Why we must do what is right not what is easy to achieve our goals

do what is right not what is easy
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In the complexity of the many wants native to human desire, it sounds quite a lucrative proposition to yield into that effort that demands the least of you and grants you all the more for it. Judged as we are by how much laurels we have managed to collect in the course of life, it indeed is seemingly the most judicious of ways to lay claim to those goals that come to be a measure of who we are. It therefore is not surprising at the very least that we recourse to such means to success that are easy. And while not all easy paths to accomplishments are necessarily bad, forsaking doing what is right in pursuit of quick adulation can be damaging.

The belief in the universal adage that honesty is the best policy being reinstated time and again only seeks to strengthen the validation we explore when we say doing the right thing should always be priority. Unless of course in lucky no messing up by the universe, the right thing is also the easiest way to go about.

But there are certain perks to taking the right and hard path that even an accurate easy one does not necessarily lead us to. Because while easy might not particularly dwell in any negative connotation, there always is this chance that it will be frowned upon as being not too desirous. Like you know when they say you are the one to yield in easily, it does not always sound and feel right. There is a weird lacking of satisfaction in even a job well done if you accomplish it perfect with just minimal fuss. Taking the non easy path not only aggravates the accompanying feeling of gratification emerging out of your own efforts, it also does make your success taste a whole lot sweeter.

Doing the right thing also speaks of your courage and conviction. There likely isn’t a joy ever more satisfactory that what being a person of ideals will entitle you to. And when you set about doing things in the right way, it sets you up not just for a blissful success. It also allows you an opportunity to create such a chapter in your life that you can look back at and reflect on with some elevated level of self satisfaction.

Taking therefore the right way in pursuit of your goals will hold you in good stead for life and not just equip you with that current feeling of accomplishment. There wouldn’t be a regret looming large over you on the corresponding course of life if you display this affirmed belief in recoursing to the right at that particular point of time when you would be most susceptible of giving in to the lure of the arduous.

It also speaks volumes of your enterprising spirit when you choose the strenuous way forward in exploring the most important of your life’s goals. For a soul who is sure about what he wants that he will work his way up even the most uphill of treadings is a soul deeply dedicated. It is a strong belief in the conscience that he embarks about doing the best he can by not surrendering himself to easy propositions. It reinstates your identity as a person of substance, someone who remains unshakeable even in the face of challenges. Because not everyone can dare to see the doldrums and not abandon their pursuit of what life means to them.

Doing what is right not what is easy is also as essential in being the first step to a more matured existence. In forming the foundation of a life that chooses to always walk upon the honest route, it influences greatly your perception of yourself and the life you live. Because it is upon you to consciously choose your preferred mode of existence that you tend to embrace the path that resonates with your ideals of the righteous first and accomplishment later.

Now while the end vision is indeed one driven by the lookout for success, it’s important to not let oneself fall prey to the many lurking baits out there. What with self validation being far more important than the judgmental applause from others, it is safe to say that in choosing to do the right you feed the positive feel abut yourself. In sticking however to the easy as a prelude to some malicious fakeries of lauding, what you would be doing is feeding the ego of yourself and the bickering of others.

As a person of character, your doing of the right thing is a precedent of your worth as an individual. In allowing your conviction to gain priority of even your worth of the self measured by achievements, you are moulding your person in a manner that speaks the worthiest of things about you. And while that might be a hard reality to comprehend in the humdrum of every paranoid utterance obsessed with the glitz and the glam, it truly is one most resolute in your standing as an unflinching soul.

But inspite of our strong rooting, this conviction of meticulously staying put in the right path should be foremost a matter stemming out of your own person to remain an individual of substantial self restraint. Staying committed to your ideals even as you seek out your life goals as resolutely as possible is more a matter of self realisation than it is of reasoning. The key here is to not let your spirits quiver in seeking the easy way out for fear that it is already too late for you. Equally liabiling should be your steadfastness even in the face of hurdles. Your utter belief in doing what you do, no matter how complicated or uphill a task it might seem, is never the end to your life. But it sure is an essential means to it.

For everyone too concerned about measuring the quality of life in terms of accomplishments, the road seldom taken can be the ideal detour provided in addition to being right, it also is as effective. Like there’s no use taking the easy path if it is not right enough, there sure is no point either in embarking on the righteous route if it does not serve to help you achieve what you had set about in achieving. Beating about the bush is never a feasible option, irrespective of how stay put you are to realising that effect.

Important therefore it is to strike a fine balance between your desires and your capabilities. While aiming for the stars is not an unfathomable proposition, it always is best to stick to such dreams that falls in line with your calibre. That way, you don’t have to flinch from doing what is right to eke an easy way out to your goals, thereby easing out the possibility of a potential clash. Because what matters in the end is a life well lived with such goals that only enhance your existence and not be the hampering force behind it.

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