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From dishing out a few of them in quite some awareness of thrill of the cool kind to them invariably finding expression as part of our daily ‘routine’, something we cannot really do without even when we might try- not though as something we really want to (un)practise, swearing is a universal phenomenon ‘worth’ exploring. In fact, so integral can swearing be to the whole facade of our adult existence that words that we once considered too offensive to even utter does not occur anymore as such a big deal even when they adhere to that essence of swearing. But that does not mean that the irony would not manifest in the form of swearing largely being an alarming expression in the civilised human context, with any mention of it likely to accord you a certain disreputation despite the widespread and very acknowledged universal convention of its continuance.

And yet, in spite of such deigning of its image as being an appalling instance in non culture, the swearing mechanism has stood by the very humans who avail all benefits out of it while attributing it this character in discredit. For what turns out through much scientific studies of the swear arising is the fact that this innate tendency to hurl expletives- even when this form of their referring isn’t exactly synonymous- is one vital indeed for humans. That it has come to be vital for the human in forming as a habit of them or that it has amassed an importance in indispensability by virtue of its characteristics is something that tends not to be so clear. But what is clear indeed is the very beneficial mechanism that swearing has proved to be as an outlet for the highly volatile emotional fore of humankind.

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That this wonder ‘sin’ of the swear identity attends only to the complex, often exerting consciousness of the human residing isn’t the whole reality. For swearing occurs as naturally as a response to less complicated or more physical assertions of which we are inevitably encountering all through our lives, sometimes accidentally, other times as necessary a pursuit in humanising as well. So profound indeed happens to be the whole swearing indulgence that speaks in such benefits some of which might not even be accounted for by any other dimension in the multifaceted working of the human world. In a wide array of convenience that it imparts to the human existence in general, and eases the experience of that living in both physical health and emotional wellness, swearing is so ‘wonderful’ a something that needs to be much engaged in therefore, despite notions of it rooted in as extreme a contradiction of it as possible.

Swearing has been known to be cathartic as well as curative even in the unlikely assertion of its essence. Particularly well established is the hypoalgesic effect of its marking and one that plays out more popularly as well, as far as its awareness in an instantly relieving release is concerned. This explains why we compulsively, instinctively blurt out one of those expressions jarring in the effect it induces around us while leading the utterer to experience a different essence of them.

Think about the accidental hit that your foot had to take in much force and you cannot help but seek solace in that particular domain of some specific terms. As being a form of stress induced analgesia that seeks to respond to the pain stimulus and availing therefore a relief at least in an emotional perception of it, swearing occurs as a very valid occurring in mellowing down the physical assertion of pain.

Emotional arousal therefore evoked by that strong basis in finding a release even though merely verbal is what helps swearing emerge as the sensational revelation that it ordinarily would not be deemed as. Swearing might also be attending to that same case in pain relief by means less established in science but prevailing still in much likelihood of how many a other functions in this regard are largely availed.

Helping to distract somewhat from the brain’s percept of the mind numbing pain might be another way in which swearing can come to rest in this ideal of reevaluating one’s pain threshold. Additionally, swearing also triggers the body’s fight or flight response, which has always been a classic case in inducing mild stress to lower the awareness in pain. Whatever the mode of its working though, that swearing works indeed in this much regarded identity as a ‘painkiller’ is as real as swearing itself.

This ‘upholding’ of the standards in pain reception that swearing helps the human body to live up to is also what makes it a necessity almost for people who undertake physical endeavors in considerable exertion. From sportspersons to combat folks or even gym goers for that matter, why swearing occurs indeed as much universal a trait of their identity is one derived therefore from such basis of it.

Less individualistic and more social inclinations to swear tend to be not any less essential as well. Think of the times when you ‘started out’ with swearing, probably to feel like a part of the group you called friends. That the moral basis of it is debated still as extensively as the ‘recommendation’ or otherwise of swearing is another area of interest. But that swearing does indeed help to forge connections and assert and emphasise them further is a truth one can sure swear by.

One is more likely to swear with and in front of people they are considerably close with. Another forwarding in greater contention but charting of no smaller grounds would be the ‘openness’ that swearing helps attain, though not in the kind of displaying open- mindedness in that cool consideration of what it might have been at one point of time in our lives. That we outgrow our coolness but continue to swear still as mature, even respectable, accountable adults is proof indeed of the importance that swearing holds even in the very civilised human characterising.

Swearing though can have more internal implications as well. Even beyond endurance, giving in to that urge of speaking out the taboo words can also help one feel stronger. As a way in expressing the intense emotions of anger or frustration or resentment, swearing can entail the sense of power that arises out of that control one has upon their inner self. By restraining oneself in their vocabulary and not resorting to violence through swearing, the very human essence of the civilised assertion might be maintained by this disgraceful of the human behaviors. It also is such exertion of control upon how one conducts themselves in swear-worthy circumstances of life that makes the swearing behavior emerge as a stress buster in some degree of being.

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Keep aside the serving purposes of the swear words to explore instead the gratifying nature that they dwell in much uncharacteristically and one would still be ‘motivated’ enough to swear by swearing all their lives. As being the only residing on the worded spectrum that employs also the emotion oriented part of the brain apart from the more conventionally used language oriented part, swearing resides in a greater sense of benefaction unwarranted otherwise. In fact so very significant is this particular and exclusive dealing in the dual capabilities of the brain that has also led swearing to attend to as profound a realisation in helping “stroke victims re-learn their capacity for language.”

If swearing indeed is so exemplary a case of language even to be the only one of its kind in evoking, then it only makes sense that it also has come to be a marker of verbal fluency and intelligence. That might be even more radical an idea to receive for a world well versed but not well regarding of the swearing sensibilities as also one as diversely divergent from its looking down upon as a case in lesser existence overall. But not only has swearers managed to prove themselves as more intelligent in numerous studies, they have also as certainly been able to manifest the extent of their attractiveness or smartness on basis of and outside as well this founding in verbal grandeur.

The occurring of swear words as an overlapping arena of communicative language and emotional expression- the latter identifying also as strands of creative expression endows upon them the additional esteem of defining thus the human pursuits in creativity. Swearing also can be a case in greater articulation and one that helps make communicative intentions come across as more effective.

Perhaps one of the more unexpected grounds in gratification that swearing leads one to explore is that of the trustworthy dimensions. For some reason, people who swear have established themselves in much credibility of loyalty and honesty over their non swearing counterparts, though being truthful is not necessarily availed out of this ‘extreme’ way in elocuting. But research in this aspect of what is very commonly received as a revolting reversal in etiquette expectation still has consistently established a positive correlation to the ‘best policy’ of honesty. Whether it be lesser lies and deceit employed at the individual level or the larger translation in societal integration and transparency, the ideal of honesty is maintained by swearers perhaps in coming across as genuine people who do not attempt to conceal their real views on whatever it is provoking enough to stir up those slews of the ‘scandalous’ slangs.

Across all such areas of unexpected happenings, swearing happens to be a revelation differently shocking than its common prevalence in that same strand of releasing. The premise of such universalness though might be dependent on some context, perhaps in moderate ‘practise’ of this unprincipled principle as well as in its preaching through one’s native language. But for swearing to still transition into the- dare we say- therapeutic terrain of tremendousness is a discovery that calls indeed for a throw of the swears in all versatility.