Flowers for fabulous folks!

benefits of flowers

Pretty blossoms of pure joy, vibrant and calming and blissful, that entices not in just the sight but also the smell of them, flowers are so radiant a piece of the earth’s glory. Emanating a certain joy in their variegated hues, reminiscent of the magic that nature is capable of conjuring up even as a now and then eccentric shape of the petal or an uncanny resemblance harboured transforms them also into items of intriguing charm, it is the mighty power of flowers that permeate through their gentle selves, delicate and dainty and graceful but always so resilient, holding within even the tiniest of their bloom a peculiarly profound realisation of life from wherein springs happiness and cheer and warmth, gracing gardens and decorating tresses and melting hearts and enticing bees and tingling taste buds and arousing emotions and bejeweling up beauties, for a perfect platter of the many vivid exuberances that sums up so spiritedly the glee of the world.

Flower power thus is evident in the many aspects of the natural in which they bloom in full glory, defying the prick of thorns and the nasty way that weeds proliferate through, growing therefore into even more beautiful beings of desire and goodness. And the many ways they lend themselves to the whole wide world out there, from ladening busily buzzing bees with sacs of nectar to offering their selves as tokens of everything from appreciation and longing to reverence and devotion, from making exquisite dishes seem even more palatable and Instagram friendly to delivering indeed with also visually untraceable but prominent enough goodness of the nutrients, and so on and so forth to indeed be an unabating source of all joys in the world by their mere dancing gait and happy presence, flowers encompass so much more than what they seem capable of. No wonder then that the many benefits of flowers are such that make their presence felt in every aspect of the human existence even continuing to spread positivity through the many mindless pluckings these pretty petites are subject to. Be it with respect to complex workings of psychology or basic instances of general well being and common medicine, in nature and spirit and health, flowers work their benefits upon the entire humankind in ways that are as myriad as their existence in hues and shapes and sizes in the wilderness or within the realm of the cultivated.

For one indeed, flowers calm the mind. Something as visually enchanting and pretty and bright and gorgeous as flowers will obviously encompass all it takes to bring positivity and happiness to your life, thereby calming you down instantly. Beyond their beauty, flowers are also as cherished for their fragrance and smelling flowers is a sure proof exercise in stress reduction. The sweet aroma that most flowers come redolent in relaxes the stressed nerves, lowers heart rate, and rejuvenates the mood. In their dual characteristics of good looking and nice smelling, flowers have all it takes to guarantee an emotional boost even when you don’t really have someone in your life to bring them to you. This translates directly to physical goodness as well as by leaving you in a feel good state of existence, flowers can also help accelerate the healing mechanism of the body. No wonder bouquets are such a common token of recovery throughout the world that work in both psychological and physiological assertions to be a non medical but effective panacea to all ills.

One rather physical aspect of human health that is rendered all the more better by the floral presence relates to an affliction that is as commonplace as its name suggests- the common cold and flu. That can be a surprise to many given how the pollen of flowers is also responsible for inducing allergy and flu like symptoms in some people. But the way flowers help in being a possible cure for cold is by actually resisting the impact of it on humans. The less humid winter season when such flu occurrences tend to be all the more common owing to better breeding conditions for infections is when flowers set about to work in offsetting the same. By adding moisture to the air, these natural beauties aid a lot in easing such pains of dry throat and dry cough and the like therefore stunting the sustenance capacity of the colds and the flus. Apart from health, this moisture retention of the environment enabled by flowers does well with your beauty pursuits as well. Much like easing dry throats, flowers also help with dry skin and lends you a more radiant appearance which is again sometimes all the boost you need to stay happy.

flowers as gifts
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A somewhat surprising impact that flower asserts on the mental health of humans is its ability to bolster memory. It is the fragrance of the flowers that might play the deciding role in this case since certain smells inevitably trigger specific memories, thereby triggering that part of the brain that deals with memory. The more physical way in which flowers bring about this desired effect relating to the human mind is through oxygenation and boosting of the brain cells that can indeed be such an effective means of improving clarity and concentration and memory. Other related aspects of the brain upon which flowers work are those related to the creative pursuits of it through an increase of the positive energy in the surrounding atmosphere which these fragrant wonders do simply with their presence out there. This positive energy encompassing serenity and tranquility is also the reason why flowers can be such a wonderful aid to depression and anxiety and such other mind issues that are so common disasters pertaining to the modern day existence.

It isn’t just the olfactory or the visual means that makes flowers so much a gift of nature to seek respite in, in all their simplicity. Cultivating flowers or a flowering plant, or more generally gardening is a really enriching medium to reap the many benefits that flowers come resplendent in. Therapeutic in essence, the whole process of growing your own flowers as you plant it and nurture it to bloom and beauty is one of the joys of life that remains unparalleled. Even in their growth, flowers also help you grow and heal. As an art as well, flower arrangements can be a rewarding way of recreation that triggers the happy positive feels in you so that you go on to bloom and blossom your way to beauty just like your favorite flower!

Flowers help also the human cause of social beings by being such an asset to healthy relationships. Flower giving has always been such an essential part of the gift culture of humans, whether it be to express appreciation to your teachers, show fondness for the parents or shower your special ones with love, giving a flower is one of the purest ways to tell someone that they matter. The associated emotions of flower gifting, both for the giver and the receiver is immense as well since it is a token that cannot be preserved fresh over time but in its fleeting nature of existence is so apt a reminder of the small but recurring magical moments through which life manifests. Receiving flowers have the ability to make one feel loved and needed and cared for, thereby bolstering the trust and love in every kind of relationship, apart from the numerous other benefits that accrue from them. Which is the reason why flowers remain one of the most popular gift choices for different people all around the globe even today when exotic material things are in abundant profusion.

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Apart from such wholesome goodness that flowers bring to your life, there are specific varieties of them that go a mile ahead and shower you with their even more unique benefits. Some of them are an exotic element of the culinary world, from herbal teas to healthy salads or as palate enhancers and beautifying agents, or even for a range of health properties that can cure ailments, flowers are no stranger in the realm of gastronomy. Equally prevalent is the manner in which flowers go about beautifying others much like their own which have led them to be used as extracts and essences and oils in beauty products formulated for the skin, hair, face and the entire body. Flowers can also dress you up instantly and remarkably, think floral jewelry and floral motif embedded dresses and bedecked heads of tiny sparkles flowing along the cascading length of those flirty tresses that has you feeling good and beautiful and happy and lively about yourselves. For all these and much more that flowers do to us, dancing along the flower strewn path of life is such a blessed way to be!