14 couple tattoos you can suggest your bae [couple goals]

couple tattoos

It’s that exciting time of the year when a new has beckoned the world and festivities are all lined up to celebrate the dawn of yet another occasion as the earth revolves around the sun. It’s just the perfect time to love and celebrate and make merry. The weather has a pleasantly romantic aura, the wind feels smitten, the earth seems all set to bloom in just a few weeks. And with Valentine’s Day just about a month away, couples are going all love struck with glances and gestures. Here are some couple tattoo ideas you can suggest your bae to express your love this season as uniquely as you can!

The common bond

When it’s a cute pet that which strengthens the bond with your love, it’s only apt that your ideal couple tattoo would be one that has your furry friend as the common connection. More like a pet love that binds you guys, but love is love nonetheless!

The Perfect Phrase

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An emotion as intense as love is to be felt and not comprehended. Go for some deep love quote in some foreign language to unleash the power of the mystery in love!

Love swans

In love and you turn into the love birds even when you are human. Indeed, as imagination soars high and fantasies take over reality, being mere mortals isn’t an option. This pair of pretty swans are therefore the cutest way to express your love in ink.

Cupid strikes

When cupid plays on strike, there’s nothing you can do other than see yourself hopelessly drowning in love (and perhaps turn to a few relatable love poems). As a tribute to this cute Lord of the hearts then, a Cupid tattoo strives to keep the love flowing unto your bae.

As simple as that!

The best things in life are always simple. Keep it as real as possible with some “I love you” delivering the depth of your love while pricking into the depths of your skin.

Divine emotions

Love might as well be the best feeling in the world. No wonder then people associate love with divinity. And what better than inking your love with the quintessential romantic God of the Hindus Krishna and his beloved Radha making such a pretty sight on your skin?

To In(n)finity and beyond!

Love is eternal and limitless. Transcending all barriers of time and space to arrive at a feeling that is as pure as it can be, love is the language for ever. A tattoo that spells To Infinity and beyond therefore is the best way to let your love live on through the ages.

Heart of love

A heart, A love is what this Portuguese phrase intends to impart. Simplistic and minimal, yet one of the most profound expressions of love. Worth going under the needle for your beloved with this one.

Magical mistletoe

Love has to be one of the most magical of feelings to seek solace in. And mistletoes have been prettily magical since forever. And though it might not strike as a particularly lovey- dovey idea, for once it’s better to revel in the mystics that being in love brings unto us. It’s the magic of love unleashed in that kiss under the mistletoe!

Dream catchers

As usherers of good dreams, dream catchers are enticing entities, steeped in dreaminess and wonder. And while love is all liberating and stuff, dreaming to live the love you want is an exhilaration you shouldn’t ever miss. These pretty dream catchers tattoos are just the perfect love symbols to get blissfully inked in with your partner.

To the moon, through the stars and never back

If you have loved to the moon and back, this is the tattoo for you. And what about bae? Well, get her inked in a star instead, for isn’t she the brightest star in your galaxy of love? Two hearts intertwined with these celestial objects just about makes your love much more heavenly.

Language of eternity

Spell love and you speak the language of eternity. Years of togetherness and yet you are left yearning for all the time in the universe to be with your beloved. So even after all this time of love filled happiness, all you dream away of is to be by each other’s side, always.

Fluttering away in love

Couple tattoos
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Butterflies in your stomach every time you see her or on each kiss he showers you with? Then let your skin go colorflies as well, with these beautiful butterflies raining hues on your lovely romance.Fluttering butterflies daintily professing your love has to be the best thing ever!

Pinky promises!

Love strives through endless promises of togetherness and eternity. Whispering these sweetly subtle yet evocative vows of affection and life long commitment are such an integral expression of emotions. What better than a pinky promise tattoo you ink yourself with to deliver the honesty with which you seek to continue through love? You may call it naievity, I call it #tattoogoals!


If your love is forever, so will be your tattoo. Happy loving!