Best chefs in the world to ever rule the kitchen like a king

best chef in the world

Cooking is an art, the cook the artist. Call them however a chef and they transform instantly, superseding the basics of whipping up ingredients into dishes to more sophisticated presences, curating the culinary into the classic. Being the best chef in the world however would be a matter of ambiguity. For, with each personal preference of the elements encompassing the gastronomics, the criteria are bound to differ. And yet there prevails presences so legendary in their own might as food connoisseurs that there is no way you can argue about their legendary play with flavors and tastes. From delivering mastertouches in the kitchen to playing with the senses in the ultimate deliverance of an indulgent delight, we list 10 of the best chefs the world has been partying to-

Marco Pierre White

Dubbed the world’s first celebrity chef, Englishman Marco Pierre White has also been the youngest to be awarded three Michelin stars. In having imparted culinary training to the likes of Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, Curtis Stone and Shannon Bennett, White is easily the best chef in the world. One of the world’s most celebrated chefs, White however retired as one more than a couple of decades back and even returned his Michelin stars. A restaurateur since then, the famous chef however also has been the subject of a wide many interesting episodes that includes making the ever blunt Gordon Ramsay cry a few tears! Nevertheless for all his culinary exploits and distinctions, White still commands respect in the food world as one of the cooking greats of all time.

Pierre Gagnaire

Voted the best chef in the world at one point, Frenchman Pierre Gagnaire is a chef extraordinaire. Diverting from the classic route of French cooking to incorporate a wide arrays of flavors, tastes, textures and ingredients in what is trademark rendition of the culinary, Gagnaire has been said to be ‘at the forefront of the fusion cuisine movement’ by the Michelin guide in his wayward techniques. With fourteen Michelin stars garnered over the course of a 50 year old professional rendezvous will all things food, Gagnaire’s expertise shows off through his namesake restaurant in France, that has maintained a phenomenal three Michelin stars for more than two decades.

Heston Blumenthal

The man behind the restaurant voted as the best in the world, Heston Blumenthal is a British celebrity chef and the proprietor of The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire. A pioneer of multi-sensory cooking, food pairing and flavour encapsulation, Blumenthal has even been made an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry that establishes him as a chef with greater insights into the nuances governing the gastronomic. Revolutionary in his approach to food that has led him to experiment with foodpairing, Blumenthal’s ‘multi sensory cooking’ has seen him encompass a wide variety of flavours traditionally not considered complementary, in a single dish. Be it his bacon-and-egg ice cream recreation or his more ‘ordinary’ but nevertheless gourmet triple cooked chips recipe, the very innovative Heston Blumenthal has cooked a legacy of his own when it comes to being the best chef in the world.

Mauro Colagreco

Another name behind another restaurant deemed to be the best in the world is Italian Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco. The first non- French awardee of the Chef of the Year by the prestigious Gault & Millau restaurant guide, Colagreco’s world famous venture Mirazur in France’s Menton commune has earned him also three coveted Michelin stars. In building up his own style in working with ingredients and flavours that render his gastronomic creations a distinctive diversity, Colagreco has also been named the best chef in the world of 2020 in the Le Chef compilation of the 100 best chefs globally.

Wolfgang Puck

Famed Austrian- American chef Wolfgang Puck is one of the absolute best when it comes to his award winning restaurant Spago that is one of the most awarded names across the world. An 2013 inductee into the Culinary Hall of Fame, Puck has also been the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) 2017 Gold Plate Winner in 2017. Through his multiple Michelin star winning ventures, Puck has been successful in popularising his own unique cooking style that which blends American cuisine with a myriad of other influences. One of the few famous chefs to have learned cooking from his mother, Puck also is the official caterer for the Academy Awards Governors Ball and a prominent television personality as well.

Thomas Keller

With a restaurant to his name that is a perennial winner in the annual Restaurant Magazine list of the Top 50 Restaurants of the World, American chef Thomas Keller’s reputation in the culinary world is unparalleled. With seven Michelin stars also to his name, Keller is also the first from his country to have been awarded simultaneous three-star Michelin ratings for two different restaurants. Unarguably the best chef to have cooked his way up through the U.S., Keller is most celebrated for his French style cooking. Also one of the prime presences in the Le Chef list of 2020’s best chefs, Thomas Keller is a culinary giant in his own right.

Gordon Ramsay

Undoubtedly the most popular chef the world over is another Britishman Gordon Ramsay. Characterised by his fiery temper, crude disposition and extensive use of expletives, the also prominent restaurateur and television personality Ramsay is a culinary artist who initiated adventure in the world of food. Owner of a restaurant chain and boasting of 16 grand Michelin stars, Ramsay is a well known food critic and has made multiple appearances in television food shows, while gaining popularity as a fiery food chief. Among the highest earning celebrities in the world according to Forbes, it however is Ramsay’s insane skill in handling food that overrules his intense behavior and mannerisms to make him among the best chefs in the world.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Named the Best Female Chef in 2011, Anne- Sophie Pic’s French redemption make her one of the absolute best in the world. Hailing a family legacy of the Michelin stars, Pic’s three star standings made her only the fourth female in the world to achieve the feat when she gained her third in 2007. With a further 5 stars to her credit, Pic stands as worthy heir to a family whose history is closely bound to that of the French gastronomic explorations itself.

Vikas Khanna

Named one of the 10 iconic chefs of all time alongside other culinary bigwigs, Indian chef Vikas Khanna is as famous for his striking looks as much for his cooking exploits. A graduate from the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Khanna is a TV show presenter as well as a philanthropist, along the sidelines of being a chef. His restaurant Junoon is the recipient of a Michelin star for 6 consecutive years since 2011. As also the author of Utsav, the most expensive- and exclusive- cookbook in the world, the Indian chef has earned himself such distinctions that testify to his incredible skills in the culinary realm. His Michelin star awarded restaurant Junoon has made Khanna as prominent a presence in the international chef’s arena as well.

Jamie Oliver

As celebrated for his on screen presence as being at the fore of numerous TV shows as he is for his many inroads into approachable cuisine, British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver is a really popular name across the world. Known for his appearances in a wide range of programs that has everything to do with food, Oliver however is also as prominent a culinary enthusiast striving to promote the culture of healthy eating that incorporates 100% natural ingredients. In authoring a cookbook that went on to become the No. 1 UK bestseller, Oliver also is the second-best-selling British author, behind only the phenomenal J. K. Rowling of the Harry Potter series. In his identity as also a public figure and the most powerful and influential person in the UK hospitality industry, Jamie Oliver counts as the richest chef in the world as well.