Dreamy literal depictions of a full moon night


A full moon night is one of the most enchanting periods of time as the vibes of ethereal brightness awash a sky filled with blackness of every hue with such a sheer radiance that the whole surrounding seems to literally glow with high positivity. Be it the romantic movie songs, blissful poems or magical fairytales, the full moon has been depicted by creative artists as an object of fantasy that could lure the human mind with a dreamy state of wonder. Meanwhile, the full moon with its heavenly luminous whiteness can satiate the visual pleasures of an onlooker to its highest degree so most of us would gaze at it with eyes fully opened in delight. As poets, storytellers and singers would give voice to the inexpressible wonder that the brightness of a full moon stirs in our mind, the literal compositions that is made with reference to the full moon is always deeply lauded and enjoyed by all. The most significant aspect is that a full moon gives rise to different thoughts in various minds according to the moods they are in or the types of imagination that they like to make in their head. Here are some of the popular dreamy literal depictions of a full moon night-

Inspire as a beacon of hope

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With its superb bright rays of light amidst a steep background of darkness, a full moon literally represents itself as a picture of solace deeply in the sub-conscious mind of an individual who is deep longing for something or someone. When a full moon with its sparkling shine can lighten a black night sky vividly, it signals a hope in the minds of a person that in some way or the other a ray of positivity or a small form of miracle would enter their lives and transform their bad situations into a highly positive one. The beauty of a full moon in a dark sky signifies that bad times do not last forever and can transform into a period of happiness with the passage of time just as the celestial object which serves as a beacon of hope to the inhabitants of Earth goes through various phases to reach its highest and brightest phase. If you are in an upset state for some reason, do full moon gazing whenever this period comes. It will enhance your mood and instill positivity in you. Meanwhile, make sure that you take some good shots of the full moon night so that the magical as well as the bewitching pictures inspires you to be your brightest version of yourself the next time you see it when scrolling through the gallery of your mobile phones

Refuel your deep passions

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Bollywood has romanticize full moon night with its songs and many of them have turned superhits and people always listen to these songs quite often to soak themselves in an imaginary world of comfort and happiness that the soothing and passionate music, dreamy lyrics and the lovely voices of the singers helps in concocting. Besides films, poets and storytellers also uses the dreamy yet strikingly ethereal bright vibes of the full moon as a medium to give birth to their own imaginary desires or kindle the emotions of love between the characters present in their creative work. These beautiful compositions that are composed in an artistic manner by the creative artists resonates deeply with the unspoken and unexpressed words of a reader due to which they enjoy reading it thoroughly. Being a source of brightness, a full moon arises moods of longing and blooms the passionate emotions extremely. For this reason, gazing at the full moon from your balcony or terrace is a wonderful way to soak in the pleasures of nostalgia remembering the bygone days of happy times spend in your childhood, the lovely memories that you created together with the love of your life and the list may go on and on somewhere in the depths of your mind. On the other hand, the glow of the full moon will refuel your passions and instill the hope in you to strive hard for yourself for creating a better tomorrow or achieve the life that you have been always dreaming. The bright rays of the moon against the backdrop of pitch darkness will renew your heart with a new flame of love and inspire you to take the step of sorting out any arguments with your partner so that your love story can be a real life fairytale of tomorrow which enthralls others

A place of fantasy

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Most fairytales, kids’ storybooks or lullabies have epitomized the full moon as a place where every sort of childish desire can be fulfilled and where unknown or unheard fantasies and a deep sense of peace prevails. If you point the source of a full moon to a baby, he /she will look at it with wide-eyed wonder innocently and these cute moments can melt anyone’s heart and bring a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, toddlers and little kids can tailor their own sort of fantastical imaginations around the full moon which always remains a mystery as they would never ever reveal it to grown-ups out of shyness. When we really learn the science behind the moon and know what this celestial body really is, we still cannot help but let our inner child get lost in the mysteriously marvelous beauty of the moonlight and enjoy every sort of literal composition that has been made around it and derive blissfulness mentally.