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Let’s admit that we’re all guilty of buying products based on the cute packaging and attractive tag lines rather than reading the ingredient list printed at the back of the product. But little do we realize the threatening impact of these products on our skin as well as the environment. While people are gradually switching from toxic beauty brands to their sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, there remain a lot of brands that people aren’t aware of.  

Here is a list of 10 clean hair, skincare and makeup and their products that deserve all your love and rightful attention!

Forest Essentials – Forest Essentials is a luxury ayurvedic brand that uses ingredients like green tea, ashwagandha, arnica,bhringraj, ghee etc in its products that are not only environmentally friendly but also contain medicinal properties. The brand offers product customization as well.

The sandalwood and orange peel facial cleanser by Forest Essentials is a must-try. It cleanses and hydrates the skin by removing impurities and excessive sebum. The product can also be used to reduce blemishes and pigmentation from the skin. 

Kama Ayurveda – Kama Ayurveda is a PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free brand. It deals with the products suitable for all hair and skin types. The Kama Ayurveda products are free from parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance and colour.

Check out the Kama Ayurveda kumkumadi facial scrub which is packed with the miraculous kumkumadi oil and vitamins E and D. the scrub brightens and illuminates the skin by clearing out all the impurities from the skin in single-use itself. It can also be used for reducing dark spots and marks. 

Be Minimalist Co –  Be minimalist co is a recently launched clean beauty brand that deals with a variety of skincare products for all types of skin concerns ranging from excessive oiliness, dark spots, anti-ageing, sun damage to name a few. The products are composed of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B5, b3, vitamin c etc. that is essential for our skin cells. Apart from it, harmless ingredients such as retinol, lactic acid, AHA, BHA, niacinamide etc are also used in the formulation of these products. 

Try the niacinamide + zinc serum which is paraben-free, oil-free and silicone-free. The serum is proven to promote skin health and immunity by boosting protein synthesis and reducing melanin concentration. The product can be used both at day and at night. 

Plum– Plum is an Indian skincare brand that uses only natural ingredients such as aloe vera, neem, and sugar maple extracts etc which are vegan and not tested on animals. The brand believes in 100% transparency with its customers by disclosing all the relevant information regarding its ingredients. Plum uses recycled packaging to pack all its products. Moreover, it rewards the customers who send their empty bottles back by giving away cashback and other offers. 

The plum kohl kajal is a healthy alternative to the chemical loaded kajal available in the market. The product is a kajal cum eyeliner pencil which is smudge-proof and can be conveniently carried anywhere. The gel-based formula makes the product suitable for people with sensitive eyes or contact lenses.

Biotique– Biotique is a skincare and makeup brand that is built on the foundation of purity and sustainability. The products are made from organic ingredients. Biotique uses advanced Swiss biotechnology to create its unique products. The brand believes in zero wastage and ensures eco-friendly and recyclable packaging for all its products. 

Try the biotique diva satin-smooth 3 -in -1 compact makeup which is a combination of concealer, compact and a foundation. It comes with an inbuilt mirror and the sponge to ease its application. The product is enriched with SPF 25+ which prevents excessive sun damage by blocking ultraviolet rays. It comes in 4 unique shades for different skin tones. 

Pahadi Local- As the name suggests, Pahadi Local makes skincare and wellness products from the local ingredients that are sourced from the heart of Himalayas by simultaneously ensuring the preservation of its ecosystem. The ingredients are macro filtered using a muslin cloth to ensure its purity remains intact. The products are decently priced. 

Try their akhrot ka tel (walnut oil) which is derived from cold-pressed walnuts. This hair oil nourishes the scalp, reduces hair fall and eliminates dandruff all at once leaving you with beautiful and healthy tresses. 

Freewill- Freewill is India’s answer to the customer’s diverse hair care concerns. The shampoos and conditioners are made to order following a three-step hair assessment. Freewill puts a special emphasis on promoting clean beauty by formulating sulphate free, paraben free and fragrance free products. The brand also uses Artificial Intelligence to resolve different hair problems of the customers.

Take the hair assessment on the Freewill website; choose the ingredients as per your choice and get a bottle of shampoo and conditioner just for YOU!

Ohria Ayurveda- The Ohria Ayurveda is a beauty brand that formulates its products keeping in mind the principles of Ayurveda and its three doshas. The ingredients are naturally derived comprising of cold-pressed oils, ayurvedic herbs and natural preservatives. 

Check out the basil and lavender body butter by Ohria Ayurveda which is a blend of 29 herbs, almond oil and vitamin E. The body butter deeply nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and supple. Additionally, the infusion of lavender and basil provides calming and relaxing effects.  

The body shop- A very popular name in the list of the sustainable and eco-friendly brand, the body shop is any customer’s paradise. The products range from hair and skincare to fragrances and makeup. The brand is amongst the first ones to follow the scheme of recycling and refilling the used bottles. 

  Try their illumination drops of glow lustre finish creator for instant radiance. The product can be used as a highlighter, topcoat or even as an eyeshadow. The bottle comes with a pipette for easy mixing and application.

Tinge – Tinge is known as India’s first experiential brand with a wide array of bespoke cruelty-free, vegan and natural cosmetics. Each product made by tinge is unique in its formulation and is made to cater to the specific needs of the customers. 

The liquid lipstick by tinge is a must-try. It gives a sheer, matte finish to the lips and is weightless on its application. The product is paraben-free with the staying power of 12 hours, unlike the conventional liquid lipsticks which need to be reapplied after every 2 hours. The lipsticks are available in multiple shades and can be used as an eye shadow or a cheek stain as well.

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