Top 10 biggest buses in the world

biggest buses in the world

Public transport is one of the most efficient means of mass transport anywhere in the world. From facilitating mass movement with minimal impact on what would accrue to the environment to reducing traffic congestions and the like, it has become imperative that over the years public transport grows in stature not just in its network but also in its fleet of vehicles. As such, public buses have evolved to be constantly bigger and better, offering more scope as wider carriers of convenience. Following are some such buses that are among the absolute biggest in the world-

Youngman JNP6280G Bus

biggest bus in the world Youngman JNP6280G Bus
Source: ZDNet

With a humongous capacity of carrying some 300 passengers along its 82 feet of length, the Chinese Youngman JNP6280G Bus is very well the biggest in the world. Making up the Bus Rapid Transit service in both Beijing and Hangzhou is this bi articulated bus, also called a triple bus because of the addition of a second trailer section that extends the bus almost to tram length and capacity. In its massive entrails, this megabus Superliner of China is some 13 meters longer than normal buses but however caters to a top speed of just about 50 miles per hour.

Volvo Gran Artic 300

In its 30 meters of length, the Volvo Gran Artic 300 is another bi-articulated bus chassis that which makes it matter as one among the biggest in the world. A carrying capacity of 300 passengers while makes it one of the largest buses to have been introduced, it however is the stupendous length that renders it distinction as also the world’s longest bus. Developed in Brazil especially for BRT systems, the Gran Artic 300 was introduced in 2016 as a model that easily replaces three standard vehicles and aims to contribute to increased average speed of the Bus Rapid Transit system as well as reduced emissions while delivering greater efficiency.

Autotram Extra-Grand

biggest bus in the world Autotram Extra-Grand
Source: Yahoo Autos

The biggest passenger bus in the world currently in service, the Autotram Extra Grand are a series of bi-articulated passenger buses that are in operation since 2012. They run well over a 98 feet long that which comes with a carrying capacity of 256 passengers. Manufactured by Göppel & Fraunhofer IVI & MAN, these were unveiled in Germany’s Dresden as one of the most innovative buses to run anywhere in the world. Based on a vehicle concept developed by the Fraunhofer IVI that which combines the advantages of rail and road-bound transport systems, the Autotram Extra Grand is an intermediate public transport vehicle that demonstrates a future-oriented technology for public transport.

The many features of the AutoTram like high passenger capacity, comparably low costs and high operational flexibility makes it especially well-suited for urban areas and mega cities with a fast-growing demand for transportation. Big and powerful as well as sustainable and efficient, the biggest bus in the world that which is a hybrid electric vehicle comes also with control algorithms to ensure efficient energy management that allows it to travel up to eight kilometers on battery power alone.

Van Hool AGG300

Another 82 feet long bi-articulated bus produced by Van Hool NV that which can transport around 150 passengers at a time. With a concept that found expression back in the 90’s when two prototypes of it were created, this is a bus that has come a long way since then and continues to remain in service even today.

Hess LighTram 02795

A eighty two feet long bi- articulated bus, the Hess LighTram is one of the biggest in the world not just in its lengthy make but also in its capacity that which can carry 180 passengers. With Swiss manufacturer Carrosserie HESS AG behind this electric driving giant that was designed in order to carry more passengers at a single time as compared to other swiss trolleys, the Hess LighTram impresses with its innovative, patented drive technology that comes also with intelligent control, and makes for some of the most economical vehicles operating in public transit.

0530 Mercedes-Benz GL CapaCity

A non-rail-bound, high-capacity ve­hicle, the Mercedes-Benz GL CapaCity is a 64 feet long vehicle that which can easily course through with a packed passenger capacity that goes upto as high as 193. With a focus on increased transport performance despite lower running costs, the CapaCity ranks high also on efficiency while also being an adherent to the sustainable norms with its meeting of future emission limits. While in its increased carrying potential, the Mercedes Benz CapaCity already makes itself count as being a lesser burden to the environment as compared to other conventional buses. Introduced in 2007 as the 1st generation CapaCity and making another distinct appearance as the 2nd generation CapaCity in 2014, this is yet another spectacular offering from the world leader Mercedes- Benz and a very worthy feature in the list of biggest bus in the world.

New Flyer XDE60

A diesel-electric powered, articulated transit bus from New Flyer’s Xcelsior line, the New Flyer XDE60 is another of the biggest buses in the world. Running a length of some 60 feet that which grants it enough space and capacity to accommodate 59 passengers at one time, this is a hybrid electric bus that which forms part of the sustainable transport transport schemes. In development since at least 2009, the XDE60 came to be manufactured only since 2012 and has been in operation ever since.

Nova Bus LFS

In its lengthy trail of some 62 feet, the single decker Nova Bus LFS boasts a carrying capacity of 65 passengers and is most prominent a sight in the streets of New York. Particularly in having been touted as a replacement to the New Flyer D60 buses, this series of transit buses was introduced in 2009 and have remained in operation since then.

Neoplan Jumbocruiser

Recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest bus with a capacity for 170 passengers, the Neoplan Jumbocruiser was built way back in 1975 as an articulated double-deck multi-axle city coach by Neoplan Bus GmbH. At just over 59 feet long and 4 meters high, this had been indeed one jumbo sized bus that does justice to its name but was soon succeeded by the quad-axle double-decker luxury coach Neoplan Megaliner.

Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

Boasting a passenger capacity of 154 is another of the biggest bus in the world, the Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated that which encompasses the highest capacity of any hybrid vehicle currently available. This also translates to a 15% cut in fuel consumption per passenger, thereby extending transport efficiency and productivity. Also with increased battery efficiency that allows for a 30% saving on fuel costs along with superior weight distribution and low noise emission, the 59 feet long Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated comes powered also with the Volvo D5F engine for superior performance as well.