Companies in India with the coolest office spaces

Source: Express News

How many times have Monday blues crept upto you every time you strive to get out of the weekend hangover? That feeling of giving your office a miss because its dark and dreary out there is a serious temptation to resist. But not for all. There are commercial entities and companies who have decoded the magic code to keep employees all bright and chirpy. Colorful, cosy, quirky and really enticing spaces decked up as offices beckon these people into their confines. And make no mistake, even you would have happily given up on your weekend fun if you were lucky enough to be working somewhere there. Here are some companies in India with the coolest office spaces that have seriously redefined office culture for scores of hundreds of Indians-

Freshdesk, Chennai

Fluor Daniel, Gurgaon

Gulf Ispat Limited, Gurgaon


Microsoft, Gurgaon

Infosys, Mysore

Google, Gurgaon

Airbnb, Gurgaon

Facebook, Hyderabad