Corona chronicles: karate twins deliver the moves to drive away loneliness

karate twin kids

Many countries around the world have issued curfews for the spread of the coronavirus that threatens the world. As a result, many people are left stranded in their homes. Our children and students who are always struggling in this situation, are suffering from this coronal loneliness.

In India the curfew is in force till May 31, after multiple extensions of the nationwide lockdown to fight the coronavirus brought normal life to a standstill. To help stress-ridden people and encourage them with correct guidance, sixth grade twins of the Good Shepherd English School Srivishakan and Sriharini Karaikal have shared their experiences with others.

They talk about this.
“I think our experience will be useful for parents who are struggling with loneliness at Corona and for students with depression. When we were nine years old, we became black belts in karate and set a world record. Our master VRS Kumar has taught us a number of tutorials, such as karate chilamb, which we have learned by video for students like us who are isolated. A number of students have expressed their happiness and relieved stress through feedbacks.
So to encourage them more, our favorite grandmother played indoor games such as Paragliding, Paramother Games, Carrom Board, Chess Board. During this time we learned the techniques we know and the techniques of the grandmothers. Because of this, we have received training that focuses on body and mind. We are getting more praise than we expected. So if students and parents who have never seen it, let their children download this video, they too will be encouraged. Those who are lonely will free themselves and improve themselves. ” they said.

Meanwhile, the duo are already record holders in the world for the first time at the age of nine, with two black belts and the highest medals in karate.