Best moments of school life

School times are indeed the most fun, memorable and learning period of our lives. Every person will relate to this line- We went into an unknown place (which is school) in sombre faces and left that highly cherished spot in sadness and with loads of memories, blessings, hopes and dreams of the unpredictable future. However, during the hectic life of our adulthood, we often reminisce about our fun-filled school days and often laugh silently at the silly and creative tasks done during those days with our comrades. Sometimes we also long for those days to return back as life at that time was mostly full of bright and cheery moments and less of solemn ones. Joseph Anderson, the American poet, has accurately described the stages of life with the four seasons in his poem ‘Seasons of Life ‘, which he wrote during World War II. Childhood, is obviously like the spring season, just as Anderson described in his poem. ‘Our new journey’ , which  started in school is always full of ‘blooming’ joy and the trees of life starts ‘budding’ with education and like the birds enjoy singing, we also enjoy by playing with our friends.

Some of the moments that we mostly remember about our school days are-

Sound of the gong during lunch break and when a hectic day got over were so heavenly

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Lunch break was the most sought after period after the never ending morning classes. When the gong for lunch break was sounded, our hearts literally leap with joy and the tired and upset faces of our friends can be seen undergoing a massive transformation and suddenly within a matter of seconds the downward curve of the mouths can be seen immediately turn upwards and lit up with a smile that has been missing post the morning assembly prayers. After the gong signifying the end of lunch break is sounded, the faces can be again seen undergoing transformation from happiness to gloominess in seconds. When the gong signifying the end of the day is sounded, we can see some students rush towards the door of the classroom with such eagerness as if it would soon fly away within a few minutes. Overall, it can be seen that the sounding of gongs during school days was a good time to study the faces of our friends as it was the most prominent moments when expressions are so worthily noticed.

Looking for ways of having fun during assembly prayers

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Assembly prayers used to seem the most safe and preferable time for us to indulge in mischief with our friends. Every morning, when assembly prayers were held before the start of classes, finding moments of giving a wide toothed smile to our dearest friends were the ones we used to look out for and enjoyed the most.  At a time , when the whole school was engulfed in an atmosphere of pin-drop silence and every teacher’s eyes seem to be closed, just opening one single eye and making a silly face at our best friend was the one we used to look out for as we feel that it the most amusing moment to have fun right in front of the whole school surrounded by a whole lot of teachers.

Surviving tactics in the backbenches –the fun and risky spot

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Backbenches were the places we used to fight for as it was the spot which used to be in high demand. However, most of us also used to feel that the backbenches used to be a risky as well as a fun spot as the teacher mostly watch the students in the backbenches while taking lessons. However, backbenches were considered as the most ideal spot where hot gossip was going on and creative and wild ideas were formed. The students, who could have a fun-filled time in the backbenches during classes by escaping punishment from teachers were admired by the rest of a class whereas the ones who used to be punished became a laughing stock.

Donning the chef‘s hat while enjoying and sharing tiffin with friends

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Discussions on food were common at the time of eating our tiffin meals. It was a common sight to see students going to take a bite from the tiffins containing the sinful creamy pastries or the rich chicken biryani. If our mothers used to send fruits in our tiffin, we always look forward to eat the meals of the ones who bring delicious cooked food with them. However, in between mouthfuls of food we used to discuss about the various types of cuisines that are found in places we toured or read in books. Some students also suggested various ways of preparing salads, desserts and various types of dishes that came up in their minds. Some also used to talk about the famous chefs that they have read in magazines or seen on television.

A classmate’s birthday is also a treat day

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Classmate’s birthdays were always cheerful moments of our school days. When we see one of our classmates wearing a different attire , we became quite happy as we always knew that it was his/her birthday and that he/she will give us chocolates as a part of his/her birthday treat. However, if the birthday girl or boy gifts more things in addition to chocolates, our happiness became doubled. The small moments of innocent joy , like getting a chocolate from our friends, used to give us great pleasure during our school days.

