Everyday things we never knew the exact use of

things we do not know the real use of

The human mind is a complex yet interesting creation. No two minds think the exact same thing, no matter how connected by the soul they might be. Naturally then, each thing devised by diverse minds have different understanding about how they should be functioning. While that would indeed be puzzling, it also is somewhat amazing. Because all throughout our life we use certain things we don’t know the exact use of. And yet we come up with such logical working mechanism describing the same that isn’t blatantly outrageous. That stems from the innate human intellect, accurately or otherwise. But it’s essential to know the reality no matter how perfect a fantasy we might be living. To give you a reality check and a more appropriate response to everyday life situations, here’s a list of ordinary things and the real uses for which they saw the light of day-

Two toned eraser

Two toned eraser
Source: AmoMedia

Years through our school life and we always thought those erasers that came in double tones were somewhat different. Indeed they are but not in the way we thought. While the colored part of these erasers was assumed to erase away ink, we frustratedly discovered that this wasn’t the case. Because more we tried to get rid of the ink marks, more would the color smudge, leaving quite a messy, ugly impression.

Sounds legit when you discover that they weren’t intended to erase off ink marks at all! The colored side of such erasers are also meant to erase pencil marks but on some different type of paper. There exist some very sensitive artist’s paper that tear at the slightest hint of friction. Hence these specially designed colored erasers were designed to come to the rescue in such cases. But to think that these blue erasers would not be custom made for ink marks somewhat tragically ruins our childhood!

Tiny jeans pockets

fifth pocket jeans
Source: Quora

Some consider it as fashion, others joke about it being holder for the coins. But very few of us know about the real reason why our denims invariably feature a smaller pocket. Significant in its usage so much so that it even has a name- the fifth pocket, this tiny holder harbours ancient utility. Back in the times when jeans were the standard apparel of gold miners, the fifth pocket was exclusively meant for pocket watches to reside. Because these pocket watches were expensive, they had to be carried along carefully. The tiny size of the fifth pocket ensured that pocket watches could easily slip into them and stay put there, intact.

Holes in pan handles

Holes in pan handles
Source: Shareably

This one seems like a no brainer. Like obviously, pans come with handles that feature an enclosed opening so that you can hang them to dry off when not in use. While this indeed is true, this isn’t the only reason behind these holes. Because cooking calls for stirring and stuff with spoons and ladles, the hole here is also intended for that purpose. The handle come designed with an appropriately spaced hole that is just fitting enough for your ladle to go through. Which means not only you don’t have to scrounge for additional space, you also don’t have to sweat it out over the cooking mess.

Side holes in Converses

Side holes in Converses
Source: Cosmo.ph

While Converses are one of the most popular types of sneakers ever, they aren’t just the casual types. Also widely popular among basketball players, Converses has forever baffled us with an extra pair of lace holes. Sported on the side of each shoe, these side holes are assumedly a fashion addition. But in reality they bear greater ‘depth’ and substance than what you and I envision. These two holes also are meant for laces to go through them. However this isn’t a casual style parlance.

Specifically meant for such activities and sports that require a lot of running and stuff, these additional holes would mean more space for the laces to remain in place and not obstruct the wearer’s movement with tangled laces while at play. They lend greater support to the wearer’s ankles while otherwise these spare holes also help in air flow to the shoes so that they don’t smell nasty.

Blue bristles on toothbrushes

While toothbrushes indeed do look more morningsy and all with their colorful encompassment of blues and greens, this isn’t the primary reason behind the multitude of hues. Quite wondrously, the blue bristles on toothbrushes tend to wear away earlier than the other hued ones. More precisely, these blue bristles roughly fade away around the same time when toothbrushes need to be ideally replaced. Now that’s quite an ingenious way of getting you to conform to demands of oral hygiene with the aesthetics!

Ballpoint pen cap holes

Years of doodling around with ballpoint pens and all we could thank them for is their amazing versatility. Or so we thought. But these humble refillable pens think for us more than what we thank them for. The caps of these pens almost unfailing features a small hole which many assume is to prevent the ink from drying out. That cannot be the case however logically even when we think of it as the only plausible explanation.

The thought that goes behind these holed pen caps is somewhat more noble. Given how commonly people, specially kids tend to chew on them, it isn’t surprising if they get accidentally swallowed. And in unfortunate situations like these, the holes would likely serve you for life. The hole will ensure that even with a cap stuck in your throat, your lungs would still get some air. So much to keep us breathing inspite of all our callousness!

Metal studs on jeans

It isn’t just the fifth pocket jeans amaze us with. The very prominent metal presences on every pair of denim are also equally functional assets. Called rivets, these tiny metal pieces sure do up every pair swankily. But the reason why they are there is not subject to the demand of the aesthetics. These rivets are strategically placed in areas where the jeans tend to fall apart from in most instances from too much exertion when worn in labour. To therefore prevent them from tearing apart at the seams, jeans sport such metal studs as also an added fashion element.

