Top 9 best dark chocolates in India you must try out

best dark chocolate in india

Chocolates spell all things love, fantasy and indulgent. Whether you prefer it the true, rich way or in the sweet toned down generality, you can’t ever say no to chocolates! Because chocolate isn’t just tasty, it’s healthy as well. However, some chocolates fare better in the healthometer than its compatriots. How well a chocolate behaves in not interfering with a healthy you depends on its cocoa content and sugary essence.

Dark chocolates therefore have risen to be the indulgent stars, that balance out the need for taste with a dose of health. They satisfy your cravings, render you (at least somewhat) healthy and don’t leave you in guilt like their fused variants. From helping with your heart to cutting down body fats to endowing you with antioxidants and a host of other properties, dark chocolate is indeed one of the superfoods. So if you are on the lookout for the best dark chocolate brands in India to yield in to this not so guilty pleasure, here’s the 7 names you should be swearing by for an experience that resides in goodness as much as it does in taste-

Amul 99% Cocoa Ultimate Dark Chocolate

There’s no beating a 99% cocoa bar if you are really, really into the intense bitterness that a truly dark chocolate should deliver. And dairy major Amul with its host of products under the dark chocolate category really wows with its ultimate dark chocolate offering that is, needless to say, extremely dark and bitter. It’s surprising as well that even with such high a cocoa content, the 99% Cacao is relatively easy on the pocket. 99% Cacao, 100% happiness is truly what this exotic, single origin chocolate capitalises on for an out of the world dark chocolate indulgence.

Striking in its pure cocoa content, this sugar free Amul pick is a reminder of the strength of the single origin cocoa beans it incorporates in its every bit. For die hard dark chocolate aficionados, you wouldn’t ever come across a local produce that delivers health with such relishing intensity. Bitter to the core yet steeped in such sweetness for true cocoa lovers, this is a bar worth more than its every penny. Love it for its rich, full bodied taste, or savor it for its intense flavor, with a Amul 99% cocoa bar in hand, you know you are experiencing the taste of one of the best dark chocolate India has to delight you with.

Cadbury Bournville

best dark chocolate in india bournville
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Undoubtedly the name most often uttered as being the best of dark chocolate in India is Cadbury’s premier offering of Bournville. In its 50% dark professing courtesy the rich cocoa content, Bournville is loved by all for its balanced bittersweetness.

Hardy to the bite yet lusciously smooth in texture, Bournville boasts in composition the finest of cocoa beans- aromatic and flavorful, so that its every finely crafted bar lends just the perfect flavor to your taste buds. What however makes this brand also a more coveted name in the dark chocolate market in India is its affordable pricing which totally justifies the quality of the product on offer. Also with a lot many variations on offer in terms of flavor, be it berries, dried fruits or nuts, Bournville easily caters to the dark sensibilities of all.

In its premium dark chocolate offering, blended with fruity bits or without them, Bournville’s wholesome cocoa content makes it the ultimate favorite of not lovers of all things sweet. Call it a healthy everyday treat or a perfect gourmet indulgence, Cadbury Bournville indeed is the dark chocolate chocolate that allows you to end your day on a perfect note.

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate

With 45% cocoa content and an exquisite chocolatey taste, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate ranks right behind Bourniville in being one among the best in the dark business. Mildly sweet and decadent, the Special Dark minis make for just the perfect snacking option. Their bite sized servings also make it more convenient for all folks who can’t limit themselves to just one piece when they get hold of a bar. Hershey’s Special Darks allow you to discover the dark but delicious side of chocolate without that nagging guilt following suit right after.

However, what makes Hershey’s dark specialty an even more versatile offering is its another take on the healthy cocoa compound- a 60% cacao Extra Dark for those who like their chocolate even bitter. Even the Special Dark comes in a 65% cocoa variant but that’s in a nugget form and not the bars we typically identify chocolates with. Nevertheless, with something on the shelves for everyone- the extra dark for extra health conscious people and the special dark for the other half of the chocomongers, Hershey emerges as a name that remains unmatched in both taste and content.

Chocholik Belgium Dark Bar

best dark chocolate in india Chocholik Belgium Dark Bar

Another really intense dark chocolate that stems from a brand within India is the Chocholik Belgium Dark Bar. A 70% cocoa content ensures that the bar is way darker than most of the moderately dark variants available in the market. Combine that with the exquisite lusciousness of Belgian chocolate and you will be biting into a bar that is easily one of the most flavorful options around in the dark niche. Also in providing special temperature controlled packing to ensure that its chocolates retain their freshness and quality, these Chocoholik bars are a different kind of gourmet luxury you can ever have, without compromising a bit on the health factor.

