The best checklist ever for cheering in a Merry Christmas!


Christmas has to be the most magical time of the year! The mystic air, the chiming charms, the jingling bells, the glittering lights, the baking fables, the yuletide ruling all over, indeed Christmas conjures up all images and thoughts of the fancy. Like every festival, there are certain things so associated with the 25th of December that Christmas without them does not feel like Christmas at all! We list below the most indispensable of names that totally bring you all the Christmas feels-

Christmas Trees

There’s nothing Christmasy vibe doing the air without a Christmas Tree to decorate in abundance and with all your fancy. A grand presence in every home during the magical time of the celebrations, a Christmas tree is the most prominent and among the many exciting fare that Christmas brings along with it. Dangling sparkling trinkets and tinkling bells and the brightest of star atop the tree, what fun sometimes even chores tend to be!

Cookies and cakes

There isn’t any festivity on the face of the earth that can ever be complete without food. And specifically when it’s the yuletide of Christmas doing the rounds, divine decadence is an omnipresent affair. Though traditional Christmas celebrations come replete with diverse foods and preparations, no celebration of Xmas is possible without Christmas special cookies and cakes!

Whether you bake them with all portions of home goodness and love or pick them up from the rich smelling bakery, cakes and cookies are a must on the celebratory menu. Baking them all by yourself, with sprinklings of your humongous love is indeed the way festivities should roll by but no one would be complaining till you don’t run out of those store brought goodies as well!

Santa and his reindeers

Source: New York Post

Yep yep, we know Santa is too good to be true but hey we are okay with just about any Santa with a sack! Come Christmas and malls and busy lanes have a Santa standing guard of all the magic that is expected out of it. And it’s really fun- I mean our ideas of Santa might be fictional but the dressed up ones do really well to impart just the right Christmas vibes!

Gingerbread house

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Cookie walled houses that are as decadent as they look, building up a gingerbread house is a fun challenge of the Christmas times. Made pretty with delightful pipings and other sweet stuff, Gingerbread houses are a very enticing Christmas tradition that make for so much of nostlagia. Pretty, fairytale- like and magical, no wonder Christmas is our favorite season of the year!


Christmas is as much about reverence and remembrance as it is about the glitz and the shine. And what better than evoking the glory of the God with melodious hummings of Christmas carols? In their cheerful melody and divine eulogy of Jesus Christ, carols are a reminder to embrace the good grace of the festival all in warm spirits.



What’s Christmas without eggnogs? The most common yet most fancied of Christmas delights, an eggnog is not only the perfect festive treat but also a perfect recipe for the cold winters. Whip it up at home or delish it in one of those dreamily lit- up cafes and you have the recipe for a perfect Christmas!


christmas gifts
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It’s too sad that Santa is only a myth but than Heaven that Christmas gifts are very much real! Waking up anticipatedly on Christmas morn to unpack those wrapped boxes of treasure, our real life Santas sure do love us not any less than the Lord Himself!

Christmas Parties

The cheer of celebrations and the frenzy of festivals means that the perks of parties will be there lurking somewhere! And Christmas parties are a really wonderful affair- the charm of the chill, the delight of the delicacies, the hum of the holiday spirit that translates to fun, food and festivities all in one!

Christmas movies

When you are done with all the parties sapping up your festive exuberance and hyper energy, it’s time for some deserved relaxation. And what better than to curl up with a blanket and a hot cocoa on a cold, wintery night and indulge in a movie marathon? Thank God for countless Christmas classics!


Source: Netts country house

Another very quintessential Christmas tradition, there’s no magic in Christmas greater than what a kiss under the mistletoe can bring. In all their wilderness, mistletoes can be just perishing there in the snow but come Christmas and these exotic looking berried leaves carry more magic than anything else! A kiss under this delightful plant is all you need to bring love and luck into your life.


christmas stocking
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How else will you wake up to filled stockings by Santa if you don’t hang them up there in the first place? That’s perhaps perceptive of the magnanimous spirit of Christmas- dwelling in something even as humble a stocking to bring cheer and happiness to all!

Christmas lights

The glitzy, starry affair that Christmas is, much of the charm is also brought about by the many twinkling lights that adorn every place and enamor every soul. Just roaming around town gazing at these starstruck adornings during X mas times sure carries a charm unlike any other!


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Okay fireplaces aren’t any Christmas tradition but the festivities are just the perfect reason to have it crackling with some worth. With their old world kinda charm, fireplaces are the lesser lauded elements of mystifying magic that can transform even the gloomiest of settings to the warmest of havens. And because the chill in the air gets just a tad high as Christmas sets in, it’s just the perfect time to seek warmth along beside the good ol’ fireplace with family and friends cozying up for delightful evenings to remember!