6 charismatic travel-cum-food show presenters

travel food show presenters

Are you a globetrotter who loves gallivanting around the world to seek the real thrills of life? If yes, then how did you manage to sit idle at home during pandemic? To kill boredom and bring the worldwide beauty on the platter for wanderlust travelers, the anchors of popular travel shows served the best entertainment. Watching the charming hosts strolling through the city lanes, relishing gourmet food and getting intrigued by vivacious culture – all these fascinating visuals always keep us alive and kicking. Travel shows help adventure enthusiasts get a glimpse of how it feels to lose yourself to the vacation vibes.

Here are some of those notable presenters from the most-watched infotainment channels and their names must be in your favorite list too! Read on to find out who they are!

  1. Alex Drobin

The tall, cool, and handsome Canadian anchor, Alex Drobin, is often seen on Travel XP shows namely Food Fun Fact, and Kissed By the Sea. His gorgeous looks and voice are icing on the cake! He has explored Taiwan, Canada, UAE, and Lakshadweep Islands and Mumbai in India and all of these travelogues are spectacular. In addition to this, you can also catch him making travel diaries on his own podcast and YouTube channel.

  • Alex Outhwaite

She is beautiful, confident and a free-spirited traveler. Alex appears on Travel XP shows like Quest, Off The Grid, Unwind, Backpack, and City Breaks, where she travels to various destinations like Oman, Ladakh, Uzbekistan to name a few. Her smile and the way she describes tourist places is so mesmerizing that your eyes will be glued to her show, even if you are randomly surfing channels.

  • Rocky and Mayur

They are food enthusiasts who like to be described as ‘always hungry’. They are everyone’s favorite! Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma are big time foodies as they live for food. Mayur is vegetarian and Rocky is a non-veg lover and this contrast between the two makes their journey all the more fun.

Even if you watch their episodes on repeat, it will never be enough. Their ‘bromance’ on Highway On My Plate (NDTV Good Times), Food Mad (NDTV Good Times), and Food Express (Living Foodz) will make you laugh your heart out. The incredible chemistry between the duo and their ‘food quotes’ are simply fantastic. And as they say, “We give you more than just good food and good looks!”

  • David Rocco

The Italian chef David Rocco must have been an Indian in his past life! That’s what you will feel when you notice his penchant for Indian cuisines and spices in his show called ‘David Rocco’s Dulce India.’ He is compassionate and he embraces different ethnicities with open arms. Watch him in an array of shows – Dolce Vita (Fox Life), Donut Showdown (TLC) and David Rocco’s Dolce Africa (Fox Life), and many more.

  • Adita Bal

Aditya Bal is a desi anchor who is always seen surrounded by village dwellers. In shows like Bachelor’s Kitchen and Chakh Le India, he discovers and recreates the best of epicurean treats. You will find him cooking in an open kitchen amidst green environs, and the authentic local delicacies he tastes with the rural residents will definitely make you drool.

  • Kiran Jethwa

This celebrity chef who hails from Kenya, Kiran, has a wonderful British accent and a great personality that adds oomph to his culinary craftsmanship. He has done some out-of-the-league shows like Spirited Traveler, The Fearless Chef, and Tales From the Bush Larder, where he experiments with the local produce and explores the remote areas to enjoy indigenous delights. He is truly a global gastronaut and an adventure junkie. His top-rated shows will make you fall in love with him.

Do you agree with this list of best travel hosts? Does their voice lighten up your mood? If you love travel, food and traditions, then these anchors will definitely find a special place in your heart. Just turn on your TV, tune into an infotainment channel and don’t let anyone snatch away the remote control until you watch your favorite presenter’s show.