6 Insta worthy cafes in Guwahati that you must visit atleast once for sure!

tipsy town cafe

Guwahati is now a city buzzing with new cafes mushrooming throughout. While all these eat and meet spots happen to be really awesome places, there are still some among them that stand out from the rest. Be it the ambiance or the decor, the colors or the quirky settings, these cafes seriously hold you spellbound with all the magic they spill.

Here are the 6 worthiest cafes in Guwahati that can make your Insta profile a dazzling display of hued shine!

37 Street Affair

A cute, cosy cafe located in the Panjabari area of the city, 37 Street Affair is a delightful nook that has on the menu some really good food rendered even better by the quirky decor guarded by an ambience that offers an experience of its own. Cheerful in its simplistic essence, this two storied pretty haven is even more of a delight with the occasional Guwahati drizzle what with its glass walls offering a dreamy gaze into the magic brought about by the rains.

Romantic for sure, in its presence somewhat removed from the prime hustle bustle of the city and also in its ambient setting of the interior, this is an Instagram worthy place that does justice to its cafe identity by serving some lipsmacking delicacies as well, all of which earned it the Best Upcoming Restro-Café in the Gplus Food Awards 2018 within just a year of its inception.

Cafe RiverRun

For a cafe that serves some of the most delicious snacks and shakes with a view that opens up to the majestic expanse of the flowing Brahmaputra river, a very definer of the identity of Guwahati, Cafe RiverRun located in the Uzan Bazaar area of the city is every food blogger’s dream come true.

The gentle river breeze blowing in to caress your body as your soul indulges in a hearty meal of all those favorite addictives from brownies and pancakes to freak shakes and coffees to pastas and burgers and sandwiches is just the perfect recipe for any cafe to emerge a winner. Cafe RiverRun has all this and much more- inviting interiors, charming elements and gracious hosts that make this jaunt a favorite of Guwahatians, both for those who have embarked into its pretty premises and those who have earned a peek into it through the lens of many a Instagram profiles.

Strawberry Fields Cafe

Enticing is the word that describes one of the earliest functional cafes of Guwahati, the Strawberry Fields Cafe. The food there has been top notch right through the years but deserving particular mention is its interiors, seating in wooden settings, complete with a library and some tasteful music to soak your soul in, with a mellow but ambient lighting making for some really perfect angles to capture perfect shots right out of a trance like state of dreaminess.

With a name that goes with the Beatles song, this cafe sitting in the ever busy Chandmari area of the cosmopolitan city is more than expressive of its Beatles love in the decor as well. Hanging out with your friends over some good food and some rich indulgence in a shared passion for the arts as well as soloing it up curled with a book and a nice steaming cuppa are both equally perfect ways to while away your time in this picture perfect cafe that is sure to win you over with its elegant charm.

The Zouq Restro Cafe

A perfect place to sip on your coffee while being nose deep into your favorite book is this library cum cafe located around the Beltola area of Guwahati. Aesthetically pleasing, ambiently soothing and gastronomically mind blowing is the Zouq Restro Cafe that attends to all your senses all at once. Homely even in its sophistication is this really remarkable place that ticks all the boxes to emerge as one of the most Insta worthy cafes in the city. With also a lineup of events that see creative juices flowing here on a regular basis, the Zouq might just be the place for you to establish yourself as an Instagram celebrity yet!

Nanz Cafe and Confectionery

Known for its pizzas and the range of global cuisines it offers, Nanz Cafe at the bustling Zoo Road area of the city is one of the quirkiest cafes in town. Tastefully done interiors that are as muted in their allure as they are striking in their vision, this is a New York style cafe where sitting with a cup of coffee in one hand and their deliciously creamy pastries on the other will sure transport you to another world altogether.

There’s also soups and salads and sandwiches and pastas and meals and combos for you to dig into if you are particularly ravenous, all while letting yourself loose in the lively vibes that this place resides in. Not to forget classic Italian servings of panna cotta or tiramisu and the like that will make you return to this sweet spot on numerous occasions. Both the cafe and its food mirror wonderfully on the lens as well which is why Nanz commands a visit as an Instagram worthy place of feasting beauty.

Tipsy Town Cafe

Another of the multitude of cafes where you can hang out along the busy Zoo Road area of Guwahati is the warm and inviting Tipsy Town Cafe. Attractive in its youthful decor that is relaxing and uplifting all at once, this is a vibrant place for you to just eat the most wonderful of foods and drink the most invigorating of drinks and make merry on those evenings when life comes across as a bit more rosy than usual.