“Chillax, you Askhole…am trying to be Ambitchous..” – Combo Words for your vocabulary!!

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“Chillax” is all that we can say to the “askhole” next to you…anyways who needs friends who are into “hiberdating” and you don’t need enemies when you are surrounded by “frenemies!!”

Language of the English kind took a rollicking ride into this fusion game of combining two different words to come up with a new word with a completely new meaning – the portmanteau words – probably one of the most inventive components of the English language. The first usage of these combo words dates back to the days of Alice in Wonderland , where Lewis Carrol in his novel “Through the Looking Glass” explains through his character, Humpty Dumpty the formation of these weird words like “slithy” ( slinky+ lithe), “mimsy” ( miserable+flimsy) and so on… Portmanteau words are also known as “Frankenwords”- a combination of Frankenstein and word!!! Although Lewis Carrol is assumed to have used the first portmanteau words somewhere in 1871, “squiggle” – a combo of squirm and wriggle is said to have been in use from 1804. 

In modern times invention of the portmanteau kind has been happening almost every day…you just need to open a new web page or magazine or any written form of words and at least one new “combo word” almost always demeaning, witty or sounding outlandish stares at you in the face besides getting lodged in your brain for future usage. There seems to be a huge craze for these “Frankenwords” and without any doubts the urban dictionary spills over with them….

Hassle : haggle + tussel

Askhole : ask +asshole

Nonversation : no + conversation

Errorist: error + terrorist

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Dumbfounded : dumb + confounded

Hiberdating : hibernation + dating

Ambitchous : ambition + bitch

Beerboarding : beer + boarding

P.S : Saving the best for the last…we even have a “boregasm” (boredom + orgasm) meaning when you are so bored that the boredom climaxes and washes over you!!!!

Words…it’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away!