Top 10 best music apps you must have in 2019

Best Music Apps

After Spotify, one of the top players in the digital music streaming radar launched its app in India this year, the competition has intensified among a volley of these apps as to which one is the best among the lot. Indeed, a burgeoning consumer base and a quite music savvy (young) population provides ample scope for all of these streamers to come at the top with their A- game. Here are the top 10 best music apps you must have in 2019-

#1 Wynk

Wynk is the music streaming service of telecom giant Airtel and with its curated playlist that very much serve the interest of its users is one among the best music apps currently available in India. Current and classic Bollywood and international songs and classic rock music- all find place within the realm of Wynk’s extensive music platform. Wynk indeed can generate a strong base with its good regional collection of music. However the app has much scope to improve in terms of building a more user friendly interface.

#2 Spotify

Spotify has been one of the earliest of music apps that still retains its position as being among the best of the lot. From creating your own custom playlists to allowing single or album streaming (as per your need) from its massive library of 40 million tracks, Spotify has it all. Spotify also recommends the most popular songs for you, so you never miss out on what’s currently trending.

Additionally, the Spotify app also has an advantage over its rivals, at least in India. The app allows for users to control their music playback from any device with the same Spotify account. Even with its free service, Spotify relatively outruns its competitors as far as ease of use is concerned.

#3 Gaana

With a particularly inviting interface, music streaming app Gaana might indeed proceed to justify its tagline of being “The one- stop solution for all your Music needs”. In addition, Gaana does have an extensive song collection and a good variety of regional stuff as well to suit you when you are more into the indigenous mood. Additionally, the app also allows for songs to be played back to back without a moment’s pause and that perhaps is the feature that intices users the most into giving Gaana a shot.

However, Gaana’s playlist settings are somewhat clumsy and tends to be tiresome. Also, logging onto Gaana with Facebook or Google leading to spam notifications is another cumbersome issue which most of us would want to avoid. Nevertheless, Gaana’s availability as a music app on all streaming platforms makes it count as being one among the best of the lot though song suggestions by the app seriously needs an uplift.

#4 Google Play Music

Google Play Music as a music app draws on the value of the name Google to also sort music among its other myriad usages. The app works seamlessly with Google Home and also has a good collection of songs and playlists to its credit. A bit on the flip side with its regional offerings, Google Music is likely to be replaced by YouTube music as the default music streaming app some time soon.

#5 SoundCloud

As a music streaming app, Sound Cloud is at least a tad different from the rest in the league. SoundCloud is more of a platform to aspiring singers who can upload their music to the app. By allowing free download and free access to more that 125 million of their tracks, SoundCloud does indeed help promote and encourage independent artists gradually on the rise.

SoundCloud also hosts shows and podcasts, in addition to music. In fact, a paid subscription will also allow you to have access to the popular numbers by famous artists as well.

#6 YouTube Music

YouTube is hands down the world’s most popular and preferred music app that is also free. From lesser heard bands and artistes to the most popular singers, everyone can make their presence felt on YouTube. YouTube music is the place for you if you want to stream the top trending music or even want to dig into the evergreen masterpieces of the times.

From recommendations of popular songs to enjoying live shows and local indie artistes, YouTube has music and much more to meet everyone’s need and suit everyone’s tastes.

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#7 Apple Music

Apple’s first ever music streaming service, Apple Music happens to be more compatible than the brand’s other offerings. Apple Music is surprisingly available also on Android platforms apart from being the mainstay of iOS versions. And with a catalogue of 50 million songs, Apple Music clearly wants to grow on all platforms, which otherwise is not so much a focus of Apple.

Apple Music also has numerous custom playlists and radio shows which are more easily accessible given its amazing user friendly interface. The app also sorts playlists based on moods, while bringing to you also the lyrics of your current track. And obviously, the app is compatible with a whole lot of Apple products- ranging from iPads and Apple watches to Apple TVs- and even android devices.

#8 Amazon Prime Music

Global giant Amazon‘s music streaming app Amazon Prime Music might have been a quite late entrant into the sphere of music. A song library that gives you access to a host of free songs that which includes also your Cloud Player uploads turns out to be a huge plus for Prime Music’s steaming abilities. Carefully curated playlists across genres and artists, moods and eras also make Amazon Prime Music one of the best of music apps.

#9 Saavn

With a user friendly interface and a magnanimous collection of songs, Saavn is easily one of the best music apps available for extensive streaming of music. Carefully curated playlists for sure can lend you an unparalleled music experience but if you want to rewind some time back to groove to some music of the past, then Saavn however does not offer much scope. The Saavn app has also been more crash prone that others in the row, so it’s a likely setback that may put off prospective users.

#10 Hungama

Hungama might be one of the lesser known apps in the spectrum of music apps but even with its relatively cumbersome user interface still scores high by virtue of its couple extensive features.

The app automatically downloads the music you listen to for your offline use. What’s more, like Apple Music, Hungama also sports a song for mood feature. The app recommends songs based on the setting of your current mood which is obviously a plus. However, the recommendations happen to be mainly recently played songs which makes the entire mood feature seem more like a farce. Hungama also has a library that is not so at par with the other music streaming apps in the horizon. Also a tiny font size in an already difficult to use interface does not work in the app’s favor.