Companies with the best working rules that every employee ever wanted

Companies with the best working rules

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While the literal meaning of this idiom might be better conforming to young children, even professionals and working personnel can have a lot to derive in its metaphorical implication. A stable work life is one that allows you to enhance your efficiency while not unduly stressing your limits. Work life balance and workplace satisfaction are very crucial elements that go a long way in making the entire employment business a hale and hearty proposition. For there is no perk to working yourself out if your efforts do not beget the same consideration and remuneration. While pay plays a big enough role in letting employees hold on to their current job, it is also an overall balance that strikes the chord with employers in retaining their workforce.

Naturally the companies which professionals widely consider as being the best to work with are also the ones that pay close attention to the benefit of its employees. Here’s a compilation of companies with the best working rules in India that make them the absolute favorite of every employee-

McKinsey & Company

mckinsey company
Source: Business Insider

The American management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has a rather unique approach when it comes to nurturing the creativity and overall personality of its employees. Personal development of workers are much focussed on under its “Take Time” program which allows the staff a leave of five to ten weeks so that they can pursue some personal passion.

KPMG India

KPMG India
Source: Daily Excelsior

When it comes to delivering results, what should matter is that the task is accomplished rather than where from it is done. And the Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler company in India knows it the best which is why they allow flexible working options for their employees.

KPMG India employees can opt to work from any place which allows them the liberty of not having to be present in office every single day. The management has no objection whatsoever to wherever from its employees choose to work, provided they complete the allotted task on time and to satisfactory conduct of their supervising managers.


Source: ET Retail

The Dutch MNC that operates as Philips India from Gurugram allows its employees to work from home rather than wait and stress if they don’t manage to find a spot in the parking premises. For a company like Philips with a huge workforce, finding parking space might indeed sometimes tend to be a matter tiresome which is why this particular rule helps so much in eliciting increased productivity from its employees.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola india
Source: We Are Gurgaon

For those trudging through the drudgeries of a 9 to 6 job, beverage major Coca Cola offers flexible work hours that start earlier than normal to help employees do away with rush hour traffic and fatigue. The company resumes its operations half an hour earlier than normal and accordingly adjusts leave time at 5.15 pm so that commute time during peak hours do not become too much of a drain.


While there exist many companies and organisations that provide pick up and drop off services for their employees, the cool office campus of Microsoft in Hyderabad provides such transportation facility even within its premises. Several company owned buses and cabs facilitate to and fro commute and also the safety of its employees as the vehicles are constantly monitored by company surveillance.

Future Group

Source: Story Hippo
Source: Story Hippo

Traffic during peak office hours is no joke which is why the Mumbai based retail chain Future Group has a policy that does not allow it to fire employees if they are late to work due to traffic issues. The company in fact has also come up with a convenient way to ensure that their workers are not subject to undue harassment, thereby allowing them to reach work anytime between 8.30 and 10.30 in the morning and leave after they have completed their daily work shift spanning eight hours.

SAP Labs

sap labs india bengaluru karnataka
Source: LinkedIn

The Bengaluru based SAP Labs go even a step further in providing flexible work conditions for its employees as the company does not believe in setting strict work timings. Employees can leave the workplace anytime after they have completed their stipulated work for the day, irrespective of whatever time they walked in. It is because the company believes in productive efficiency rather than rigorous routine which also entitles their employees the option to work from home once every week.

Bacardi India

Bacardi India
Source: Foursquare

Bacardi India in its Gurgaon based office has the policy of letting its employees work from home in addition to letting them switch between flexible working hours so that production is maximised while ensuring that no valuable time is wasted in the peak hour traffic commute to and from the workplace.

PricewaterhouseCoopers India

PWC or PricewaterhouseCoopers while setting up its many offices in India takes care to choose a location that is not very remote and is therefore easily accessible by employees so that work- life balance is maintained that in turn will lead to higher productivity and greater work satisfaction.