Cool and interesting websites to visit to pass free time happily


The Internet has become such a blessing, or rather say saviour for us in the 21st century that we cannot even think of living life without using it for a day. Moreover, our cellphones have become addictive or literally a basic necessity of life mostly because of Internet connectivity. From bringing us useful information at the clicks of some buttons to serving as the best platform to find any type of entertaining content as per our needs, the Internet has become a boon in both our professional and personal lives. To kill our free time, we always rely on the various Internet browsers to find out content which we know or scroll through the various videos and photos on social media sites, liking , commenting and even sharing some of the interesting posts. There is also YouTube which we rigorously search to watch videos as per our moods. However, there are even some cool and interesting websites which you need to visit right away for having some of the best moments in your lives.

Some of the cool websites which you definitely need to visit or browse through are-



One of the realistic virtual travel platforms, MapCrunch is a highly addictive site which will let you forget how being bored feels like. The site brings a 3D view of a random street from the world and you cannot help but explore it thoroughly. The best thing is that this site can take you to any street corners around the globe according to the choices of countries you select. After selecting a place from the list or map and clicking on the ‘Go’ button, get lost thoroughly in a different world and roam around there but all from the comfort of your home. If you are the one who likes to paint landscapes, you can use MapCrunch as your reference to create stunning visuals with the colours and paintbrush.



If you are the one who enjoys typing and listening to weird sounds, the website Patatap is just for you.  One of the best ways to kill boredom is to go to this website and press any key you want and in return you will get to hear a range of sounds of different tunes. The best way to use this website would be to type any word that comes in your mind and enjoy the range of sounds that you get on typing each letter. Although this website make sound quite useless to you on reading this paragraph, you will know how addictive it is once you use it.



An educative as well as an entertaining gaming website, Freerice is the place you should go too when you want to increase the knowledge of your English vocabulary. However, playing the quizzes on this site is not only rewarding but also a very noble deed as it lets you make a difference for people around the world. Every question you answer correctly raises 10 grains of rice for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world. Private sponsors match the rice grain donations generated within Freerice, triggering a financial payment to WFP.

This is sand


A sort of website where you can play with different colours to make a digital painting or rather say sandscape is ‘This is Sand’. You can kill time in this website and hone your creativity as well in order to produce an aesthetic painting digitally with the help of multiple colours. It is a wonderful website and you won’t regret to use it as you will feel elated to see how your interpretation of utilizing different colours can turn out to be after you have decided to finally call it a stop.

The Oatmeal


If you enjoy reading comics then The Oatmeal is the website absolutely created just for you. Most of the content in this site is prepared on daily issues that we encounter but is composed of innovative and funny graphics along with catchy creative conversation phrases that will keep you hooked. Once you go to this website, you will have no idea how the time went past your eyes. If you are even a regular visitor of the Oatmeal website, I bet you would still go there to read its awesome content again and again.

Little Alchemy 2


A browser game website, Little Alchemy 2 is the place where you can have fun by mixing and matching random things and getting knowledge on various phenomenon that occurs in this world in return. You start with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The goal is to create as many different materials or objects as possible. There are no definite rules in this game and you can mix and match anything according to your hearts’ contentment. Soon you will see that how the time flew away while you were engaged in playing in this website

I Waste So Much Time


As the name of the website suggest, I Waste So Much Time is the place where you can do exactly that but you will get entertained by it in return. It comprises of funny pictures along with hilarious embedded texts. It is ideal place for you to go during short breaks in office so that you can have some dose of the best medicine i.e. laughter, make your mind refreshed and then get back to work again.



A cool website that you should definitely visit is Oddee as it contains weird news, funny articles that will make you go ROFL (Roll on the Floor Laughing). A place where you can get to read informative and entertaining content, Oddee is the excellent website where you can go to kill those boring hours or exercise your brain during free time at office.

Wait But Why


One of the coolest and the most interesting websites in the world is Wait But Why. Every article in this site is written by a man named Tim Urban which is really lengthy but you would not bothering reading till the end because the style of his writing is unique and hilarious. The best thing is that the graphics used in this website is also very interesting to observe. Therefore, this is the website you should go to kill time in an interesting way.



Scrolling through photos on social media sites might be everyone’s favourite pastime in the 21st century but doing so in Giphy is much more interesting and entertaining because it contains pictures that are animated or in literal words featuring people doing some action and does not remain stationary. Type out any random emotion in the search section and you will be rewarded with a series of animated pictures to scroll through that will make your mouth curve upwards when you go on examining each of it as it pops up before your eyes. This is one of the cool and common websites that is widely known and is worthwhile to visit.

Do visit these cool websites daily for a dose of fun and information!