Onward we embark: a hope for the future with ‘vaccine prodigy’ Bharat Biotech

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It’s not everyday in the real world that you get to hear of the genius stemming from a scientific mind translate as effectively as a lesson in entrepreneurship so as to emerge into an institution of its own. And yet in achieving exactly this rare duality by tackling what can well be called a cross boundary conundrum of sorts is an Indian scientist and his organisation that has been gracing headlines for more than two decades now. But perhaps this shot at purposeful reclamation of a laurel well deserved would never be more eulogized than in the present context when Bharat Biotech has set about in doing what was deemed the unthinkable.

For folks well versed in the biotechnology scenario of India, Bharat Biotech is no any new encounter. For novices though, the breakthrough this giant in the country’s pharmaceutical scene is professing to explore makes it also no any stranger a proposition in the current times. In developing what would be India’s first indigenous COVID vaccine, Bharat Biotech definitely is ushering in a new ray of hope and evoking such responses that back it to find a definitive or at least a potential cure for the pandemic that has been terrorising humanity at large.

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This however isn’t by any means means the first time that Bharat Biotech has been courting public scrutiny of such magnitude. As one of the leading manufacturers of innovative vaccines and bio- therapeutics in India since 1996, the Hyderabad based company has established a name for itself with its massive curative legacy. This we say not just as a testament to the company’s claim to have delivered around 3 billion vaccine doses throughout the world. Rather, it is the conviction in the many strains of dedication, talent and innovation characterising Bharat Biotech that drives us to such a resounding conclusion of its effectiveness. For in fact, while such diseases that which already had accountability for as far as cure was concerned was brought also under their purview by Bharat Biotech, the company also attained breakthrough in producing vaccines against such viruses that held tremendous potential of wreaking havoc in the public health sector of the world by emerging to be deadly pandemics.

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Be it the development of Eco-friendly recombinant Hepatitis B and a naturally attenuated strain derived Rotavirus vaccine called ROTAVAC, Bharat Biotech has been the name that has stood out foremost in its series of firsts endeavours. As also one of the firsts to file global patents for developing vaccines against such viral diseases like Chikungunya and Zika as well as Japanese Encephalitis, this India based company dwells in a credibility native only to a select few enterprising companies in the world. And while all such accomplishments indeed are something that owes its realisation to probings by a host of scientific minds backed by proper research stemming from scientific education and technology, there also is at play a parallel notion of business likeness that drives scientific geniuses to direct their efforts and energy to such pursuits that aren’t just phenomenal, expanding therefore to produce and deliver such means that cater to the larger problems ruling existence altogether at the moment.

And the enterprising spirit that saw Bharat Biotech all through its inception, growth and dominance is surprisingly but very conveniently a scientist himself. Dr. Krishna M. Ella, the man behind Bharat Biotech International Limited is an Indian scientist from Tamil Nadu. A graduate in Agricultural Sciences and a Master’s from the University of Hawaii, Dr. Ella is one of the pioneers in the field of molecular research in India. With also a doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and further teaching and research experience at the Medical University of South Carolina-Charleston, Dr. Ella began exploring his norms as one steeped in the scientific pursuit. In conceptualising a vaccine for the then dreaded Hepatitis disease, Dr. Ella discovered a common route that could well translate his scientific experiences into something that could cater to the welfare of the masses. In striking a balance between a brilliant mind and the harbourings of an enterprising spirit, Bharat Biotech came into being in 1996 as a pioneering biotechnology company that concentrated not on combating competitors but rather on fighting such diseases that have been eluding a cure for quite some time now.

Along with his wife Suchitra K. Ella, Dr. Ella successfully built up a company that understands its finances as fluent as it stand in its ethics with its committed belief in science. With an extensive focus on research and development, Bharat Biotech began pioneering many a scientific breakthroughs that led it to its present position of prominence in the world. In producing international quality vaccines at affordable prices, Bharat Biotech sure is a company that places the prerogatives of welfare more in sync with the world view. Also in developing such vaccines that attempt to be as chemicals free as possible, in fact being only the second company in the world to have manufactured mercury-free vaccines for Hepatitis-B, Bharat Biotech have firmly established its priority in perspective.

It’s indeed then a tale of convictions as it is of foresight that have made this Indian giant be the indelible impression that it is today in the eyes of the world. With a constant focus on such innovative advances in medical sciences through such technology that has been the result of a comprehensive thrust on policies relying on thorough research to develop products that hold the potential to benefit mankind as a whole, Bharat Biotech has done what very few can only conceive of doing in pursuit. And it only is a result of such concerted efforts that can very well grant this world leader the distinction of yet another milestone- of developing an effective COVID 19 vaccine in all probability, for the greater good of India and the world. Fingers crossed!