Coronavirus in perspective: scaling up on the brighter side

coronavirus positives

Forever on the lookout for a single speck of hope that can radically or even indistinctively bring about some change in our lives- we won’t ever cease to be kins of the typical humankind! Be it looking at the bright side of things or holding on to the last straw of hope, we have all been there and done it all. How possibly then could we have let go off the current coronavirus clamour without singing glory of its attribute, even when deep inside we still remain terrified by what this minuter than minute virus responsible for a whole new wave of pandemic can do to us. In this season of lockdown, even as us superior humans are biting the dust within the once alluring, now catastrophic confines of our homes, there is nature out there breathing some relief like than it has not done since ages.

As till now helpless animals enjoy their field day and mother earth seems to be reversing on the aging, here we are- bold and stoic humans trying hard to keep our ego and ourselves upbeat amidst the raging terror. From going crazy because all we are expected to do now is just exist somehow to going furious because we still aren’t spared from work and most paranoid because we can’t believe this is something that could be happening to us in all our self boasting and exaltation, nature is having us lead its frikking version of the most ‘thug’ life ever!

With our lives being distorted on one hand and the world being endowed with a new lease on the other, not everything about the coronavirus however is plain menacing. Specially as the fair, rational humans we profess to be, at least the telling of both sides of the story amply suggest that the current COVID 19 disease is not just the killer; it has been the healer as well!

Because we need the positivity now to flow more than ever for us to emerge stronger and better out from a probable doomsday, here’s lauding also the coronavirus and the silent but steadier way in which it is working out quite a few wonders-

Reduced global pollution

It needs no understanding of rocket science to decipher how the current outbreak of the coronavirus has drastically cut down the pollution levels of the world. With entire cities and countries going into lockdown, bustling activity is no longer the perpetual buzz. At least not for sometime. Industries are going into closure, offices and companies have adopted the work from home approach, people are avoiding taking to the roads, businesses are temporarily down and basically everyone is staying in as much as they can. While the situation indeed is one that conjures up visions that are depressing, irrespective of whether you choose to consider it from the economic perspective or plainly otherwise, the augmented impact is much diverse.

china pollution covid 19
Source: FOX5 Vegas

Bluer skies have opened up

Because factories have been non functional, it has led to lesser release of toxic wastes into the environment. Also because people are staying at home and working from there, traffic has relaxed to such extent that they are virtually ‘endangered’. That itself spells lesser emissions to pollute the air while with loud blaring horns and honks almost extinct now, sound pollution levels has also seen a wane. And it isn’t just road traffic, even air traffic is almost unencountered now meaning skies have started turning cleaner and brimming bluer in 2x the intensity than what we would have allowed them to.

And so has clearer waterways

Water pollution also is at an all time low, at least in the worst affected nation of Italy where the famed waterways of Venice are finally turning sparkly again with clearer and cleaner waters of the ancient times. There are fishes that swim in this translucent water, there are birds waiting to pounce on them and there also are marine plants sprouting from such pretty watery shores. And why only Venice, even Rome can now boast more than its famous Colosseum, with ducks and boars now a regular spotting in the many alleys of the city that surely wasn’t created in a day.

Air pollution levels are now low even in Italy even as the epicenter of the outbreak China is finally responding with lesser levels of pollution courtesy the virus. For a country tagged with the dubious distinction of being the largest polluter in the world, this surely is one corona positive case it won’t be ruing!

Personal bonding is becoming realer by the day

Quarantined, lockdowned or isolated, whatever you have been subject to in the current scenario, people have started living in at homes for entire days altogether with all their loved ones in close contact. While this might be a pathetic turn of events for some who are dying to go out and socialise or even just work, it’s undeniable that the coronavirus outbreaks has laso led to rekindling of human relationships.

Usually distant families have come closer because all they have is each other in this hour of crisis to seek solace in. Quality family time has gotten a reboot like never before in this millennium. Teens are bonding with parents over recollecting anecdotes, mothers are learning beyond the basics of technology, dads are savoring dishes done up meticulously by the kids and everyone in the family is opening up to each other.