What works really well for the Chocholik pick is that the dark content does not take anything away from the exceptional chocolatey taste the bar resides in. Intense without being overwhelming and sinful without being (necessarily) sweet, the Belgium Dark Bar does up its dark reputation with generous cacao content which makes it a total winner on the list.

Lindt Excellence Cocoa 99%

The finest cocoa beans come alive in this 99% dark chocolate that Lindt churns out with such namesake excellence. The Lindt Excellence Chocolate is truly a premier dark chocolatey experience that is smooth in texture yet sharp to the taste. The full bodied cocoa taste exhibits an intensity that is even greater than what the aroma of the chocolate bar would lead you to expect from it. Even in its melt in the mouth feel, the Lindt bar retains its striking robust bitterness which is characteristic of really premium dark chocolates. A jet black appearance that which defies the otherwise malty color of standard dark chocolates, the Excellence Cocoa 99%incorporates bits of roasted coffee and vanilla and pieces of dried plums, rich fudge and blackberries as well, shaping up as a dark chocolate bar that is wholesome in its entirety.

The Lindt Excellence bar also comes in a really luxuriant packaging that asserts even aesthetically its premium quality. Understandably bitter because of its almost wholesome cocoa content, there’s however no taking away the smooth texture that does the Lindt bar a hundred notches up already in its gourmet presence. Intense, dark and really unique, this is hands down one of the finest dark chocolate brands to choose from in India.

Nestle Alpino 71% Intensely Dark

A 71% cocoa enriched dark chocolate from the trusted brand of Nestle and you know for sure what to expect from the intensely dark Alpino. A premium dark chocolate with a smooth texture that boasts of the richness of cocoa and the goodness of dark chocolate, Alpino is a handcrafted heavenly bar that has the sharp tinge of the cocoa sending the chocoholic in you into an absolute frenzy.

What perhaps makes this brand of dark chocolate one of the absolute best in the market in India is its delicious lingering aftertaste. Indulgent and heavenly, this is a decadent treat you wouldn’t want to miss out on for sure even with quite some dark bitterness!

Rage Dark Chocolate

Rage dark chocolates are all the rage in the dark business! That sounds alliterative, much like what Rage emphasises in its choiciest cocoa bean handcraftings that is an euphoria not just for your taste buds but your entire senses. Whether you prefer the intense 70% dark variant or the slightly toned down half dark ones, the rich exotic taste of Rage dark chocolates will set you off on a bittersweet frenzy for sure!

Toblerone Dark Chocolate

Rarely would you expect an essentially sweet nougat to find expression in a dark chocolate bar, let alone being among the best of brands to pick from in India or elsewhere. But that’s where the iconic triangle shaped Toblerone dark chocolate steps in, with a dark chocolate variant so refreshingly different that makes it a finer pick worth biting into.

A really premium quality dark chocolate that however is also comparatively sweet because of its nougatic distinction, Toblerone is a delightful mix of high quality cocoa, milk, honey and almonds that makes it one of the best decadent options in the list. The texture also is somewhat unique, with the crispy texture of almonds crispy and the delightful smoothness of honey. Somewhat creamy because of the milky incorporation, this Swiss specialty is a sweeter version of the dark chocolate but still is preferred because of its unique gourmet taste. If too much dark is your thing only in the name and not in essence, then Toblerone is just the dark chocolate for you.

Cadbury Dark Milk

Once again barging into the dark chocolate scene is Cadbury with its latest Dark Milk offering that however is another distinctive play on really dark chocolate. Similar to Toblerone, Cadbury’s dark offering is still a milk chocolate but with 40% cocoa solids, it attempts to make up for those souls who simply cannot compromise with the sweetness in their chocolate.

The perfect blend of aromatic cocoa beans find their way into this rich chocolate that however is a bit too creamy by dark standards. It still is sweet but only sweet enough to be touted as the chocolate for the grown ups. Lying in the taste spectrum somewhere between the exotically dark and the creamily rich, the Cadbury Dark Milk might not be the most genuine of dark offerings in the market but it still is a worthy pick among the other dark and somewhat dark chocolates in the indulgent horizon.