Inventing creative and wild games in the school playgrounds

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Playing with friends in school was the greatest joy of the childhood phase. When playing a single game for some days became boring, we used to hold a serious meeting with our friends where different types of games were discussed and the most fun-filled one was ultimately selected to be played for the next couple of days before another new game is discussed. However, the games that were widely selected to be played used to be the ones which involved a lot of running and jumping.

 Praying that a mountain of homework is not given by the teacher before a class

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Homework was one of the most detestable issues of our school days. After a class got over, we prayed and hoped that the teacher of the next class would not ruin our valuable times at home by piling us with more homework as the teacher of the previous class had already given us too much. We always used to feel like -the more the homework, the more precious time is wasted at home. Homework, which was also a huge burden, made us sacrifice some of our favourite shows on television. We also used to feel that homework was the only enemy of our peaceful sleep as our parents ensured that we complete all our homework which we would have happily abandoned if we get a chance. Moreover, skipping homework was also a dreadful thing to do as it meant that we would get an earful from the teachers if we do so.

Eagerness for spilling some hot gossip with the closest of friends

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Gossiping with our friends was one of the ultimate guilty pleasures of our school days. Break times were an appropriate time when we can gossip to our heart’s content with our closest friends. From laughing over silly jokes to discussing every titbits of any known person, gossiping was a relaxing and fun time. School playgrounds were an ideal hotspot of students doing either of these two activities-gossiping or playing. Moreover, we would also eagerly wish for a class to get over when we suddenly remember a new piece of information so that we can spill it out as soon as possible to one of our best friends sitting far away from us. As soon as the class gets over, we would quickly hop to that friend’s place and share a moment of laughter before the commencement of the next class.

Admiring the classmates who dare to talk non-stop right in front of a teacher during a class

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We always used to admire the frontbenchers who had the guts to talk during a class and right near the teacher. Moreover, if that classmate of ours who dared to show extreme bravery did not get punished, we consider him/her to be the one who is still favoured by Lady Luck. This type of classmate always remains the centre of attention and his/her friends always feel proud of having him/her as their friend.

Exams- the one and only nightmare and burden

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The most dreadful thing about our school life was exams. Most of us used to fear the time when the exam time drew near. With the teacher’s warning that exams are approaching fast along with our parents pressurizing us to study hard , we used to feel that exams were one of the difficult phases of our life. However, the approaching of the day of declaration of final exam results was one of the things we mostly used to fear as that D-day would decide the fate of promotion to the next class.

School bus travelling was so much fun

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We often used to hear from some classmates of ours that they heard the most entertaining piece of gossip from one of the seniors in the bus. The classmates who used to travel by school bus often used to tell us about the kinds of fun games they had while travelling. While coming with our parents , we often used to hear shrieks of laughter and shouts from school bus and often wonder the circumstances which have roused the whole bus to burst into giggles or keep on hooting at the top of their voices. However, when our classmates used to reveal to us the secrets of the shouts in the bus, we feel a sense of envy as we think that we are missing some major fun in our lives.

Enjoying street food with friends after school was such a joyful feeling

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Gossiping with mouthfuls of bhelpuri, papri chaat or any other street food was one of the things we enjoyed during our school days.Street food is considered to be the most delicious foods by most students of India. We always feel grateful to some chaatwallahs who used to give us special discounts. There were some days when we do not have enough pocket money and still wants to enjoy a plate of chaat. However, if some classmate of ours decide to feed us a plate of chaat with their pocket money at a time when we do not have the desired amount of pocket money, we automatically form a strong bond of friendship with him/her.

School tournaments were so entertaining

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Inter-school matches and intra-school matches used to be something we eagerly look forward to during our school days. The joy of cheering for our school players during inter-school competitions was such that it is hard to put in words. If our school wins a tournament then we are overwhelmed with a sudden burst of happiness that it becomes difficult for us to decide whether to laugh or cry. Moreover, cheering for our respective houses during intra-school matches was also a joyful moment. The best thing about school tournaments was that no one stopped us from shouting and having fun during such times. Teachers along with the students enjoyed clapping and cheering during school tournaments.

Schools are the places which moulded us into the person we have become today. The learning, games, fun and scoldings were what made our school days a roller coaster ride of our life.

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