Baby faced beyond the baby phase

babyface effect

It perhaps is universal- the universal human love for babies, not just those that appeal as being one of our own, whether as a matter of species or in a more personal note, but also all babies in general, of animals and birds and insects and so on and so forth, baby buds maybe even. The whys behind this empirical tendency to experience a surge of the emotions running through the human awareness can also be generalised in as much accuracy. Not allowing some of us who do not really fancy a liking for babies much of a scope to disrupt this rather prominent universality, since they happen to be only in the minority, it indeed is certain that there is something about the visage of babies that lead one and all to go aww at each sighting of every one of them. And that certain something indeed is what classifies as a baby face- in all the aesthetics of the big round eyes and a flat round face, a small chin and a little nose, plump lips and long eyelashes, that which conjures up already visions of endearment, it is no surprise that babies have the monopoly when it comes to partaking of the unconditional, unbiased love of the world.

The aesthetics sure is what makes us adore babies despite their more than often raucous cries and absence of the peeing and pooping ethics or even that audacity to arrogantly refuse to acknowledge as much as our very existence but the baby faced effect extends to people much grown up as well. The baby face beauty might be a stereotype that you might absolutely loathe at some point of time and immensely love at another but despite its established seating in the echelons of the aesthetical awareness, the innocent looking ‘faux babies’ of the world are potent of eliciting such responses from the world to their advantage that makes this whole face thing harbouring of a potential beyond their sphere of residing among the looks. For centuries in time, the baby faced existences of the world have been enjoying of certain ‘privileges’ even they perhaps aren’t likely aware of. But stemming as it does from the human biasness towards anything cute, and specifically when it is cute by babyish standards, babies and baby faces alike have forever earned the faith of the world.

Emblematic indeed of youthful enough a disposition, as is suggested by the very identity of it in name, baby faced appearances are set around, not rather loosely as well, such standards of appearance as large, wide set eyes, high eyebrows, a large forehead and cheeks and smaller jaws. Such description of what emerges commonly as a notion of physical beauty are relevant indeed in all that essence of prettiness, sparking so often as it does reiterations of how one looks much, much younger than their actual age with baby facedness being their adjectifying beauty. You elicit so much out of that bestowing in extended youth, saving yourself the bucks from not having to constantly take care of the aging signs as well as resting in the privilege of having a far wider fashion collection to explore. Of course, you are what they call ‘naturally beautiful’ and that already makes you more attractive, expanding your dating options and your suitor choice at the outset, though how long it fends good for you in pursuit of a life long commitment or a stable relationship falls on factors ungoverned by the mere bless of that babyish beam of the face. Nevertheless, one still would be more ‘entitled’ to feel good assertions of the physical, or let’s dare to say sometimes and somewhat superficial kind, by their mere baby faced identity. Beyond the looks but still physical enough perks of this youthful exuberance that you come to retain beyond your prime could be such startling revelations as enhanced longevity in general and lesser health worries, as for example lower blood pressure levels for women.

But physical isn’t the only way this physical still trait of some humans work to assert itself as being indeed the most desirable of appearances universally coveted in its pleasantness. Rested in the common workings of the subconscious realm of humans is a very definite biasness towards baby faces, that are exclusively associated with positivity in different aspects of it as well. Not only are baby faced people considered as innocent, judged wholly on the pretext of looks but they are also regarded as being more honest and trustworthy, as well as warmer and kinder than the rest of us lesser humans indeed. This makes them therefore viewed as being more charismatic, radiating in a glow of all attributes very pleasant, tending to churn up an image rather subconsciously though, as harbouring of such personalities that appeal in being approachable as well as more likeable and much familiar and definitely more than friendly enough. Not confined though to just raking up of such feelings in very subtle but assertive mannerisms, the baby faced effect works also in terms of arousing a very basic instinct of nurturing and protection by depicting bearers of such beauty in a light that plays upon the naivety of babies to make them come across as more helpless in themselves and therefore evoking an urge in enhanced responsibility from the ones around them.

But this placing in enhanced positivity is also what makes baby faced people more likely to be among the silent brooders in society. Particularly in their regarding as less culpable to crimes and wrongdoings, people who deviate from the more universal adult visage even beyond their period of youth tend to be aggravating their ‘prospects’ of pursuing the crime route. More likely to emerge as the unruly elements of society are these embodiers of childlike beauty who unduly benefit from the trust blindly placed upon them at large. That might be somewhat ironic because a particular 2012 attempt to reduce crime in a certain area of London by painting cute and endearing baby faces along the shutters of shops yielded positive results. Deriving perhaps from the instinctive leaning to shield babies from harm of any kind when under our care, or even casually in our placing had been this success of an experiment that reinforces the large world view of positivity accruing to any characteristic somewhat babyish. And yet, it is along such grounds of generality, in such complacence that has us believe that this universality would be sustained that make the world less prone to viewing baby faced people as as culpable of crime as the rest of us. It therefore is in this assurance of their benignity, inferred from their looks through centuries long interpretation of what certain appearances are representative of despite being fully aware of the underlying ploy of deceit possibly perpetrating through them that gives such patterns of the aesthetic the upper hand in skilfully evading detailed scrutiny. Not only in being lesser susceptible to their prying examination under the radar but also in successfully defending their case even in rather strong cases of conviction, baby faced people tend indeed to be rather strongly placed in their fortune by virtue of something so often proclaimed in its sidelining as appearance.

This viewing of baby facedness in a softer light of personification though might span out sometimes as a disadvantage. Stemming from the same basis as their image in relative innocence is a weak some attribute that this category of human appearances has been subject to all throughout the history of evolution. Because they are generally regarded as naive and more dependent in their helplessness in conformity to essentially baby characteristic of which they are encompassing, baby faced people are also more often viewed as weaker and submissive or even as lesser competent. Less likely to be taken seriously due to this perceivable standing in inadequacy or even immaturity And while that is an attribute that can seriously derail political campaigns and leadership hankerings of this tribe of people showering in their fountain of youth, the other way working of this stereotyping of personality can be as ironic as what drove their chances of venturing into crime. In definite attempts to shrug of this yet again universal bias of what characterise their identity in some negativity, as in such concerns that seriously undermine their potential in person, baby faced folks might have even evolved to be overachievers instead, driven to such extent of efforts that has them achieve positive results, perhaps in the extreme. In fact this extremity might even be as inherent a trait of baby faced beings, that which can also explain their propensity to crime, asserting therefore as both positive and negative manifestation of them albeit in such accounts that society holds to the contrary.

Like its tendency to dwell in extreme ends of the spectrum irrespective of the dimension it comes to explore, the essence of the selective baby faced characteristic that some humans come to encompass as part of their physicality might be an exploration in some extent of exaggeration. Aggravated more prominently in the psychological basis of it vis-a-vis the physiological is this evolutionary indeed cut of the face that occurs though as purely visible a physicality across the human fore and even beyond. It makes though for a rather interesting fact that despite their prejudiced occurrence along the appearances of only some of our species, the evolutionary mechanism in which baby facedness has come to be a distinct enough appropriation of the facial construction of even the adults among us though is more general or correspondingly less biased in its working ethics. Evolutionarily, or rather technically perhaps, all human beings are essentially baby faced to some extent. The reiteration might be more pronounced in some of us than others but in our general residing along larger heads and bigger eyes and rounder faces and smaller chins, all of us are more baby faced than any of our counterparts in the animal world. That means that perhaps each one of us is likely viewed more favourably by our pet companions, if not by our peers in our only slight babyishness. And that itself is a cause for rejoice, because true love indeed is more likely to pertain to the domain of the four legged than the two hands and two legged and often two faced us.