Celebrate Janmaashtami with cute toys by Gopal Soft Toys


Innocent yet mischievous, childlike with a godliness that permeates your inner vortex of devotion and bliss, Bal Gopala or Krishna is one of the many deities of Hinduism who is revered and loved by all his admirers.

Be it his cute antics of devouring his favourite makkhan while escaping the prying eyes of elders or his rendezvous with the gopinis of Dwarka, Lord Krishna’s anecdotes never fail to charm us with their humanly displays of affection while bordering somewhere on the realm of the divine.

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It’s no wonder then that the ever adored Krishna is more of a phenomenon in the whole of this land of devotion and divinity, and that the auspicious occasion of birth of this rare gem of a child is celebrated throughout under the name of Janmaasthami.

However, apart from the awe he inspires, Lord  Krishna has also been endearing to people of all ages, particularly to children with his mischiefs finding reckoning in the ordinary childhood of kids and toddlers. Needless to say, Krishna isn’t just a deity revered, He’s also an emotion encompassed by Hindu people in their beliefs and traditions.

While all over the birthday of Bal Gopala is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm, along with a host of festivities and merry making, there is yet another form of paying obeisance to the Lord that is manifested every day in a manner that is unique yet heart touching.

Gopal Soft Toys is a venture that has had humble beginnings but has now expanded into a far more innovative setting. Nestled in the quiet confines of Mayapur, the place housing this unique manufacturing facility is much of a delight in itself, with rice field surroundings that strive to lend it a charm and aura as radiated by the Gods themselves.

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From beginning its journey in 1999 froma bamboo hut with a single cow in a small barn next to it, at present Gopal Soft Toys now carries out its production from a bigger bamboo hut and a bigger barn, with a small house marking a addition to the ‘factory’.

Undoubtedly, the success and appeal of this toy making venture lies in its originality and the simplicity it seeks to sustain. Exclusively handcrafted by a team of six Vaishnava families, Gopala Soft Toys have been breathing life into those bundles of cuddly joy and happiness for almost two decades now.

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Courtesy the innovation and the uniqueness in its approach to express its devotion to the child Lord Krishna, Gopal Soft Toys has indeed shaped up as a remarkable and fascinating wonder that appeals to the sentiment of the average man, spanning all boundaries of territorial restrictions and mere religious affiliations.

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In its attempt to deliver joy through its soft toys modeled exclusively on, but not limited to Krishna and other adorations of Indian mythology and culture, Gopal Soft Toys indeed has won hearts with its approach to love and delight.

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This Janmaashtami, why not take a leaf (read, toy) out of Gopal Soft Toy’s book of unadulterated praise and love as we seek to adore and exault the ultimate bearer of all happiness and joys?

Happy Janmaashtami to all!