It’s like a time travel to times a couple of decades back when TV was indulged upon by the entire family, meals were cooked ‘in house’ and feasted on at the dinner table by all together rather than separate delivery dibbas finding way into separate rooms. The good ol’ times are being relived with ecstasy by those who have been forever longing for them while the new entrees into the fad are slowly discovering the magic of it all.

There also has been an emotional development as far as the coronavirus is concerned. As a disease that transmits just like that and affects more the elderly and the weak, we are finally learning to care about our aged peers. We are driven by fear, yet we are acting in hope. Reconnecting our ties with parents we just customarily waved a goodbye to or checking in on siblings we never got along with- the struggle might be real but the stark reality inducing stupor is graver than what we have ever witnessed.

We are even checking up on distant relatives and occasional friends over calls and texts because- as shameful as it may sound- we don’t have many things to do now anyway. To keep ourselves occupied and entertained, we are willing reverting to such things and means that wouldn’t have found as much as a mention in the ideal order of our preoccupied lives.

We are learning newer trades online or are discovering newer cuisines, all for the sake of keeping boredom at bay. From picking up the book we have been planning to read since long to doing a re-run of our favorite series with bae by our side, this corona induced home doomed generation is finally learning to live life as it comes.

And while we might not be appreciative of this enough at the moment, it sure is somewhat of a relief for folks who have forever longed the warmth of family and the nostalgic returning to togetherness. In confining people withing their homes, coronavirus sure has done much to break the barriers!

Introspection is what the coronavirus has taught us amply

It might sound ironic that we needed a mass pandemic and the death of more than a few thousand people to pause and reflect about our own standing in the face of the earth. As a race that has grown to be obsessed with the self and the stuff, we often grieve the loss of souls even as life goes on in seeming perfection. It’s even more ironic that we lament our own lives while doing nothing that will have us not despairing over it. It perhaps is a mishappening case of contradictions where we can see our doom and dread it right but still work in ways that make us sprint towards it.

In the rat race, we all are greedy imposters asserting so much on the survival of the fittest doctrine that we go all out to live. We dwell in our own heroism of how we eked out an improbable profit, of how we are the ones to be rejoicing in the last laugh because all we care about is how affluently and authoritatively we stand our bearings in society. Disconnect, disillusioned and doomed- the present world marks a generation of the doomsdayers.

And yet we never cease to do away with all ills because somewhere down the line we can’t afford enough time to look deep into ourselves. We mourn deaths for some days leading to a feast, tear up at heartbreaks for some weeks over more than a score of drinks and scoff at failures under the brand of losers. We all are realistic, rational, practical individuals till the time we are not someone to be bearing the brunt. Only when we have our moments of self wallowing in isolation we learn that life isn’t always about living; sometimes it’s as much about basic survival and struggle.

And the present moment is exactly what we have been wanting to avoid all through- the moment of wallowing in self isolation. With work within limited bounds and ‘go get a life’ virtually an adage of times past, we are blessed with the precious gift of time. As we flip through news channels and discover horrifying ailing figures on our TV screens or on our newsfeed, we stare at the most brutal truth of life- death. We become paranoid of what the world is coming to, of what will happen to us even as rumors circulate and memes joking emphasise the subtle indication of it all- the coronavirus might be a pandemic but it can be far worse than that.

As images of free roaming animals, chattering birds, radiant blue skies and exotic grassy greens stems up from different parts of the world, we realise that the virus might well be the panacea for the earth we have always so rampantly exploited. And all of a sudden we are terrified- would we be, afterall, indeed be made to pay for our exertions. Somewhere deep within, there is our subconscious subtly reminding us of the time we have been too haughty, or all those times we took even luxuries for granted and of course times when we procrastinated things to a later date. Terrifyingly however that later date might never come for all we know. And unknowingly in our apprehension and panic we let life take centerstage once again, for what all matters now is that we survive this pandemic and cling on to dear life with a resolution so dubious that has us introspecting all bearings within us.