Different Reader Personality Types!! What Kind Of Reader Are You?

types of book readers

The way you treat your books or the way you read is an indicator of what kind of reader you actually are. Yes, there are different personality types associated with reading. Sounds strange! Isn’t it? Well, you will be surprised to know that your reading habits may differ as per your persona, taste and mood and manners. Every reader has a different state of mind and is hooked to the books in their own unique way. Reading is something personal and based on the reading habit people or students are classified as bookworms, voracious readers, quick readers and more.

Well, you all must be aware of the most common types; let’s have you meet the few bizarre or out-of-the-ordinary ones which you have hardly heard of. There are a lot of folks out there who define a particular reading pattern and you might be the one from the list. Here we go:

The Quick Reader

They are into the flow and their impulse and impatience just doesn’t allow them to stop any sooner. They flip the pages like they are pretending but they are actually committed and are lost into the world of books. One can also classify them as mental readers and they might end up reading around 200-300 words per minute. Well, and they don’t compromise on anything when they are at it. It’s an undivided attention between the book and the reader at that point of time. They have mastered the art and science of reading. It is said that such readers are more creative and are usually associated with the writing world. They might be seen ripping through a new book every week. Their date with the book doesn’t last for long.

Digital Reader

They have shifted from being a physical reader to a digital reader and they swear by their beloved kindle. Their books have a new home or shelf called cyberspace. They look for books online and download e-books. But they have a different kind of reading experience as compared to the “physical books only” readers. They can’t sit at one place and enjoy flipping the pages. They have distractions because they are reading it on internet. Notifications, posts, texts and twitter handles keep humming to distract the digital readers. They are certainly not lifelong book lovers. It’s just the digital medium that keeps them hooked to the e-book content.

Bookworm or Book Lover

They have grown up with their nose in a book. By the time they reach their 20s, they might have covered every genre. Prose, poems, limericks, plays, acts, stories, novels and what not. They are highly indulged and nothing comes in their way of reading. Reading comes to them naturally and it’s like a morning basic for them. Reading is their life and lifestyle and there is no pretension about their reading. They have grown up with the books around them. Non-fiction OR historical; they have already absorbed a lot till they turn into a man or woman. As kids, they have grown up with the book’s characters.  They always have a couple of hundred books in their possession.

Snobby Reader

Well, you can think about Hermione Granger from Harry Potter to connect well with the ‘snobby reader’ type. Snobby readers know it all and can just judge anyone based on their knowledge and knack for books and authors. They know the literature quite well and have become a literary snob and feel that every other reader or every other text needs some improvement or correction. They present themselves as some version of intellect and look down upon others. Well, we would suggest one must avoid some snobs if you don’t want that negative vibes around you.

Weekend Binge Reader

This type of reader takes it easy and indulges into reading a book just for the sake of pleasure. They read because they want to relax and that they have ample time with them. They are not following any fad, trend or rat race to be classified into a reader’s category or anything like that. Such readers won’t be curious to get their hands on just anything that they come across. They haven’t set any goals or challenges for themselves. It’s just a plain weekend reading for fun.

The Loyalist or Author-specific types

Such readers genuinely have great knowledge about English literature, authors, play writers and poets. They are capable enough to choose from the author’s list and accordingly read the books. So, these readers are very much loyal and committed to their favourite writers. They might not be having a very heavy involvement but whatever it is; it is for their love for authors. The students or kids might be following their favourite authors’ page or profile on instagram, facebook etc. They could be having a club reader group that connects them to their favourite and age-old authors like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Jane Eyre and more.

The Compulsive Reader

Compulsive Reader
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Lot of curiosity and inquisitiveness keeps going on in the minds of compulsive readers. They would love to read anything that they come across. They are not very specific to what they like to read. Be it newspaper, fliers, magazine, Hindi, English, comic books or anything academic or non-academic; they would just lap up everything as they don’t have any literary dimensions. They can turn the pages of just anything. Even if it’s about reading the expiry date and instructions mentioned on some product; they would go ahead and read it for the sake of knowing it.  Inshort, they will read anything within their reach.


Irrespective of whether they would finish it; they will be busy collecting and buying the books from stores and available sources. There can be reasons enough like enjoyment, pleasure, fighting the boredom, killing the monotony and many more. That they would be reading the book or not is secondary to them. They just need to buy it for the sake of it. It’s highly convincing for them to buy a book and preserve it as a keepsake.

So, be honest and let us know which type of reader you are? You can also find your reader personality types taking help from our blog. Leave your comments and thoughts in the box.

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