How to Become a Hands-on Dad during The Lockdown

fathering during lockdown

There has been a sea of challenges during the pandemic and the lockdown. People are figuring out new ways to work, stay at home, keeping fit and parenting. Yes, parenting must not take a toll on the fairer sex and fathers must share or take away some of the anxiety out of his spouse.

The children are definitely away from schools but not away from the schools responsibilities. So, there is a strange new routine that is affecting everyone in the family especially women. Doubling up the work with kids as well as kitchen isn’t that cool with the ladies clan. Well, in such a scenario, it is very important for the dads to acknowledge the situation and problems in the first place and then donning the hat of a doting dad.

Different Ways You Can Spend Time With Kids

We know this has come unexpected but without being harsh on male species, we just mean that sharing some responsibilities in terms of handling the child can go a long way in making peace. Here is what you can do:

Be a loving dad

Yes, it all starts with love, acceptance and affirmation. You need to look into the positive traits of your child and appreciate them and praise them for their achievements. Little praises for their homework, drawings, presentations and speech recitations can make your child feel good and handle the stay-at-home time better and with much ease.

Find some time to teach

The lockdown is giving you an ample opportunity to spend time with your kids. Isn’t it? Bank upon it and have a chance to teach the basic values, lessons and even course related stuffs to your kids. Don’t outsource a teacher, nanny or online tutor to relegate your responsibility. Handle your kid all by yourself and get involved in their school projects, activities and homework. Read them a book, bedtime stories or even newspapers headlines and encourage them for speech and language development. This will pass on the required message to your darling wife that you truly cares.

Dance with your kids

kunal khemu with daughter
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Don’t say you can’t dance as it hardly matters when you are with your kids. Sway, jump, roll, spin or just shake your body as father and kids dancing together are like milestones in developing a relationship. Throw an awesome dance party to your kids and just see the magic being unfold. The thought of ‘just being there’ is like a personal accomplishment and satisfaction for the lady of the house. The playfulness of a dad will definitely be cherished by your little angel or master.

Keep them disciplined

Having fun doesn’t mean you are there to spoil your own kids. Watching movies, binge watching TV, listening songs and playing are all okay but you need to draw a line somewhere. When you are breaking free, the controlling factor must be there. For example, set a screen time for the kids and bring up the importance of finishing tasks and homework on time. You can help your child follow protocols and learn discipline while enjoying the time with you. Stick to a routine for everything they do. Lockdown is probably the best phase to teach your kids punctuality and regularity.

Surprise meals for your kids

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Even if it’s just once a week, cook for the children and surprise them with tasty lunch and meals. Give your partner a break and involve your kids while you are cooking. Teach them the recipe or the art of making it. They will be more likely to be involved and definitely enjoy the meal cooked by a different person.

There are other things that you can include in your schedule to bring joy for your kids as well the mother. By taking out time for kids, you are showing up your concern for your significant other. We hope you can get more ideas to be a good at-home dad.

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