People Want To Know if ISRO Can Save Tony Stark From Space

Avengers Iron Man

Amidst sky high expectations of fans around the globe, The Avengers: Endgame trailer released last week.

The trailer from Marvel Entertainment gave fans a glimpse of what could be expected from the fourth installment of the Avengers franchise.

The trailer of this upcoming movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe teases us with the return of two heroes who were missing from Infinity War –

  • Scott Lang aka Ant-Man
  • Clint Barton aka Hawkeye

You can check out the Avengers:Endgame  trailer here:

Beginning with a shot of Tony Stark with a damaged Iron Man helmet on a spaceship, our superhero looks grim and lost. 

He records a message for his fiancée Pepper Potts as he lays defeated:

Dear Miss Potts, if you find this recording don’t feel bad about this, part of the journey is the end. Just for the record being adrift in space with zero promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds.

Food and water ran out four days ago, oxygen will run out tomorrow morning and I mean it, when I drift off I will dream about you, it’s always you.

Tony turns the helmet off leaving fans with the fear that Iron Man might not make it this time.

tony stark and the iron man helmet
Source: YouTube

Twitter saw fans plead to ISRO to save their hero. Even in India, people tweeted to ISRO to help Iron Man.

ISRO, the space agency in India works with the vision to “harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.”  ISRO has gained respect around world as one of the leading space agencies.

Fans in India have been tweeting the space agency to save Stark and bring him back to Earth and get united with Pepper and the Avengers.

Sathiya Narayanan (@Sathiya94) asked ISRO to save his Thala Tony Stark

Parimal (@Bhomick15) has tweeted to ISRO, NASA, SpaceX and Marvel not to let Tony drift away

PUNEET SHARMA (@saipuneet) gives a subtle challenge to ISRO

Daniel Raju (@DanielRaju16) wants the space agencies to team up

Shivansh Singh (@shivansh867) pleads ‘pleeaase’…

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Rohan Thakur (@baelessPurush) shares some gyaan on working together

Salman (@fat_cyborg_) insists on putting a hold to all space projects

Siddharth Rath (@RathSiddharth) believes a rescue team should be sent

Melvin Sandron (@sandron_melvin) can’t stop crying

Ashish (@Adu063) keeps it simple

Ujjwal Rajput (@ujjwal_rajput1) puts the name Iron Man in brackets to avoid confusion…so generous!

Salman (@fat_cyborg_) tweets again and this time…directly to the PM!

Vayun Kedia (@i_m_vynkd) has put his bets on ISRO against NASA

Ankan Prodhan (@ProdhanAnkan) sees this as the ultimate opportunity

DEEPAK RAI (@imdpkrai) demands a joint operation to save the lost hero

Ranjan Kumar (@Ranjan_odisha) is really worried about 
Stark better known as Ironman or Robert Downey Jr.

Rahul Singh (@Rahulks1931) is helping ISRO by giving Stark’s address

We want Iron Man to come back home where he belongs. Although the trailer looks scary for Iron Man fans, we hope it’s not the end of Tony Stark

Meanwhile we wait for Avengers: Endgame to hit cinema screens around the world on April 26, 2019.