Discovering the simpler side of a joyous life

“What do you do for a living?”

“I read. I travel. I love. I laugh.”

“No. How do you earn your bread?”

“Oh I work. But that’s not living.”

Happiness comes from the small pleasures of life. A little glitter here and a wide smile there, and you have aced that one time entity called life.

What’s the most vital thing for healthy living? You wouldn’t utter money right away. And while exceptions do exist, it is undeniable that money comes close to what we think when we dream about the good life.

Not to say that wealth doesn’t matter in your quest for a ‘happy’ life. Duh! Gone are the days of yore when spirituality was the essence of life.

Neither to think that we, as a human race, have degenerated. But evolution has led us on a path where materialism has been the prime focus. And while we cannot and do not neglect the joy generated by those crisp bills that sit daintily in your pocket, there are still stuff that can hold your heart and soul, and also your spirit.


Perhaps, the human mind has been designed to seek warmth and belongingness in whatever it does and feels. Affection is something that appeals to our heart, and while it is the body that needs the resources to live, our soul has quite a different dimension to it. It craves only for the stars and moon.


The joys of life are numerous, magic and charm rules the world of those who find pleasure in the tiniest of things. But the magic is not inherent, it is created by the soul who tides over all phases of life in his jovial mind and spirit.

There exist a multitude of things that can hold your spirit and your heart like no other. And while happiness is relative, there are certain common aspects that can be easily incorporated into what shapes up the contentment quotient.

Discover your life and live anew as you frolic along with the pleasures of life! Go figure!


What’s life without care? A chained existence is only a bondage. Undoubtedly, therefore, a free life is what the ultimate craving should be all about.

And it’s not that freedom is just an abstract notion. It is more concrete than you can ever imagine. Even art has explored this notion of the free life through its endeavors.

The 1995 epic war film ‘Braveheart’ remains to this date one of the finest manifestations of freedom in life and existence. Mel Gibson stars as the protagonist in his own directorial venture. William Wallace(Gibson)’s pursuit of freedom claims his life, when he embraces his freedom even while dealing with death.

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Such is the power exerted by freedom in the realm of the mortal mind. Ironic it is, for even the quest for immortality is a equally coveted desire. But perhaps not over a life free of all those chains of restrictions and subjugation.


Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s even a sensation. And you can be fully platonic with someone and yet share an embrace and caress that will sooth every inch of your being. Kissing is a stress reliever, and despite all the emotions it withholds, is also a physiological remedy.

A warm hug or a loving cuddle can seriously uplift your spirits even when you are going off color for the day. Specifically in art and the like, the warmth of physical comfort has been celebrated.

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Someone as enigmatic as Picasso himself had rendered a kiss an elevated ruling in the realm of everyday human pleasures. Indeed, an invaluable addition to the stuff that sums up the joys of life.


Mundanity ruins all things, even all that spark and spunk. No wonder then that life gets tiresome after a hectic day of stress and work. Turn to laughter- the ultimate remedy for all things drab and dull.

Indeed, a smile is enticing. And break into a laughter and all you will experience is pure bliss!


Music is essentially the ultimate way to unwind and while away all your worries and troubles. Even then, very often than not, mirth and giggles have found its way into melodies to inspire a universe of joy.

If you have witnessed Elvis Presley’s hilarious live rendition of Are You Lonesome Tonight, you will know what exactly laughter can induce. A melancholic melody transforming into an item of pure entertainment is the finest manifestation of what humor can endow you with.


In the midst of all the humdrum and din of trudging along with your existence, individuality takes a backseat. Self pampering is one of the ultimate requirements that long overhauls your pursuit of a perfect life.

It is only normal to feel down and out every now and then. But what is vital is that you emerge from it stronger than ever, so you continue to lead a life more fulfilling than before.

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For me, pampering one’s soul should be as crucial to your beauty as a makeup regime. This is where motivational quotes and writings come into the picture.

Everyone needs their dose of self potion. And if it endeavors to lead you on the path of self realisation and acceptance, you will only emerge richer.

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Living has never been a smooth sailing for anyone out there. And this makes it especially important for all those burdened minds to unload their despair.

Relaxing in some way or the other is necessary, not just for a revitalised existence, but also as simply another shot at self pampering. For, you owe much to this life that has let you bloom and prosper, even when you did not think that you deserve something as beautiful.


Take a detour to some mystifying abode or soak in some warmth as you bask under the soft glow of the sun, maneuver your mind through the corridors of music and beauty, whip yourself up some decadent treats, go twist or dance, scribble or doodle or paint or pen, dress up or down or or do just about anything that makes you carefree and happy.


This might sound insane, but it is actually one of those experiences that is very special to me. One of the most inconsequential pursuits of life, it seems. But my fluttering mind drives to places that would be outright outrageous in reality, dreaming up of situations that remain equally shrouded in fantasy.

Very often in literature, you encounter a brush with the world that can only be a parallel reality. And while this might come off as all complicated and such, my version is simpler. Delving into happenings that I desire to be lands me up in my own land of mystics and charm. Where I am the Queen and where everything suits my whim.


It has a particular way of soothing the nerves. And all along the day as I inevitably work on like most others, this particular moment of day dream liberates and charms me like no other.

Of course,  the wisdom of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series reflects thus: “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Dreams are not the truth often.

But, George Orwell’s 1984 has my heart when it is revealed ‘If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.’ It is that part of the unknown, something that is unattainable yet so very realistic that lures the soul into fantasy land.


This is the ultimate goal. Live your life, while it away, love, laugh and rule your world. Do all that makes you happy. And while you are at it in living the good life, do not starve your soul with mere individual pursuits. Let your empathy soar and experience the true joy as you venture out to reach those souls less privileged than you.

Altruism is a rare virtue in today’s world of makeshift love. And if you manage to touch upon some life in whatever little but positive way it might be, you have indeed succeeded in living the good life.

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After all, your moment of happiness involves you invariably, but what greater joy than having a companion to celebrate the goodness of your being. That’s what being kind endows you with. A feeling of unadulterated joy! The essence of life!