Everything You Need to Know About The CEH Online Course

Everything You Need to Know About The CEH Online Course

The Certified Ethical Hacker certification or CEH online course by the EC-Council is one of the most popular courses in cyber security on a global level. It is considered as an industry standard certification course in the cybersecurity job market. Anyone who is certified in this course is preferred by employers who are looking for an ethical hacker to join their teams.


In the course, you will learn how to hack into digital systems of tightly secured organisations and find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by real malicious hackers. The course will offer you a deep learning experience into the mind of a hacker by providing techniques, strategies, methodologies and tips that will help you break into networks, systems and software for the purpose of analysing security status of your clients. Apart from the five phases of ethical hacking, (scanning, enumeration, gaining access, maintaining access and clearing tracks), you will also learn how to improve the security of the concerned system. It can be tough to apply this knowledge in the real world where every organisation has a different structure and method of securing its data and assets. This course will, therefore, train you to think outside the box, and think on your feet, so that you are able to handle real world challenges with confidence. 


The value of the Certified Ethical Hacker course needs no explanation. It is, undoubtedly, the best course you can enrol yourself in to kickstart your journey of being an ethical hacker. The certification you will receive after you complete the course and clear the exam is internationally recognised in more than a hundred countries, which means that you can start working in any nation of your choice and earn in any currency you want. Did you know that the salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker is $90,000 in the United States and keeps on increasing from there, since employers are more than willing to pay a good figure to acquire ethical hacking talent to tackle the rising cybersecurity threats of every day. The demand for ethical hackers has been on a crazy rise for the past few years due to the increasing number of cyber threats and the miserably low number of talented professionals who can prevent them.

Duration and eligibility

An ethical hacking course by EC-Council is for a total of 40 hours. It is recommended that you complete it in about 5 days (8 hours a day). However, you can choose to complete the course at your own pace and spread it over a few weeks. Everyone has a different pace of learning and you should always focus on the mastery approach to learn, i.e. you should master the previous topic before you move on to the next one. For this, you can undertake personal training from online coaches who are available all over the internet. You don’t need any educational qualification to enrol in this course, but if you don’t have a computer science degree, then you can complete foundational courses first to solidify your base.


After completing the course, you will have to clear the exam conducted by EC-Council in order to obtain the prestigious certification. The exam can be held remotely or at the authorised centres and is proctored by specialists of the international body itself. You should know that the exam is not a piece of cake as it is meant to test your technical hacking skills since you will be fighting the criminal hackers once you become a certified ethical hacker. Because of how much is riding on the shoulders of an ethical hacker, the passing score in the exam is somewhere between 60-85% based on different difficulty levels of each exam form.