Decoding your dog’s stare unto you ‘on loop’ while they gone and gotta poop!


Dogs aren’t man’s best friends for no reason at all. You have them on your back every time you are down, seriously uplifting your spirits even as you wallow in despair. And trust me, there’s obviously no feeling in this world that quite matches up to the cuddles you receive from your most faithful friend after a long and tiring day of toil and stress.

And yet, even as you reciprocate all that love for your furry friend with timely (and untimely) hugs and pats and cuddles, you will still find them greedy for more.

So much so that they refuse to leave your stare even when going about their ‘job’. Er, not their pursuit of ‘protecting’ you as such. But their all important task of attending to nature’s call!

Source: Imgflip

You might often have pondered about the kinda love that drives your canine to have those puppy eyes (literally, awww!) fixated on you even when you have no ‘power’ whatsoever on their ‘exertions’. Well, we might just have the answer to all your ponderings!



Multiple answers, actually. For unfortunately those cute bundles of joy cannot say exactly why they get into the staring business so intensely. It’s left for us to decipher!

The compulsive stare might arise out of a evolutionary trait that has them hooked by now after ages of taming. That essentially protective feeling which they encounter in your proximity might be one of the reasons behind that fixated look. Equally likely is the case in point that those puppy eyes might be pleading you for a reward for doing the ‘good job’.

Or it may even be an ask for approval as to whether their chosen spot is up to your liking, as per previous experience. After all, pets can ‘care’ in really, really weird ways, you see!

digging wiener dog GIF by Giatec Scientific

But mostly and prominently, the reason behind the stare might be more instinctual. Given that dogs are at their vulnerable best when they are taking a dump. And they might be banking on you to ‘rescue them from the dumps’, figuratively that!

Particularly defenseless and ‘exposed’ when they go about their business, that turn around to delve into your eyes might arise from the ‘need’ to feel protected and safe. That means its they who wants your back this time around.

So since you know now what that gaze is all about, you can do your best by staying calm and not doing anything that might set any precedent of danger. That’s all the support you can give to your love pup in such a time around!