Reeling under an intense fear of the money that matters


How can anyone on earth be scared of money, you ask? The means to achieving all the luxuries of life, the resource through which life can be afforded better in not just merely materialistic terms as well, the incited judgement of money being the root of all evil for long has surely and steadily come to surpass the notions of the human mind in the modern world. Because all of us today realise that money is absolutely necessary an asset that life cannot continue with. And while it is not about the stinking wads of the notes that emanate from the coffers of the uber rich, it also is not anymore about a life of just the basics. Dwelling anywhere between these two ends of the extreme, or even hinging solely on one dimension of it if you so prefer is this mode of continuation of life’s many activities in whatever expectation you hold from it. Of course you can argue money cannot buy you the penchant for the arts or the appetite for humour that counts also as equally necessary for a life lived to the full extents of it. But so cannot dwelling in an utter lack of the finances make up for this lacunae that inhibits through some of us. Money, for its part though can afford one an opportunity of taking a shot at it, by enrolling you in a course of the arts or by letting you secure your way among the audience in a standup circuit. The fact of the matter being that contrary to the popularly adhered notion of money simply lacking what it takes to be the be all of life at least, if not the end all of it, this reference to the riches and the wealth and the fortunes and the bucks count indeed as supremely essential a pursuit of life’s many leanings.

Returning though to the point from where we had started off- the question remains as to how can money be an ‘object of terror’ for some of us? Well not terror exactly but the fear of money is a very real phenomena encountered by quite a few of the human world. Specifically relating to the fear or spending money or even bizarrely, being around it as well, is this particular experience of chrometophobia that manifests itself in equally confounding measures. Persisting in the abnormal nature of it is this really diversive of all fears in the world that sometimes asserts its psychological presence even beyond the understanding of the one it afflicts. Characterised by a hyper sense of anxiety with any concern that relates to the handling of money, or even the thought of having to deal with this trading agent of all of life’s activities, chrometophobia is as irrational as any of the other weird phobias that can plague the human mind. Inciting also similar strands of fear that dwells on the margins of the irrational can be a reference to objects that invariably command huge sums of money. This particular bout of recurring fear is more a dilemma then for the one who experiences it in rather exaggerated assertions, in such undertakings that which seriously limits an individual’s scope of attaining financial freedom by pushing him instead in the back alleys of the insecurities that money has the potential to buy. Even for those who realize this obsessive fear they harbour for anything that concerns the counts of the money, they cannot help but submit themselves instead to this incessant bother that sucks all life and rationality out of them.

What’s even peculiar a case of realisation for those suffering from chrometophobia is the trigger they experience even when being around someone who are quite frivolous with their own finances as the mere awareness of this entity of money lends them on along a path of intense restlessness. For those afflicted by this condition who draws a salary out of their jobs for the effort they render, even this strain of money concerns can be too much for them to handle. While it might be genetics and a history of anxiety disorders that can lead someone to develop this nagging fear of money, it also can be some particularly traumatic experience through which they come to find themselves in this surprising disposition. And while some amount of stress while dealing with matters of the finances in everyday life is normally encountered by everyone, the phobia concerning any and every thing that has to do with money is so intense and overwhelming that can be an intensely serious struggle even when having to shell out money for basic everyday needs.

This aversion or apprehension to deal with money in any way whatsoever because the very thought of it is repulsive enough isn’t the only manifestation of this rare but remarkable psychological condition. Other significant markers of this condition that generally would make itself quite evident in the intense manifestation of these can be both physical and mental. Avoiding activities that fuel the enjoyment but still involves a cost caters to the first category while the latter encompasses such traits that sees individuals avoiding money conversations very actively and consciously, at all costs since they feel helplessly insecure on even the mere mention of anything concerning the ambits of the financial. The alternative can be true as well though. So while avoiding anything that has to do with money is one extreme outcome of this fear, another as extreme assertion of its being can manifest as obsessive counting of the bills and checking on bank accounts, often multiple times during the course of a single day. The most prominent of all symptoms of course would be a heightened sense of anxiety while the onset of other conditions of mental disturbances like depression can also be both the cause and the effect of experiencing chrometophobia.

Chrometophobia is indeed as complex in the understanding of it as it is in its essence. With a nuanced range of factors in operation, this desire to retreat from money as far as possible, even to such extents that might not be very realistic is intricately linked to the power of money as an asset that renders it as void as it is valued. Void in the sense that speaking about money is often a taboo, even in many modern societies because it entails a sense of insecurity, of something you never have enough of, or at least don’t want to admit your more than enough possession of it. This in turn stems perhaps from the fact that money is a resource and therefore always scarce which translates therefore to making spending and managing finances an aspect of human behavior overly worried about.

The fear of money however can also stem from the complex nature of its working through means of financial instruments that might be a tad more tricky to decipher, leading some people therefore to avoid any discussions around this topic initially which can later burst into a full fledged phobia of desperately wanting to avoid any links to it whatsoever. With concerns of less than optimum money and more than manageable expenditures fuelling this serious affliction of the human mind, chrometophobia can very much be a deterrent to life even. Because it is never possible to live life by ignoring money altogether, this particular phobia can be rather intense to bear for anyone, whether in its occurrence or in the repercussions of it. Which is why overcoming this fear of money, or basically of spending, though in a much aggravated intensity, becomes so essential to afford the life that money can buy. Needless to say, paying attention to your finances is the key to haul yourself out of this mess because money obviously is something you cannot do without through your life. So for those finding themselves in this loop of grave concern who feel powerless when it comes to having to actively manage their finances and therefore end up worrying about it to the point that they become physically and mentally ill, pushing oneself out of the nongravitating concerns of money needs some active effort towards that effect.

The first and of course the most rational way is to draw out a budget. Not just for those who fear money but also for everyone in general, planning a personal budget and sticking to it is the way to a stable state of financial existence. What can help the pursuit even further is eking out a dedicated ‘scheme’ each for both savings and spendings so that you don’t end up obsessing over either because you need to both spend and save your money to live life.

For those affected to the point that they cannot even bring themselves to clear their necessary dues and bills, it is imperative to initiate the process of autopayment so that liabilities are duly taken care of. Also of help can be the setting of financial goals that will remind you of what you need to achieve come what may. While that in itself might not be every effective a manner of getting over your fear, it will at least bring you face to face with it more frequently and assertively so that you don’t succumb under the sudden overwhelming force of it all.

If the chrometophobia you are experiencing is likely caused by a lack of understanding of money beyond its liquidity, then the salvaging process might be a bit easier. All it would take for you to overcome this particular fear is to seek to decipher the working and mannerism of these financial instruments which might not be a very convenient undertaking for your brain but at least is a very definite and precise way out of the affliction.

But most important of them all is to seek indeed the help of a financial counsellor to help manage your finances as well as your thoughts of them that so often spiral out of your control. Equally helpful can be confiding in your worries to a psychologist or perhaps even a reliable friend who can offer some assuredly concrete means of pulling yourself out of this deeply unsettling burden of something that matters the most in the world today. This desire and need to pull yourself together out of chrometophobia is important however not just because it disrupts your financial management of life but also because it holds the potential to affect your health and work as well as your relationships and indeed your sanity.

Like most other phobias that do not rest in a substantial basis of its own, chrometophobia or the fear of money too is most often a condition arising out of life situations than being something rooted in the inexplicable. And because it is money that matters substantially in the long run of life, pushing the matter of money to the sidelines will only affect your quality of life. Understanding and identifying chrometophobia and wanting to overcome it is the only way in which one can let oneself rule over life through money rather than letting money rule over them, despite all its self assuring worth.