Real vampires of a realer world

energy vampire

Straight from the realm of the fictional or a cult of the world of fantasy, a vampire is the last of things one would expect to encounter in this modern world seemingly far beyond the reach of such occurrences of the occult. And while contemporary references of real life vampires of that terrifying blood sucking reputation are thankfully non existent, there still exist another assertion of these creatures among us, disguised as one among the many humans sucking out not blood but instead the energy out of everyone they come to connect with. Leaving therefore their contacts drained of life itself by sapping all energy and enthusiasm out of them in a manner not apparently as threatening in its physicality as what the most famous of the Bram Stoker’s creation was so menacing in, energy vampires still are as much toxic forces to beware of even in the real precincts of this as real world.

The very concept of energy vampire comes across as a revelation in that they might not be exactly identifiable. Because these people are not always sapping off energies and enthusiasms as part of their agenda in malicious intention but can at times tend also to be as unaware of the effect the very assertion of their nature might yield on others. As emotionally immature and self centered people who do not squander away any opportunity at unloading themselves into the initially willing ears of others, they leave their listeners and acquaintances drained of all their emotional faculties by very extent of their never ending blabber often in negativity. Pessimists mostly and egoistic and manipulative often a times in their intentional delivering of the unpleasantries or sometimes just a bit too talkative and self absorbed as well in their occurring as those not exactly conversant with the extent of their own ‘power’, energy vampires though universally allude to the identifying essence of them being overwhelming of those they bombard with their own obnoxious almost energy in coming across sometimes as downright irritating or at other times as a bit too friendly to be true. And therein rests the most elementary trait of their identification- whether it be a friend or colleague, someone from your social circle or worse, someone even in the family, energy vampires necessarily evict all energy out of you every single time you manage to land up in their trap of incessant bombarding with all things negative. In such nefarious inclinations of them or rarely ignorant premises of their working, these are people who embodies within themselves all things toxic and tiring and deliver the true essence of such attributes upon the people they end up interacting with often in a very calculated ploy of drawing their unsuspecting victims.

Exhausting of the energy reserves of others while continuing to brim themselves with all enthusiasm, feeding as they do on the life essence of their peers or colleagues or friends or whoever else it might be that they drain are these energy vampires that play out as both physical and emotional shows in their draining act. Whether it is in leaving you overwhelmed or mentally drained or even driving you to such experiences of the negative emotions as anger and frustration or sadness or in leaving you with those classic unsettling signs of sweaty hands, an erratically beating heart or that uneasy feel of the nausea, it sure is not very difficult to single out such energy sappers of one’s life. Manifesting though in a wide variety of their kind, sometimes as the very evident pessimist or the out and out narcissist, the overly dramatic or the woefully victimised, the passive aggressive or the constant critic, or even the somewhat subtle but equally demanding dictates of the validation seeker and so on and so forth across every range of toxic behavior imaginable, energy vampires might be not that difficult to spot but tackling them in your own matured way or even eliminating them from your life calls for a considerable exercise of caution and control.

Dealing with people who exhibit these classic traits of draining as a necessary aspect of their personality, no matter how charming or pleasant they might be outwardly or how blatantly ‘ungood’ they might emerge to be, makes for a case in restraining one’s own self than trying to interfere with the toxic flow of the outsider’s behaviour. Because as someone who feeds off the unassuming goodness of those humane enough to lend people a listening ear or grant them place in their life, these vampires of realer concern do not really allow much scope for ‘negotiation’. The onus rests therefore on those unfortunately finding themselves in this dark web of these creatures one would be inclined to mark as otherworldly to deliberately, consciously and diffidently cut them out of their arena in existence so that they are not impaired in their own experience in life and living out of the toxic entailing of others. From impairing the quality of one’s living across all spheres of realisation to negatively impacting crucial definers of productivity and professionalism as well as their social and emotional faculties, it is imperative for victims of energy vampires to set definite and rigid boundaries to preserve their own identity and intention in fruitful living.

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The first step to reverse this experience of the unsettling overwhelms threatening to leave one with a life defunct is to identify the source of the draining experience. That is, to single out not just the energy vampire but also the category to which they pertain so as to take a singular course in their dealing. From completely shutting out the ever so toxic ones forever immersed in their own selves to not entertaining the fancies of the dramatic ones and ignoring those who strive to command control over your space and so on and so forth, energy vampires need to be effectively catered to in all their varying claims upon toxicity so as to render redundant the effect of their desire in exploitation.

Even beyond the identification of the type of energy vampire you’re dealing with, it is equally important to be sure of the extent of the dampening effect they have upon your levels of energy afterward. Because as toxic the impact on your person stemming from a life sapping force is the erroneous judgement of someone not actually behaving to that effect. Sometimes a person might feel taxing to you for reasons like some misunderstanding or some biased perception between you, whether that be an assumption on your part driven by your own unfavourable circumstances or availed instead out of a patch that the other one is going through and that which might have made them come across as negative in general. Analysing the frequency and surety of the not very conducive state of existence that encounters like those actually availing out of an energy drainer characterise upon your living is a very important step in the path towards counteracting the untoward vibes of them.

In any case of elimination or at least restricting your unbounded access to these energy zappers call for being imposing in the setting of the boundaries, not allowing for any manipulation on their part to loosen your own stance and discount your experience of discomfort in certainty for long. It is important to remember as toxic agents of their own stemming, these are people well endowed with the tricks of persuasion to further their selfish interest through effective pleading and stuff. Foiling the very basis of the toxicity draining you of all energy and life every time you chance upon them calls for being resolute in your judgement derived from a definite understanding of their not at all entertainable persona.

Energy vampires encountered at the workplace call for even more substantial and pronounced actions to be taken in their dealing. In draining you of your energy and hampering your productivity by tending to also occupy much of your time through indulgence in worthless pursuits in alarming regularity, such toxic forces interfering with your professional life can end up spelling doom for your whole career. Whether it be in the guise of gossip or something just banter instead, the right rests exclusively with you when determining whether or not that energy invades your life toxically enough to warrant action. Of course, trying to help them out of their situation in helplessness counts as action beneficial on the part of both but if they are not willing to relent and seek instead even toxic modes of indulging your person like sending you off on guilt trips instead then the only and absolute way out is to sever all ties with them and in no uncertain terms of that as well. Cutting them short in their conversation of the pointless round references should also count no matter how absolutely rude it might seem to deride acceptable notions of courtesy. And given how the victims of energy vampires tend to be such people coming across as genial and sensitive and emotional since they are less likely to be blunt in their response to anyone as part of their very nature, this approach in abrupt ending of emotionally draining conversations needs to command even more attention particularly in the workplace when any sapping of your energy means that you are left less competent to do the job for which you are there in the first place.

Energy vampires might not always come across as unreasonable since in their assimilation of such character traits that involve definite use of the brain’s logic, they are more than adept in coming up with seemingly well founded ‘sermons’ in their favor. And this is exactly what makes them difficult a kind of people to deal with first because you cannot really argue with them both in their employment of judgement and in their untiring effort in proving their cause however shallow that might be and most importantly because even the most casual, fleeting encounters with them drain you enough emotionally to leave you devoid of any energy to recognise even the need to act against their might. Backtracking from the toxic trail of these energy vampires lurking there very evidently out in the open is a serious life goal that one needs to pursue if one is to live indeed life in all of one’s optimum energy and enthusiasm across both emotional and physical experiences of it.