Pom poms on beanies

A winter staple and one that has you feeling cosy and looking cute, the beanie is a blessing. Equally prominent as the beanie at times when the chill gets real is the pom pom it never comes without. The pom pom indeed is much of the reason why wearing a beanie isn’t frowned upon. But ahead of being another sensible fashion element, the pom pom also has its own legacy to guard.

Native to Norway, the beanie was intended to protect the ears against the severe cold. The pom pom dangling therefrom was sewn to the top and held the seams together in one place. So the pom pom indeed is fashion- without it your beanie would just come undone making you an unstylish mess. Fashion interwoven with functionality- no wonder beanies are best sellers. Just for the record though, the pom poms might have indeed lent the beanie its name with its distinctive bean like shape! That’s too much onus on a pretty pom pom of so small a size indeed!

Side margins on notebooks

Side margins on notebooks
Source: Pinterest

Another back to school basics wonder, even the side margins on notebook bear greater purpose than the obvious. While margins unfailingly makes us write within limits and thereby maintain some discipline, this again is a tale residing in ancientries. In olden times when rats and rodents were humongous menaces, it wasn’t just epidemics and pandemics that they dawned upon human civilisation. These tiny pests also chewed off sides of papers with ravenous appetite. Which means valuable information might have got lost if anyone tended to stretch from one extreme end to the other. Thoughtful manufacturers therefore started marking pages with enough spaced margins to prevent such loss. Over time, rodents somewhat perished but the margins persisted. All to good effect of course- remember those times when the neatness incorporated through these margins earned you a few extra points in the toughest of exams?

Detachable headrests in cars

Detachable headrests in cars
Source: EVOKE.ie

We all know what a headrest is for. Specifically in driving, we cannot do without them. Whether you pine on it for comfort or rely on it to maintain your alert posture, these adjustable headrests however also are fully detachable. The rationale behind this mechanism is also not one bereft of logic even when it might be somewhat far fetched. But that isn’t totally unrealistic though. Because the headrest sits on two metal bars, they are made detachable to help you in survival. In extreme cases like when you happen to be locked up inside the car with no means of escape, the least you can do is use these sturdy bars as weapon to shield away the glass. Which completely makes sense when you understand how frightening a prospect this one can be.

Black dot behind iPhones

The revered breed of smartphones that they are, iPhones need to do at least something unique and distinctive. And one such distinctive feature of an iPhone is the tiny black dot between the lens and flash in the behind. That tiny hole is in fact a microphone that allows for better sound quality while recording videos. Specifically when you are making videos with the back camera, it is this additional mic that lends you a superior sound. The way it does this is by eliminating background noise or by muting out the buzz of a crowd. Trust Apple to come up with such minute detailing to emerge as a different class of its own!

Top holes of running shoes

Top holes of running shoes
Source: 9Gag

While a Converse would sport an extra pair of holes on the sides, running shoes sport a pair at the top. That again is something interpreted as a fashion element when in reality it is purely functional. These also are lace holes meant for laces to go in and out of to specifically cater to individual needs. In fact runners can lace their shoes in a number of ways depending on how they insert them through the two additional holes. The way of tying the shoes work wonders in lending customised support to people on the run so that they can sprint along at ease.

Pin hole on padlock bottom

Pin hole on padlock bottom
Source: ALOT Living

The bottom of padlocks doesn’t just have the lock feature there; there also is a tiny hole sideways. The pin hole might be barely there but that does not mean it has no purpose whatsoever. In fact, that bottom hole can save you the bucks on another padlock when your current one gets damaged. It is through this hole that you can oil your padlock so that it performs smoothly. But even beyond that, this minuscule opening has a dual function. The hole helps liquid drain out of the padlock if somehow water manages to get inside it. Either way though, the pin hole ensure efficient functioning of the padlock.

Triangles of the Toblerone

One of the most premier dark chocolates from Switzerland, the country famous for its chocolates, the Toblerone is a delight. In its rich taste as well as in its prominent triangles, the chocolate bar is an exquisite sweet treat. But contrary to popular perception, the bar isn’t shaped into perfect triangles to resemble the famous Swiss Alps. Even when it seems like just the perfect encompassment of two iconic names, the shape of the Toblerone is more about geometry than geography. As a rich treat not meant to be devoured all at once, the triangles help with even chunks of the bar for a more enriching delectable experience. There even is a specific snapping mechanism in place- you are supposed to press on the end of one piece with your thumb toward the piece beneath for the perfect sweet serving!