestow on us.

Here are 12 of the most charming bookstores from around the world that will enthrall the bookworm in you like no other-

#1 El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Argentina

One of the most beautiful bookstores of the world is also one of the most unique. A splendid locational advantage courtesy it being nestled inside an ancient theater, the El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Argentina is definitely a land of wonderbooks.

Not only it is a haven for bookworms having discovered the Mecca of bookstores, but this one store is also every inch an art connoisseur’s delight. The plush red curtains, the intricately ornate settings and the grandeur of the store justifies the Splendidness of the Grand experience just perfectly!

#2 Saraiva Bookstore, Brazil

If you are a bookworm who also finds the ultimate joy in colors, then Brazil’s Saraiva Bookstore is just the place for you. With books stacked by cover hues rather than by titles, the place is a virtual paradise- spacious and airy yet so comfortably cosy.

Obviously, the setting is a marvelous glow of rainbow like beauty that can leave anyone enchanted. But it isn’t all about the aesthetics. The reading enclosures lend all the feels of homely comfort, tucked away in a seemingly magical environment enhanced by concealed lighting. And with a section exclusively designed and dedicated to children, Saraiva does much to welcome budding toddling geniuses into the folds of pages and books.

#3 Oxford Cha Bar(s), India

Reading is a pleasure best experienced in the blissful company of fingers curled up around a hot cup of coffee. And Oxford Cha Bar is one such place that serves to provides you the perfect reading experience. As a book cafe franchisee that is extremely popular with words loving coffee aficionados, Oxford Cha Bar offers a generous dosage of coffee and goodies to further catapult you into the world of fantasy that books behold.

#4 Zhongshuge Bookstore, China

Mystifying and out worldly, the Zhongshuge bookstore of China is a quaintly pretty space of wonder. A text covered glass facade greets book lovers into the dreamfully empanelled confines with bookshelves tastefully designed as lamp shades. Warm vibes as if emanating from a comfortably lit and custom- designed private study immediately lure visitors into this glassy delight of wordly jargons through a sight that is bewitchingly magical.

#5 Literati Book Shop And Cafe, India

As if reading by a cup of coffee wasn’t enough, this picturesque Goan bookstore seeks to take the reading experience a notch higher with its setting nestled in a pleasant Italian style leafy garden.

And that’s not all, the Portuguese style home that houses this laidback detour amongst the otherwise buzzing beaches of Goa is also a host to literary events.

#6 Bart’s Books, United States

A book store that is specifically designed to endow natural blessings on the bibliophiles, Bart’s Books boasts of stunning outdoors. Palm trees fondly dot the clear blue sky up on display as delighted book lovers sink in the comfort of an awaiting and enriching reading spree.

Sipping on organic wine while curling up with your favorite book along with soaking in the sunshine will guarantee that even the ample celebrity sightings will be no distraction in this place where books hover open and free.

#7 Livraria Lello, Portugal

Livraria Lello has to be among the most notable of bookstores in the world not only because of it being the most beautiful in the world, but mainly because it had been the inspiration for the magical world of Harry Potter! Just imagine how very iconic this empire has to be to have given birth to one of the most celebrated empires of the literary world.

But even beyond this relevance, Livraraia Lello is stunningly majestic. A neo-Gothic interior embedded behind an art nouveau facade, with a stained glass ceiling, carved wood paneling, and a breathtaking, curvaceous staircase that stretches across the store lends it that royal and magical aura that can sure inspire many more wizarding worlds in the day to come!

#8 Book Barge, England

As visitors barge into exquisite book canals lined alongside roads, Britain’s Words on Water gets us all mushy and excited. The idea was kinda philosophical- protecting something that is on the verge of becoming obsolete (books) by channeling them through ancient canals- but the marvel it ended up creating is truly phenomenal.

On board the boat and you lose all sense of land and time as you foray through the wobbly world of words treading on water. The ambience is all you could wish for and with a tasteful collection of books and poetry slams, live music and of course the exhilaration of an experience unparalleled, you would be all but lost in this land of the surreal.

#9 Illiterati, India

If Goa has Literati, Mc Leodgang has Illiterati! Just another example of the diversity that India so beautifully encompasses. Illiterati though is less of a book store; it has a book nook that caters to visitors who seek comfort in the pretty cafe’s delectable fare. And with a vibe that is young and fresh, Illiterati is also host to impromptu guitar jammings by enthusiastic, artsy folks.

#10 Albertine Books, United States

As a little of the beauty and charm of Paris finds its way into the glamour and class of New York, there emerges a pretty serendipity of sorts- the Albertine Bookstore. Even as a part of the promotion of French culture in the States, Albertine Books has a charm of its own.

A beautiful zodiac mural resplendent in all the universe’s glory decorates the overhead even as snug sofas entice you into a relaxing detour into the world of English and French literature.

#11 Liberia Alta Acqua, Italy

If we are making a list of the most charming of bookstores how can we leave behind the quirkiest one? Venice’s Liberia Alta Acqua is just
over-stuffed rooms stacked wall-to-wall with books and paraphernalia.

So what exactly makes this book store one of its kind? The fact that all these treasures of the literary world remain artfully stacked inside bathtubs, waterproof bins, and in one room a full-size gondola. All this offbeat quirks though has more to do with Venice’s flooding history than with innovation. Even then, with a name that literally translates as “Book Store of High Water”, the Liberia Alta Acqua also houses quite a few stray cats. Books and felines, now that’s exotic!

#12 Book and Bed, Japan

An accommodation bookstore that allows readers to curl up with a book into the dead of the night, Book and Bed is a delightful and small, dreamy Tokyo establishment. Book and Bed strives to provide an experience that translates to the blissful ‘instant of falling asleep.’

We all have been slave to that feeling of euphoria- eyes drooping off even as we race against time to read just one more page and then waking up delightfully drenched in that moment of breezy leisure. Book and Bed just about translates that particularly relaxing moment of ultimate bliss into an experience that just drenches you in that heavenly feeling.